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The Salesforce suite of customer relationship management software promises to support sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development teams. But for that to happen in the most efficient way, companies adopting Salesforce solutions need to seamlessly integrate them into their existing digital environments. And while that might seem like a plug-and-play process, the reality is a little more complicated.

Salesforce solutions have many different features, configurations, and moving parts you need to connect with the rest of your digital tools. Why? Because that’s the only way to take full advantage of what Salesforce has to offer. Naturally, that Salesforce integration process will largely depend on the applications you’re trying to connect to Salesforce software.

That’s why it’s important to have a proper understanding of Salesforce and its integration challenges. Without it, your Salesforce integration will most likely fail. That’s what Salesforce integration services are for: to guarantee that you successfully adopt Salesforce software and integrate it with the rest of your tech stack.

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Types of Salesforce Integration Projects

Given that one of Salesforce’s main objectives is to centralize relevant and useful data, it’s only natural that it has multiple ways to integrate different sources for that data. Any given company can integrate specific tools through a number of different methods, some of which include:

  • Native integration. The software has built-in features to seamlessly connect with Salesforce.
  • API integration. It uses application programming interfaces (APIs), which allow 2 different softwares to connect with each other through a set of protocols. 
  • Third-party integration. It happens thanks to a third-party application that streamlines the process. Examples of these tools include Zapier and Workato.
  • Batch integration. Involves storing data in a single batch that’s then moved to Salesforce at frequent intervals. It’s best for data that changes very little over time. 
  • AppExchange. Salesforce offers thousands of ready-made integrations through AppExchange, a marketplace of sorts that greatly simplifies the integration.

    Each of these integrations has a varying level of difficulty. This means that your team might be able to use some of them without any additional support. Yet, customized integrations or those involving complex applications will definitely need specialized help. 

    • Salesforce Call Center Integration

      Phone calls are still a great resource for companies of all sizes across different industries. That’s why it’s wise to integrate phone capabilities through Salesforce. By doing so, you can quickly connect any incoming or outgoing calls to the available data associated with that number. That means that any individual using the Salesforce service with cloud telephony integration (CTI) can better engage with the person on the other end of the line.
    • Salesforce Outlook Integration

      Mail is another useful channel to communicate with customers, which is why Salesforce Outlook integration can be an essential process for your company. If your organization is among the millions of Outlook users, then you can connect the email platform with Salesforce to benefit from instant data availability coming and going from the Salesforce CRM. In other words, this connection allows you to access Salesforce data directly from Outlook while also enabling you to record Outlook emails and events to Salesforce.
    • HubSpot Salesforce Integration

      HubSpot is one of the biggest names in inbound marketing, sales, and customer service software. That’s why connecting it with your Salesforce implementation can provide you with a huge advantage: integrating 2 of the biggest databases around to boost your marketing and sales efforts. Luckily, the HubSpot Salesforce integration process is fairly straightforward, as it’s become a native feature for both platforms.

    Benefits of Integration Services With BairesDev

    Integrating Salesforce with your digital infrastructure can make a huge difference for your customer-centric strategy. In fact, Salesforce can help you to:

    • Connect different departments and areas, especially sales, marketing, and customer support teams with the back office. 
    • Automate parts or the entirety of your business workflow.
    • Centralize data in an easily accessible hub for your entire organization.
    • Get a clear and global view of your customers.
    • Build a unified customer experience.

    Of course, you’ll only get those benefits as long as you properly integrate Salesforce with your digital environment. That can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you have a complex infrastructure involving multiple applications. That’s why you should consider BairesDev’s Salesforce Integration services. 

    By hiring our Salesforce Integration experts, you’ll have access to an experienced team that can significantly streamline the integration process while unlocking the full Salesforce potential. The main benefits of working with BairesDev on your Salesforce integration process include:

    • More than a decade of Salesforce experience
    • Ability to work on any Salesforce integration type
    • In-depth Salesforce integration customization and configuration
    • Complete analyses of your business requirements
    • Detailed roadmap and timely delivery
    • Salesforce support and consulting services

    BairesDev Integration Development Service Process

    Our Salesforce Integration Development Service process involves in-depth steps to guarantee the proper Salesforce integration to meet your business objectives. BairesDev’s team of Salesforce engineers will help you all the way from the initial analysis of your requirements to the maintenance of your integrated Salesforce solution. Here’s what that process looks like:


    Our Salesforce engineers will meet with you to understand your objectives, gather your requirements, and analyze your current digital infrastructure.



    Using the information gathered during the assessment, the BairesDev team will build a roadmap that outlines the integration process and that will guide it to success.



    Our engineers will work on the Salesforce integration process according to the pre-agreed plan. 



    After the integration is done, our team will thoroughly test it to assess the integration’s quality and identify potential problems. 


    Let Experts at BairesDev Enable Salesforce Integration With Your Company’s Infrastructure

    Salesforce has become an essential ally for thousands of companies around the world. Its ability to centralize customer data and its many features to assist you in getting the most out of it have positioned it as one of the best tools out there for customer management. If you’re thinking about integrating it with your company’s infrastructure, then look no further: BairesDev is your best partner to get that process done in time and without any hiccups. 

    Are you ready to start your Salesforce integration process?

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