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Salesforce App Development To Boost Your Business

In today’s digital age, providing superior customer experiences is a must to stay competitive and ahead of the competition. There are numerous ways to do this, mainly through the help of state-of-the-art technology that can be customized to meet your every need. But few can surpass what a set of personalized and flexible Salesforce CRM and apps can provide you. 

Using the cloud-based platform, you can tackle all your customers’ issues while also having the possibility to merge your marketing, sales, service, commerce, and IT teams all in one place. If that sounds like something you want, then our outsourcing services are the right choice for you. We can help develop your customers’ journeys with custom apps through high-level Salesforce app development.

We can offer you a wide range of Salesforce-related services to cover all your objectives, such as develop apps, customize and connect an existing application, migrate your current CRM app to Salesforce, guide you with Salesforce Lightning, or even assist you with our consulting solutions. Our Salesforce developers can take on any project you might have in mind and take it to another level with Salesforce and its rich app environment.

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Salesforce Developers Hiring Guide

  • How to choose the best
  • Interview questions
  • Job Description

Why Build A Salesforce Platform

There are plenty of reasons why you should use a Salesforce-based application to enhance your performance and add to its functionality. Thousands of companies across all industries and around the world can attest to this, especially if you have a Salesforce application development company like BairesDev by your side.

With our developers working on your Salesforce apps, you can expect to get the following benefits:

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    Improved Data Accuracy
    Through data automating exchange processes, we can ensure that all the information being stored in your Salesforce app is accurate while we keep it from being corrupted or duplicated.
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    Self-service Apps
    We can develop both cloud-based and mobile apps for your Salesforce platform in such a way that clients can use their tools easily and without your involvement. This helps to streamline your customer service tasks while reducing the cost of tech support.
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    Platform Customization
    One of the best things about using Salesforce for your customer service is that you can completely personalize its flexible environment and features to perfectly fit your needs and workflow.
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    Ease of Use
    Since Salesforce is intended for company-wide use, everyone in your business can and will use it. It’s a huge plus that the application is so easy to use, as it doesn’t require prior technical knowledge to get the most out of its features.

Salesforce Services For All Projects

There are so many different things you can achieve with Salesforce that you can easily get lost. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive service package to cover all potential needs you might have. We walk you through application draft and design all the way to Salesforce app development – and well beyond that.

Our service package is so detailed that we like to think that our Salesforce developers don’t only just work on enterprise software solutions for your company. We like to think that Salesforce application development has created a whole new and more improved way for brands to connect with their customers. With that said, we will help you to power up your business with the different Salesforce technologies available, including Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, mobile apps, and many more.

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    Salesforce Development
    Salesforce has become the most widely used tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the world, due to its high flexibility and a vast array of features. You can design it however you want for your business since the application offers solid foundations on which you can build your customer-focused solution. This is precisely what BairesDev can help you with. Through our development services, we can automate different tasks and include different features to effectively streamline your workflow across your company. Our experience allows us to provide you with a revamped CRM experience that covers all bases, from your sales and marketing departments to your financial and community areas. It’s all a matter of understanding your vision, business processes, and goals so that we can come up with the best Salesforce-based solution customized just for you.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros Mobile Development is a key aspect of the Salesforce experience, as it’s a cloud-based application that provides you with the right tools in a development environment. In other words, your company can use this Platform as a Service (PaaS) to develop unique applications that will depend on your needs and preference. Of course, without the right knowledge, it’s easy to feel a little confused with Fortunately, you can rely on our Salesforce developers to help you with that. Our teams will use HTML, JavaScript, Visualforce, and C++ to build the process you need to optimize your business processes. On top of that, BairesDev can create applications, tabs, objects, and rules to integrate with your existing digital infrastructure. We can even take your legacy databases and bring them to automated solutions so that you can leverage all of its benefits.
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    Salesforce AppExchange Development
    Salesforce AppExchange is the platform’s marketplace that offers you all kinds of ready-made apps to extend your business functionality and abilities. All of the tools offered here can be seen as shortcuts that lead to improved solutions which you can integrate into your Salesforce application in no time. Any AppExchange app you find there can be installed in your Salesforce with just a click. So, why would you need help with that? We can develop AppExchange applications to add to the marketplace which you can then offer to your customers, a great choice for any ISV partner. We can also work on Lightning-ready apps that can support Salesforce1 right out of the box. And since we have all that AppExchange expertise, we are expert consultants who can advice you on how to make the most out of AppExchange.
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    Lightning Enterprise Development
    Salesforce introduced Lightning as a way to expand the platform’s capabilities. The framework provides tools and services that allow you to automate your business processes, integrate with other solutions, and get a custom application tailored to your needs and desires. The best thing about it is that you can create sophisticated client experiences with virtually no limits. By partnering with BairesDev, you can take full advantage of Lightning development. We have deep knowledge of Lightning tools and can create different applications using all of the application’s user-centric features. What’s more, we can even develop your own Lightning components to meet your specific needs and fit your business processes.
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    Salesforce Integration and Migration
    As a central part of your entire digital ecosystem, it’s only natural for you to want your Salesforce to be connected to all the other applications you already use. Integrating all of the software you use into a vast infrastructure can be a bit challenging. Fortunately, our engineers have enough experience to tackle big-scale integrations and can connect practically any tool out there with Salesforce´s main components. Additionally, our teams can migrate your data from your existing CRM to Salesforce. Through a seamless process, we can take all of your information and move it to a Salesforce application so you can leverage all of its benefits. This is the perfect solution for companies stuck with legacy systems or businesses that need versatile and scalable technologies.

Beyond Salesforce Development

Our services don’t just end in Salesforce application development. Though we can build your AppExchange and Lightning apps quickly and from scratch, we can also provide value to your company in other stages of your Salesforce experience. Thus, we offer two complementary services for companies that want to go beyond custom application development. These include:

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    Salesforce Consulting Services
    Have you already implemented Salesforce in your business but need advice on how to scale up? Want to connect your CRM to other tools or apps to expand your business capabilities but are undecided as to which road to take? Are you in need of further Salesforce customization? Then our consulting services is the right way to go. Our experts can help you answer all of those questions and more.
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    Salesforce Maintenance and Support
    Maybe your Salesforce platform isn’t giving you the best performance possible. Or perhaps you’ve run into issues while using it on a daily basis. Maintaining such an environment in good health is key to your core activities, which is why BairesDev teams are such a perfect match for your company. They will help you keep all your CRM infrastructure in top shape and support you if problems arise.

Proven Experience with Salesforce Technologies

At BairesDev, we understand that in order to provide exceptional services, a deep understanding of the technology is required, in combination with high-level expertise and experience. This is especially true with Salesforce, which integrates hundreds of features, technologies, and apps into one comprehensive solution.

We are therefore proud to boast that our Salesforce application development company offers experience in the following technologies:

  • Apex code and AppExchange
  • Visualforce
  • Customer 360 Platform
  • Lightning Web Components
  • JavaScript frameworks
  • Salesforce 1

BairesDev Development Models

On top of all that we offer, BairesDev also has a series of competitive advantages that make us the ideal partner for Salesforce app development. First and foremost, all of the engineers on our teams represent the Top 1% of Tech Talent. This means that you’ll be working with seasoned professionals that have more than 10 years of in-field experience.

We’ve also worked with startups, businesses, organizations, and big brands across all industries on a wide variety of projects. This experience has provided us with a solid development process that’s Agile-driven and that can quickly provide value for any company, regardless of their objectives or business processes.
Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that BairesDev offers you 3 different development models for you to pick the one that best accommodates your needs:

Delivery Teams

These are autonomous, self-managed teams that can be organized quickly to add value to your in-house team. Therefore, you can rely on them to collaborate in your development, while your staff focuses on their core activities and goals without having to worry about project management.


Staff Augmentation

If your IT team is lacking a specific role, then our staff augmentation service is the right fit for you. With it, you can find the professional you’re looking for to fill in the gaps you might have. Thus, you’ll always have the right role on-demand to lead your projects to successful completion.


Software Outsourcing

If you just want a Salesforce solution that works for you without having to worry about any development issues, then you can trust our teams to take care of the full development cycle. We provide end-to-end software development solutions that can provide what you need at very fast rates.


Salesforce Development Made Easy

Salesforce has become an essential ally for modern businesses that want to deal properly with customer service demands. It offers enough features and tools to streamline your daily business processes, and go beyond that by providing countless solutions for your customers. If you want to know how to leverage this powerful tool, then let´s hop on a call to discuss how we can help execute your Salesforce project and transform your ideas into real live projects.

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    Hiring Guide

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    Interview Questions

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    Job Description

Salesforce is undoubtedly one of the best CRM platforms available in the market. It’s easy to see why. Salesforce has a robust suite of collaboration tools that allow companies to offer better customer service across the entire customer journey. It has features to centralize and analyze customer data, generate in-depth reports, monitor project progress, and prioritize tasks, among others. 

By using Salesforce, any business can streamline its customer-centered processes and offer a smoother experience. What’s best - the platform is constantly evolving and updating itself with new features to engage with clients in more sophisticated ways. 

Relevance of Salesforce in today's industry. 

Salesforce has firmly established itself as the best in the CRM domain. It holds a 20% share of the entire CRM market with 150,000 customers. One of the main reasons for that is that the platform has shown significant productivity gains, with companies using Salesforce reporting a productivity increase of 44%.

Its solid features make Salesforce the first choice between CRM platforms for enterprises such as Bentley, FedEx, and The New York Post. 

Salesforce improves your organization’s workflow by creating a portfolio of published tasks. You can also manage your company’s assignments, territories, and assets. 

Are good Salesforce developers hard to find? 

The number of companies using Salesforce is increasing at a rapid pace. That’s quickly improving job prospects for Salesforce developers out there and driving their demand up, which is very high right now. 

However, hiring a talented Salesforce developer is a major challenge. This is because there is a scarcity of skilled developers, and many companies don’t have adequate knowledge of how to test the developers they are interviewing. 

Sometimes developers don’t have sufficient clarity about job profile/responsibilities, which leads to incorrect hiring. What’s more - the Salesforce engineer needs to understand business requirements and implement the best business solution for max ROI and profitability. That’s a skill that’s often neglected but that’s key to successfully implement Salesforce into any workflow.  


How to choose the perfect Salesforce developer?

Salesforce developers have to design business applications for the company's CRM needs. A good Salesforce developer should be able to code in different languages including Apex and VisualForce. They should also have project management skills, as they may have to deliver end-to-end software modules. 

Additionally, they should handle and customize the different Salesforce features. They should also be able to perform debugging and QA analysis on software products. The solutions developed by the Salesforce engineer should be scalable and performance-optimized.

Another important aspect of a Salesforce engineer’s job is collaboration with different teams and stakeholders. Good communication and creative problem-solving are also important for this position.  


Salesforce is one of the best cloud CRM software management platforms out there. Even though Salesforce started its journey only as a Sales CRM, it now delivers diverse customer support and tracking products. 

The accessibility and customer satisfaction delivered by Salesforce is unmatched. Salesforce helps in increasing revenues and productivity for businesses all across the board. Hiring the right Salesforce engineers will greatly improve your tech stack and ensure your company’s growth. 

How many different types of object relationships are there in Salesforce?

There are 3 prominent object relationships in Salesforce: Master-detail, Lookup, and Many-to-Many. In the master-detail object relationship, parent records are strongly coupled with child records, i.e., if parent records are deleted, child records also automatically get deleted.

In lookup relationships, the child record is loosely coupled with the parent record. It will persist even if the parent record gets deleted. 

In Many-to-Many object relationships, multiple parent records can have multiple child records. Junction objects manage them, and neither parent nor child records have a coupling effect on each other. 


What is an Apex transaction in Salesforce?

Salesforce Apex transactions are a set of operations that are executed as a single unit. The transactions are usually part of database operations and can be used to query records. If one operation of the Apex transaction is incomplete/unsuccessful, the whole transaction must be rolled back and restarted from the top. 

What is the role of a custom object in Salesforce?

Salesforce engineers use custom objects to store data related to a particular organization/client. It’s a combination of custom fields along with standard fields and records. A custom object helps to formulate page layouts, records, and documents in the Salesforce application.

What can cause data loss in Salesforce?

Changes in date and time can cause data loss. If you are remodeling features such as currency, number, or percentage to any other data type, then a significant amount of data can be lost while changing. 

You can also have issues selecting options from a select picklist, which may cause you to encode your data to the wrong data type. Malicious activity, human oversights, and bad coding practices can also cause data loss.

We are looking for a skilled Salesforce Developer to join our team to create scalable software products. The developer should be able to create customized applications and integrate them with the existing tech stack. It’s an excellent opportunity for professionals looking to design dynamic products that can satisfy business needs and handle its marketing and sales requirements.


  • Design, code, and customize Salesforce features and applications 
  • Test and debug Salesforce modules to ensure performance and software quality
  • Develop UI and test its stability and functionality
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders (sales, marketing, design, product management ) to create the final product.
  • Follow best industry practices and standards while maintaining software security and integrity

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Apex, VisualForce, Javascript languages
  • Knowledge of different frameworks (Lightning Component)
  • Experience in designing high-performance systems with API integrations
  • Thorough understanding of Salesforce development principles and ecosystem
  • Proven experience in Salesforce reporting and dashboards. 
  • Knowledge of CRM tools
  • Good communication and team spirit. 

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