What Are the Most Effective Software Outsourcing Models?

Once you’ve chosen to outsource your software development, the next step is to decide what model will best fulfil your requirements. Outsourcing models are the way in which projects are approached and delivered. The model that best suits your project will largely depend on the project specification and what you want your product to achieve. However, the three most effective software outsourcing models are generally considered to be: BairesDev offers all three models and has successfully completed projects with clients like GrouponAssociated Press and Thomson Reuters.
What Are the Most Effective Software Outsourcing Models? 8


What Are the Most Effective Software Outsourcing Models? 9

A delivery team model is when software developers are assembled by an outsourcing provider to deliver high-quality technological expertise that add value. This model is particularly well suited to projects that require complete management from the outsourcing partner. Typically, businesses with limited internal resources and capacity opt for this approach.

With this model, it’s the responsibility of the outsourcing partner to provide the client with IT experts for all the roles required to make up a dedicated development team. These positions can include project managers, software developers, quality assurance engineers and any other roles necessary to complete a project.

In addition to building the team, the outsourcing provider also takes care of people management, everyday task management, and process quality.

Typically, delivery teams work autonomously and have regular contact with the client, providing status updates as often as requested. At BairesDev, all of our delivery teams use Agile methodologies, which rely heavily on client feedback and communication in order to help shape and influence design and functionality.


Adds value immediately

Delivery teams are assembled quickly and are independently managed by the outsourcing provider to implement and execute the project to a high standard. The client has access to a highly skilled team of experienced professionals that don’t require any further training.

Streamlined project and team management

Delivery teams increase capacity and reduce the burden on the client by taking responsibility for a project. According to Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey, 47% of companies outsource to solve capacity issues.

Remain in control

While outsourcing vendors are responsible for the day-to-day running of a project, overall control and major decisions still remain with the client.

Access to top tech talent

Companies benefit from having access to worldwide developer talent around the clock. BairesDev has a continual hiring process to provide immediate access to the best developers in Latin America.


IT staff augmentation is where companies contract qualified software developers with specialist skills to work alongside in-house software engineers.

Augmented developers are appointed to work as an extension of a company’s full-time development team. This means they do everything the in-house team does, including attending regular daily meetings and reporting directly to managers.

The IT staff augmentation model can work for most projects, no matter how simple or complex: from prototyping to full-scale development of mobile or web applications.

What Are the Most Effective Software Outsourcing Models? 10


What Are the Most Effective Software Outsourcing Models? 11

Dedicated teams

Outsourcing providers assign skilled engineers to each client, meaning they only focus on one project at a time.

What Are the Most Effective Software Outsourcing Models? 11

Saves time

Working closely with skilled developers in-house means there’s no need to advertise, interview and onboard full-time staff.

What Are the Most Effective Software Outsourcing Models? 11

Maintain oversight and control

Augmented teams make it easier for the client to oversee a project’s progress as feedback is easier to gather. Engineers quickly integrate themselves within the team, making it easier to track work processes and reporting.

What Are the Most Effective Software Outsourcing Models? 11

More flexibility in-house

With an augmented approach, companies have more flexibility over the tasks assigned to developers. The client decides who will carry out specific tasks and on which project.


Software outsourcing is when a company hires an external development team with specialist expertise to work on a specified project.

A software outsourcing approach adds the most value to one-off or irregular development projects that have a set timeframe and clearly defined end-goals. For example, this approach works particularly well for mobile and web applications.

BairesDev offers a range of project-based services, including cloud computingUI and UX designData ScienceBlockchain consulting and software testing.

What Are the Most Effective Software Outsourcing Models? 15


What Are the Most Effective Software Outsourcing Models? 11

No long-term commitment

Companies aren’t tied to working with one particular outsourcing provider over the long-term. If the project is low-maintenance, there’s no need to arrange retainers.

What Are the Most Effective Software Outsourcing Models? 11

Easier to budget

Project-based outsourcing typically means paying one-off project fees, which makes it easier to budget for the work required.

What Are the Most Effective Software Outsourcing Models? 11

Cost effective

Hiring an outsourced development team with the skills to execute a one-off project is much more cost effective than upskilling in-house teams or hiring full-time staff. 

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In addition to choosing the most effective outsourcing model, companies should also consider where to outsource their development. Every region has its developer expertise and price points. Generally speaking, there are two broad options when it comes to outsourcing regions: nearshore and offshore.

Nearshore outsourcing is when a company decides to have their development project completed by an outsourcing partner in a neighboring country. For example, BairesDev is based in Latin America and works regularly with U.S. and North American companies, such as ViacomCBS and Google.

Offshore outsourcing is when a company uses an external team in a location geographically distant from their headquarters. For example, a U.S. company might outsource to India. However, in recent times, more companies are partnering with outsourcing providers closer to home to capture the benefits of nearshoring, which include timezone compatibility and close cultural fits.

BairesDev assists its clients by setting up nearshore development centers and overseeing their operations. The company also provides the resources necessary to ensure the smooth completion of a development cycle.

Once you’ve decided on the most effective software outsourcing model for your project, the next step is to consider how you will outsource. In order to ensure a project progresses smoothly, we recommend following these 3 steps when outsourcing:

  1. Evaluate Your Team’s Skills
  2. Verify the Quality of Outsourcing Companies
  3. Implement Workflow Processes

Choosing the most effective outsourcing model requires some research. By considering the exact specifications of your project, you can determine what skills you need to outsource and what model will deliver the most effective results.

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