BairesDev’s Design Thinking Mindset

We are Committed to Design Thinking

Just as the market has shifted from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach, Design Thinking is transforming the way companies produce and deliver value. As a consequence, businesses looking to hire software developers have recognized this methodology as a major source of value generation. 

Design Thinking is both an ideology and a process, concerned with solving complex problems in a highly user-centric way. At BairesDev, all of our work follows a Design Thinking mindset as described by the Stanford Design School. Every person at the company, regardless of their specialty or department, follows innovation-driven principles and applies them to their daily work. These principles are:

  • The Human Rule: All design activity is social in nature. Any innovation or project will bring us back to the “human-centric” perspective.
  • The Ambiguity Rule: While ambiguity is inevitable, creative experimentation is a must for creating new perspectives.
  • All Design is Redesign: Technology and society change constantly, but basic human needs remain unchanged.
  • The Tangibility Rule: Prototypes make ideas tangible, enabling designers to communicate them effectively.
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The Goal of Design Thinking

The goal of Design Thinking is always the same: understanding users from human-centered angles. This means taking into account psychological, emotional, and behavioral factors. These are the “pivot points” from which people will be able to work and think in a collaborative environment that revolves around the customer’s needs and a problem-solving mentality.

5 Steps to Design Thinking

At BairesDev, we follow the five steps of the Stanford Design School: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test.


Empathizing happens when we stop, listen, and understand. During these moments, we observe users and their context, engage with them, and track information down to the smallest of details.



There are no solutions without problems. A clear definition of the problem is fundamental to identify patterns, synthesize insights, and classify needs.



When we ideate, we combine different techniques to tackle information in unconventional ways and generate new ideas using a mix of analytical thought and creative techniques (e.g. brainstorms, storyboards, SCAMPER Challenge).



A prototype is the first draft of a working solution put together by the development team. It is a fast and lean way to identify variables and keep prioritizing the user.



Testing is the time to show, rather than telling. We put the prototype in the user’s hands and check its ability to create experiences and how it compares to other several prototypes.


The Philosophy Behind

Even though these steps are applicable in almost every single project, they are not a one-size-fits-all process. Every development idea will have different needs and demand particular workflows and methodologies. This is why at BairesDev we have built specialized teams trained in many different methodologies, covering a wide range of functions and strengths. No matter the project, we retain the philosophy and aim: to innovate and simplify in order to make the highest quality software in the most efficient way possible.

Productivity Fueled By Innovation

The biggest driving force of accelerated change in the business environment is caused by technology. As companies become more software-driven and the rate of change increases, so does the complexity of problems. 

We encourage creativity and teamwork to find new solutions that add value to our work.

Design thinking tackles multilayered issues by bringing productivity to a whole new level in which it not only increases, but also manifests itself in peculiar ways. By empowering people to experiment outside established processes, we encourage creativity and teamwork to find new solutions that bring value to the company and our clients. 

In this context, creativity becomes about finding a problem worth solving. Modern companies strive for disruptive innovation, and technology is the best way to inject and scale creativity by simplifying processes and giving meaning to solutions. 

How We Adopted Design Thinking

Every person has creative muscles that need both exercise and motivation. They just need to be pushed in the right direction.

  • Leading by Example

    The commitment of the executive team will determine how every team member embraces Design Thinking. Every team leader at BairesDev incorporates Design Thinking into their daily routine so they encourage other people to do the same.

  • Innovation Infrastructure

    Once people are on board with the plan, we make sure they have all the tools to achieve innovation. We set aside resources, spaces, budget, and even roles exclusively dedicated to innovation.

  • Build Uniqueness

    Every business has a long series of characteristics that make it unique, from their workflow and their values to their people. By building a Design Thinking strategy upon these qualities, we have given it a familiar feel and facilitated its adoption.

  • Supportive Mindset

    Transformation requires new ideas, and new ideas require people that support them. Managing risks is a lot healthier than avoiding them. This goes in all directions and applies to all work relationships.

Working with Agile Methodologies

When a business is looking to hire software developers, one of the main things to look out for is how the outsourcing company implements Design Thinking in their Software Development Methodologies. These are the structures used for planning, creating, testing and deploying effective software solutions.

At BairesDev, we work with seven different Development Methodologies: Scrum, Agile, DevOps, Lean, Prototype, XP, and RAD. You can find more about our methodologies by clicking here.

About BairesDev

BairesDev is the fastest-growing Technology Solutions company in Latin America. Our applicant pool is the largest in the industry: over 240,000 Software Engineers apply to work with us each year. We only hire the Top 1% IT Talent, creating solid teams of 100% bilingual veteran developers.

We provide end-to-end software delivery for companies of all sizes, from startups to some of the biggest companies in the world, including Google, Rolls-Royce, Pinterest, EY, SiriusXM, Motorola, ViacomCBS &Chime, among others. The heart of our work is Software Outsourcing, Testing, and Operational Support, which we provide through a service of fully managed teams that integrate seamlessly into any project. 

Contact us and let us know about your company, your outsourcing needs, or your planned projects.

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