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Where Can Your Company Find Remote Software Developers?

With a world of software developers available to you, it’s almost an abundance of riches. How do you know where to look? Here’s how to hire remote developers.

Start by determining your specific needs for the project or ongoing arrangement, pinpointing the skill sets, experience, and other qualifications you need in a developer or development team. This will help you figure out where you should look.

For full-time candidates, in addition to posting job ads on your site and elsewhere, look to job boards and sites like Dice, which specializes in tech talent, and LinkedIn. For freelancers, consider marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. Meanwhile, there are many resources for finding outsourced teams, such as Clutch.

Be sure to ask for referrals, check portfolios, and conduct thorough interviews to find the best fit. Consider not just technical skills but also communication styles and other soft skills.

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Benefits of Hiring Remote Software Developers

You will reap many rewards when you hire a remote software developer. These are just some of the top benefits.

  • You Can Tap Into Specialized, Unique Skill Sets
    One of the main reasons why businesses seek out remote developers is because they don’t have immediate access to specializations and unique skill sets. Thanks to this model, they are able to find the qualifications they would otherwise have on their teams, whether they’re in a neighboring state or on a different continent.
  • You Won’t Be Limited by Location
    Hiring based on geographical location is limiting. The top talent is often not right on your doorstep, especially in a landscape where many people expect to be able to have a home base that’s not necessarily in the same area as their employer. But hiring remotely allows you to cast a wider net.
  • It’s a Cost-effective Solution
    Even if you’re looking to hire full-time developers, you will still save money on infrastructure and overhead. For example, you won’t need to provide a physical workspace for your remote developers. If you employ outsourced teams or freelancers, you’ll also save on full-time salaries, benefits, and other costs.
  • The Model Is Flexible
    This model is far more flexible than many alternatives. You can scale your team up or down depending on the demand at a given time—and you won’t need to worry about challenges like finding space for a new team member.
  • You Will Achieve Greater Productivity
    An abundance of research has shown that productivity actually increases when professionals work from home.

Disadvantages of Hiring Remote Development Teams

  • Time Zones Are Not Always Aligned
    When you’re not operating in the same time zone as your developer or development team, it can be challenging to get a hold of them and work synchronously. To resolve this issue, you will need to become accustomed to asynchronous workflows. It’s also important to ensure that you can trust the developers to be available to you in case of an emergency.
  • You Could Encounter Communication Issues
    Communication can also be an obstacle, particularly if the developers don’t speak English fluently. You should establish clear channels for contacting one another and ensure that the developers you hire are able to communicate sufficiently before you hire them.
  • Expectations Can Be Misaligned
    If you’re working with people coming from different cultures, you might encounter issues with misaligned expectations. Early on, before you complete the hiring process, make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of how and when they will be working and what you want them to produce.
  • You Won’t Have Close Oversight Over the Team
    It can be difficult to relinquish control—you won’t be able to track remote developers’ activities as you can with on-site teams. However, you can retain your project manager, who will be responsible for ensuring that everyone, including remote employees, stays on task.

Types of Remote Developers

Practically any type of developer can work remotely. When you hire remote software developers, you will have access to a range of skill sets and specialties, including expertise in certain languages, tools, technologies, or areas of engineering.

Whether you’re looking for freelancers, outsourced teams, or full-time employees, you will be able to find remote software developers and other tech professionals focusing on niches like:

  • Application development
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data analysis
  • Fintech
  • Frontend, backend, and full-stack development
  • Machine learning
  • Quality assurance (QA)/testing
  • Senior and junior levels
  • Solutions
  • Systems
  • User experience (UX)/user interface (UI)
  • Web development

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