InVision Developers Hiring Guide

A powerful prototyping and collaboration framework focused on UI.

InVision is a powerful platform for product design and development created in 2011 by Clark Valberg. Through this platform, you can make interactive, high-fidelity prototypes for presentation. It’s also a collaboration tool that allows product engineers and designers to link their work. 

Product managers can use InVision for managing project workflows. It allows you to create real-time to-do lists and share them with the team members. Then, your team can modify and edit these indexes according to the project completion status. 

As a product manager, you can also leave notes and comments while monitoring the entire progress through its Activity tab. Furthermore, you can set a due date, time, and color labels for deadlines to enhance visibility for projects. 

The InVision’s Sync app provides global change syncing and version history that allows you to add screens to an ongoing project without affecting others’ work. You can also check the version of your project and edit that have been made until now. 

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InVision Studio contains numerous features such as advanced motion, responsive design layouts, rapid prototyping, vector drawing tools, built-in design libraries, and a synced workflow network. 

In addition, InVision has a world-class layout engine that helps you create responsive designs for different screen sizes. Designers can design interfaces using its dark and light themes.

Using this tool, you can collaborate with designers across the world. InVision helps you fetch real-time responses and feedback from your team clients without any delay. After product or service delivery, you can also track client responses and reviews after product/service delivery. 

Relevance of InVision in today’s industry 

InVision is one of the finest tools for creating wireframes and generating prototypes. It allows you to create mobile and desktop prototypes and present them to clients through InVision Tours.

Hundreds of companies around the world use InVision in their tech stack. This list includes many prominent organizations such as Airbnb, Fiverr, and eBay. The reason for this platform’s popularity is that InVision gives you complete control over your designs. It shows you the exact model that the end-user will see when accessing your product. Through its hover options, you can then tweak diverse aspects depending on your needs. 

Issues companies have while hiring InVision engineers.

InVision is a great tool that can overlook the entire product development process. However, it isn’t as fast as other prototyping tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, and Miro. This makes it challenging for companies to adopt it. It would take a really experienced engineer to create advanced prototypes without compromising performance. 

InVision Studio itself is also very vast, and most engineers aren’t completely aware of the full scope of the tool. In addition to that, InVision keeps coming with new updates. That means that any engineer working with it has to regularly update their knowledge. Otherwise, they won’t be able to leverage the full functionality of the platform.

InVision also doesn’t offer any plugin support, which means that extending the tool's functionality takes a lot of time and effort. 

How to select the perfect InVision engineer? 

An InVision engineer has excellent knowledge about the platform, along with its latest updates and features. As a result, they can create amazing prototypes without compromising performance and quality. 

To select a good InVision engineer, you should check the engineer's experience designing UI/UX interfaces and wireframes. Go with an engineer who understands prototyping and has a creative instinct.

A good engineer should have experience in mobile app development and material design for iOS and Android. They should also know frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

What is LiveShare in InVision? 

InVision LiveShare feature enables users to work together in real-time with the help of an in-browser screen share. Users can use their mouse to drag/point/edit elements of the project and observe other user's actions.

They can also chat or video call using the LiveShare interface. Real-time interaction facilitates collaboration and allows designers to create a better product. 

Is InVision a safe tool? 

Yes, InVision is a highly safe tool with robust built-in security. This tool's advanced security features include auto-provisioning via SCIM, IP whitelisting, and multi-factor authentication. In addition, this tool is certified by many security certification authorities such as SOC 2 and 3, ISO 2700x, and OWASP.

Can you add animation in InVision? 

You can easily add the animation layers over Invision elements through swipe transitions and triggers. In addition, you can edit multiple frames through them. 

InVision prototypes don’t face the animation scale issues that are prominent with other prototyping tools. It also allows timeline editing and layer linking to avoid animation implementation issues. 

What are the devices compatible with InVision?  

InVision is compatible with numerous devices, including desktop, iOS devices, Android devices,  and even some wearables (like Android watches).

What is intelligent image cropping in InVision?

Intelligent image cropping allows you to resize and crop images without masks. This feature primarily works on images with centered focal points. You can crop an image into different shapes (square, circle, or rectangle) using this feature.  


InVision is an amazing tool for creating elaborative prototypes, gathering feedback, and keeping track of the project. Through InVision, you can link UX sketches, glance summaries, sync folders, and project checklists for overall project management. It’s a one-stop-shop solution for product design and management.  

We are looking for highly qualified UI/UX designers/engineers to design frontend elements for large-scale applications. We are looking for qualified professionals who are experienced in InVision.  

The proper candidate must have good communication skills and should be able to work on different aspects of development, i.e. design, QA, and documentation. They should be a team player and should be able to collaborate with different teams for diverse projects.


  • Create low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes with InVision. Work on different projects for the company and clients. 
  • Research, test, analyze, and implement UX/UI components and create mockups.
  • Work on the project's features such as responsiveness, styling, and looks. 
  • Work in collaboration with different stakeholders for product design. Perform revision based on client feedback.   
  • Design information architecture for mobile apps. 
  • Implement Agile methodology and participate in sprints. 
  • Work on service flow and solve navigation problems in product design.
  • Follow best industry practices and standards
  • {{Add other relevant responsibilities}}

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of InVision components and updates. Prior experience in designing prototypes via InVision is preferred. 
  • Proven experience with front-end languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS 
  • Deep understanding of UI/UX development. 
  • Experience creating template assets and prototype features. 
  • Experience with code versioning and collaboration tools. 
  • Knowledge of cross-functionality, material design, and responsiveness
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  • {{List education level or certification required}}

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