4 Quality Indicators to Look For in an Offshore Software Development Company

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You already know that you need digital solutions to stay competitive in today’s business landscape. You probably know that investing in custom software can give you an even sharper edge over your competitors. Sadly, you might also know that many companies are developing their own applications, which means there’s a shortage of development talent able to bring your ideas to fruition.

That’s the scenario most businesses are dealing with right now – and the main reason so many of them are resorting to offshore software outsourcing services to bridge their software development talent gaps. Partnering with an offshore software development company can help your business take a step forward, provided that you’re working with a high-quality provider.

The current context drove to an increase in the number of offshore software developers offering their services. This might seem like a good thing, but you should be careful. With so many offshore software outsourcing companies out there, you can end up collaborating with one that provides subpar work. Of course, you don’t want that to happen, as low-quality software can bring many issues, from losing customers to hurting your brand’s reputation.

That’s why you should always aim to partner with the best offshore software development company around, one that can deliver high-quality products in the agreed timeline. How can you identify those companies from the rest? Look for these four quality indicators that are present in the best software development companies in the world.

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Quality Planning and Tools

Creating quality digital applications implies a process called software development lifecycle (SDLC). It involves several stages and tasks that cover everything from idea generation to design to software deployment. As such, it’s a complex process that needs to be carefully managed to bring out the best results. And that can only happen if your offshore development partner has the right plans and tools in place.

Having detailed and strategic plans for the development of software is a must to obtain high-quality results. A thorough plan provides a clearer understanding of the software goals and requirements as well as a better picture of the end-user and market. A plan also provides insights into the tools and methodologies that will better suit the whole project.

The best software development plan always includes a quality management annex that comprises standard operating procedures, templates, and guidelines that will govern the entire work. All of these ensure that the developers are aligned behind the same goals and provide further clarification on how the project is going to be executed. All of that gives a better context that leads to a process without major hiccups, which results in higher quality software.

Testing and QA Plan

One of the crucial tasks surrounding software development is finding and fixing bugs that will undoubtedly be present in the code. That’s up to the testing team, that will take a look at the software developers’ work and analyze their work to find errors and potential vulnerabilities. QA engineers will assist them by ensuring that the development practices are the best possible for software development.

Sadly, many companies don’t give testing and QA a second thought. A lot of them believe that’s a one-time kind of thing, and some even don’t have QA experts in their teams. That’s not the case of the best offshore software development companies. They can provide you with thorough testing and QA plan that informs you of all the tasks related to bug identification and remediation throughout the SDLC. 

In fact, the best among them know that both testing and QA aren’t stages per se but rather constant efforts that are cyclically searching for defects and bugs as the project moves forward. This allows the team to catch the most issues during development, elevating the quality of the final product. Those efforts are governed by a strategy that defines when testers and QA engineers will spring into action as well as the standards for testing.

Expertise and Experience

One of the safest indicators you can use to anticipate the performance of a development team is checking the company’s expertise and experience. An excellent offshore development team surely has many qualifications and relies on seasoned engineers to take on projects. In other words, the best offshore companies have a wide range of skills and talented professionals at hand that are versed in different technologies and methodologies.


Additionally, those companies collaborate with the best developers around, professionals that have taken part in numerous projects for startups, mid-sized companies, and enterprises. The combination of expertise and experience allows those companies to provide high-quality services for virtually any digital project you might have in mind. 


The expertise and experience let those teams better approach your ideas and understand your goals. Informed by their experience, these software developers can suggest different strategies and routes to optimize your final product, get rid of bugs, and provide you with a superior development experience that meets your expectations both in performance and delivery.

Agile Methodologies

Though it’s not the only software development methodology available, there’s a reason why the best offshore software development companies all use agile as their main source of methodologies: it works perfectly for the creation of digital solutions. That’s because agile focuses on continuous improvement, self-organizing teams, and fast prototypes to enhance the development process.


Agile puts you, the customer, front-and-center, as you have multiple feedback instances to provide suggestions and thoughts on the work as it’s being developed. All this increases the quality of the final product, as the project is broken down into smaller pieces that are better scrutinized, defined, and reprioritized. By doing that, the parts that end up making the final software are better built and even discarded if they don’t fit. 


The continuous improvement principle is perfect for modern development, as it provides increased agility over other methodologies. This allows you to sophisticate and reorganize the development work according to shifting needs. The result – software that’s closer to what you’re looking for, and entirely vetted from the get-go.

Always Aim for Quality

Many businesses are going the offshore route to fill the talent gaps they have in their in-house development teams. Others choose it because they need software that better fits their needs but don’t have the talent to create it themselves. And others only do so because they want the cost savings that can come from offshoring.

Of all those reasons, you should be wary of the last one. Putting price over quality often results in poor software that doesn’t provide you with a discernible advantage, and most of the time it just ends up hurting your business. That’s why you should always aim for quality when hiring offshore development partners.

A high-quality company can offer you tailor-made services that fit your specific needs and can provide you with the results you need to stand out. That’s precisely what we offer here at BairesDev – offshore software development that’s carefully planned and agile-driven. We pride ourselves on having the top 1% of IT talent in Latin America whose expertise and experience can make any project shine. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your project – we can surely change the way you see software offshoring!

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