8 Myths About Software Development

Getting Familiar With Software Development

Software has become an integral part of everyday life — so much so that we often forget about the developers and teams behind it, like BairesDev and other quality organizations. Instead, it almost seems as though our favorite tools and gadgets simply appear out of thin air. 

But software development affects everyone, and perhaps because of its importance, there are too many misconceptions floating around about what it is and what it does. Here are 8 common myths about software development — and why they’re wrong.

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Myth #1: Software Development Is Always Expensive

Many people believe software development is extremely costly. While it’s true that elaborate, custom software might come at a high price tag, many factors influence the overall cost, including the development team you choose, the software you’re looking to build, and the features you want to be included. Some software development can actually be very cost-effective.

For example, if you want to build a quality product that provides a simple service but don’t need tons of bells and whistles, the development process should be fairly straightforward — and far less pricey than you might expect. If your software takes off, you can worry about adding additional features later, once you have the funding to support them.

Moreover, if you outsource your project to a nearshore or offshore development team, they can often work at a lower rate than an in-house or onshore team can because they’re typically based in countries with developing economies — which leads us to our next myth…

Myth #2: In-House Developers Are Preferable to Outsourcing

You don’t need someone in-house to create your software. In fact, you may even be better off if you outsource your project elsewhere. We discussed one of the benefits of outsourcing: cost-savings. But that’s just one of the many advantages. 

You’ll have access to a much wider pool of talent, including teams and individuals that may have specialized skill sets you don’t have within your organization. And because these teams are used to working on this type of project, they will do so efficiently, leaving you time to focus on your core business functions.

Myth #3: It’s Helpful to Add More People to the Development Team

You may think that you’ll save time and improve efficiency by continually adding more developers to your team, but that’s often not the case. That can actually slow down the process — it’s the “too many cooks spoil the broth” idea. Having unnecessary hands involved in the process may lead to more errors and meddling with a product. It can also slow down the project turnaround.

Adding more people can also lead to more confusion. You’ll have to onboard people, which eats uptime, and you’ll be disrupting the flow of communication and teamwork.

Myth #4: Software Development Is Formulaic

Each software development project is different. Because of this, there’s no magic formula for creating a product — every single one has a unique set of requirements, unless, of course, the project is very simple and small-scale. But even requirements can change during development. 

Complex projects demand innovation. Since the software development process is rarely a linear path, there are often bumps and hiccups along the way. An experienced team like BairesDev can adjust and change course when these issues arise. 

Myth #5: Development Requires a Computer Science Degree

Once upon a time, the coveted job of software developer demanded a fancy education and degree. Today, that’s no longer the case. With more and more alternative paths to learning coding, a computer science degree isn’t necessary for becoming a software developer. Many talented developers learned how to program via a bootcamp or course or even by teaching themselves.

Myth #6: Quality Assurance Is Nice to Have But Not Essential

Some people believe that the QA process is too costly and time-consuming and can be skipped. Or, they think that it can just fall under the purview of the software developers. In reality, QA testing requires a specialized skill set and shouldn’t fall by the wayside — it’s extraordinarily important to the overall development cycle. That’s why we have software development and QA teams with distinct skills that work together to create your products.

QA testers will not only catch bugs, but they’ll also assess aspects of the software like usability and performance. Ultimately, the work they do will usually mean you’ll save money in the long run, because addressing problems after the product’s release will be far more expensive than correcting them during development.

Myth #7: You Can Guarantee the Absence of Bugs

At the same time, you can’t assume that the QA testing process will catch all possible defects. It is, of course, an essential part of software development, but the fact remains that it’s impossible to ensure that they will find and resolve every bug prior to the product’s release. No QA tester, even the strongest ones, can say with absolute certainty that a product is bug-free. 

What they can do is perform rigorous assessments to ensure that they have identified and eliminated as many defects as they can.

Myth #8: Development Ends When the Product Is Released

Releasing your product might signify to you that the software development process is over, but that’s far from true. In fact, development never really ends. You’ll need to address bugs and other issues that occur, add features and build new releases. That’s why the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is considered ongoing — and why a software company like BairesDev will provide continuous support and maintenance for your product.

Software development is an important process that should be left in the hands of experts. At BairesDev, we hire only the top 1% of IT professionals. No matter what your project or requirements, we’ll build you a superior product or assist with your IT needs, as well as provide long-term support. Contact us to learn more.

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