5 Reasons Why Companies Outsource Software Development to Colombia

Outsource to the Silicon Valley of Latin America

Outsourcing software development has undoubtedly become a standardized practice for most businesses, regardless of project size or industry. However, outsourcing always implies making a fundamental choice before getting anything done: where your company will outsource to. While there are many regions in the world to choose from, many companies prefer to outsource software development to Colombia. 

Colombia outsourcing offers an attractive alternative to onshoring, especially for US companies that are looking to work with Dedicated Teams of expert software developers that match their needs. But that’s only the beginning of it. Here are 5 reasons why companies outsource software development to Colombia.

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Time zones

Colombia is located on the northwest coast of South America, which puts the country in the GMT-5 time zone—the same as the entire east coast of the United States. This makes it easy for Colombian software engineers to work hand-in-hand with US-based teams, with only a couple of hours of difference in the worst-case scenario. 

This is a huge benefit for businesses that prefer to lead collaborative teams that can tackle a problem together and at the same time, rather than stretching and unlinking their efforts throughout the whole day. In the end, working in the same time zone will always lead to smooth communication, smarter productivity, and higher-quality products.

English Fluency

Even though programming deals with languages of its own, we can all agree that people speaking the same “human” language is a major plus for any project. And, as you probably know, most software development is done in English. From quick messages to daily agile processes, English is a constant part of a developers’ life. 

Colombia is one of the few Latin American countries in the world that prioritizes English language development starting from elementary school at a national level. In fact, Colombia aims to become fully bilingual by 2025 via the “Foreign Languages Competencies Development Program”, which has been taking effect for several years now. 

As a result, the best software developers in Colombia are fully-bilingual engineers that can communicate with US teams at a native level. This opens a lot of doors for smoother communication and makes it easier to build relationships despite the distance.

Cultural Similarities

While it is a known fact that the entire Latin American region is very culturally similar to the rest of the continent, Colombia’s geographical location makes it the perfect bridge between South, Central, and North American cultures. The Colombian business culture has been heavily influenced by western business practices and education—and that includes agile software development. 

But why do most companies prefer to outsource development to culturally similar locations like Colombia? Well, because it just makes everything flow that much easier. The workflow between in-house and outsourced teams needs to be seamless and efficient. Sharing cultural values helps a lot with that, while the small differences enrich the project’s scope and nurture innovation.

Highly-Competitive Workforce

If your business has ever developed software before or you have some form of experience working with developers, then you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to hire the best software developers for your project. This is especially difficult when you’re dealing only with local talent pools that can’t cover your talent needs. 

Most businesses outsource software development for this particular reason, and Colombia’s highly-competitive workforce makes outsourcing to Colombia the perfect solution to this problem. With over 30 world-class universities and close to 20,000 software development graduates per year, Colombian software developers are making a huge impact in the global software development community. 

Tech Innovation

Medellin, one of the most economically prosperous cities of Colombia, is often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of Latin America” due to its outstanding commitment to technological innovation. Just last year, Medellin was named “World’s Smartest City” for its fleets of driverless cars, big tech companies, and innovative use of artificial intelligence.

This spirit of innovation is shared by the entire country, and it’s one of the main reasons behind the Government’s strong focus on boosting technology and software development communities. As an interesting fact, Medellin was one of five cities in the world that hosted a World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (the others being San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing, and Mumbai).

Colombia Is a Top Choice to Outsource Software Development

If you are looking to outsource software development, then Colombia is an ideal choice for you. But it doesn’t have to stop there. At BairesDev, we hire the Top 1% IT Talent in the entire region of Latin America to guarantee the best software development services for our clients. Our engineers are the best in the industry and bring tailored-fit solutions to the table to help you mitigate risks, reduce launch times, increase flexibility, and boost innovation.

Send us a message and discover how our top-performing team can jump-start your project right away. 

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