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Every successful software development project has been powered by talent. And, in the world we live in, there’s no limit to where you can find it. At BairesDev, we work with Top 1% IT Talent Offshore Developers to drive worldwide digital transformation. 

We offer fully-customizable offshore development services to jump-start your operations, no matter the size, complexity, or tech-scope of your project. All of our clients work with custom-built and dedicated development teams driven by innovation. 

Working with offshore developers is the key to unlocking a global talent pool of expert software engineers, architects, and consultants. Talk to one of our Offshore Outsourcing Specialists and learn how to add value to your project today. 

hire offshore developers
Hire Offshore Developers

What is Offshore Outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing is a service that takes place when businesses transfer work to a partner in a region with a different time zone than the company’s headquarters. This happens often in the software development industry, where offshore outsourcing is known for its cost-efficiency and high-quality deliverables. 

European and US companies, for example, commonly outsource offshore development to Latin America to access the vast IT talent pool in the region—although for US companies this is more of a nearshoring practice. 

Simply put, offshore outsourcing is a great solution for projects that require specific expertise and high-quality deliverables that are hard to find on a local scale.

How to Hire Offshore Software Developers

From fully managed teams to individual expert Engineers, we offer tailored-fit Offshore software development solutions that match your particular context and goals. 


Tell Us About You

Tell us about your company, your project, or the goals you want to achieve. Our expert IT consultants will talk it out with you.

Meet Your Custom Team

We will assign a dedicated offshore development team to your project within days, giving you immediate access to the Top 1% IT Talent.

Project Start

Your custom team of offshore developers will integrate seamlessly with your in-house operations and jump-start your project right way.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development Offshore

Outsourcing offshore development gives you access to many perks. 

Top IT Talent

The best offshore companies find and hire the most talented developers in the region and seamlessly implement their expertise in your company, instantly jump-starting your project.

Optimized Workloads​

Outsourcing software to an offshore partner means you don’t have to worry about development anymore, and you can instead focus your company’s time and resources on your core business.

Industry Expertise

In software development, having the right know-how is the key to success. An offshore partner with longtime industry expertise will have built custom development teams that match your needs.

Minimal Risks​

When you hire offshore developers, you can be sure they will apply the best practices to increase flexibility and minimize downtime. This is guaranteed to reduce inherent development risks.

Faster Launch Times​

Having a custom-built team of expert offshore developers is the best way for your business to achieve goals on time, boosting the capabilities of your in-house talent when and where you need it.

High-Quality Products​

With all the previous benefits combined, it is easy to see how outsourcing IT to the right company produces high-quality software products. Still, always check references and past projects!

When to Hire Offshore Developers

There are many situations in which offshoring becomes the most viable option.

  • Lack of IT Talent

    Local talent pools are often too small or too unstable for medium-sized and large-scale projects. Hiring offshore developers nulifies this challenge.

  • Specialized Roles

    Although specialized roles and temporary positions are common in software development, they are not attractive for in-house developer positions.

  • Complex Projects

    With a global background of technology and IT operations, tackling complex and far-reaching goals becomes a lot faster and easier.

  • Tight Deadlines

    In the IT industry, timing matters as much as quality. Hiring offshore developers gives you the flexibility to increase operations when needed.

  • Support & Consulting

    Support, consulting, and quality assurance services require a level of perspective and industry expertise that short-term solutions can't match.

  • Cost-efficiency

    Offshore development companies completely eliminate the costs of hiring in-house staff while providing the same or better benefits.

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