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The Challenge

Delivering a Consistent Experience on Every Device

Whether it is searching the internet, getting directions from here to there, or watching the latest video on YouTube, no one organizes the world’s information and makes it more accessible and useful, than Google.

As consumers access information from multiple devices, delivering a consistent experience across TV, desktop, mobile, Android, Windows, and iOS platforms were essential for Google. QA in this environment requires a deep understanding of the coding that powers each platform, a proven process, and the trained and trusted eyes of an expert team of QA engineers.

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The Solution

Expertise + Experience = Trust

As the market leader, Google has a well-known culture of QA and weaves testing into the fabric of everyday actions. Providing engineers who exceed those standards requires a process that identifies the best of the best. BairesDev utilizes a multiple-step hiring and vetting process which identifies the Top 1% of Tech Talent, and its proprietary tool Staffing Hero™ ensures that the right talent is placed on each job.

When launching Android TV, Google trusted BairesDev to deliver stand-alone and integrated testing services to ensure that the interface lived up to Google’s brand promise and user expectations.

Technologies involved in the project

Expert Cross-Platform QA

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BairesDev engineers seamlessly integrated into the Google development team’s culture of small, frequent releases with concise testing, which enabled the team to efficiently pinpoint issues while controlling changes to the user experience during the Android TV roll-out.

At the same time, Google was busy upgrading its software suite for Android and iOS. BairesDev delivered a team of QA engineers that identified and converted manual testing into automated testing processes, which improved scalability while maintaining a consistent user experience on all devices, and across all platforms.

There are three keys to effective QA. First, an engineer needs to understand how the user will interact with the software, and what they want to achieve with its use. Second, they need to understand the code that delivers the desired outcome. And third, they need to be disciplined and methodical in their approach to testing every angle. At BairesDev we only hire proven engineers, at the top of their field, and that guarantees that we deliver on all three keys for every client.

Rocio BelfioreChief R&D Officer, BairesDev

The Outcome

Streamlined development,
Consistent experience

By automating QA testing in the early stages of development, the BairesDev team helped Google engineers to identify and fix issues early, improving their accuracy, accelerating their release times, and enabling Google to maintain its leadership position.

At Google, the numbers, and
QA challenges, are staggering:

  • Google is powered by more than 2 billion lines of code.
  • 3.5 billion people access content from smartphones using either the Android or iOS platforms.
  • Google has more than 150 apps that integrate and help people access information.
Google 4

The user experience is at the heart of the Google brand, and QA is at the center of the coding culture there. As they expanded technologies into the SmartTV space with Android TV BairesDev worked diligently to get the engineers needed to ensure not just the successful launch of Android TV as Smart TVs rolled out across the globe, but the continued delivery of the Google brand experience.

Paul AzorinCMO, BairesDev

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