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Maximize the Quality of your Projects with the Top 1% IT Talent

Every successful project needs support from a right-sized team with the right expertise. BairesDev’s IT Staffing Services are designed to boost the quality of your projects by adding expert software engineers with specific abilities.

We work with the Top 1% of IT Talent to provide the speed and flexibility your business needs to scale quickly and build tech-driven competitive advantages.

Our IT staff works hand-in-hand with your in-house team by participating in daily meetings and reporting directly to your management area. From simple prototypes to full-scale enterprise software, we have a custom-built solution for you.

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The Best Fit at the Best Time

Our on-demand IT staffing solutions are a reliable and cost-effective way to boost your in-house productivity from Day 1. No matter the size or complexity of your project, our 1,400+ software engineering team has staffing tech expertise you need. We hire the Top 1% IT Talent to build the most experienced and most effective software development teams.

What are IT Staffing Services?

IT Staffing Services provide the extra talent needed to boost your projects, from fully managed teams to individual expert Engineers. These are the most common staffing models.

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    Remote & Nearshore Staffing
    The best IT professionals are not only scarce, but also widely spread around the world. We work with remote methodologies to give our clients access to the Top 1% IT Talent in the region and overcome all geographical challenges.
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    On-Demand Talent
    Some projects require the extreme flexibility of On-Demand Staffing. This model allows companies to bypass all recruiting efforts and hire expert software engineers whenever and as long they are needed.
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    On-Site Engineers
    On-Site Engineers are best suited for highly-complex and long-term projects that require the physical presence of software engineers and IT professionals throughout the entire development process.
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    Managed Solutions
    From IT consulting to full-scale IT departments, Managed Solutions are the most complete form of IT Staffing Services. This model creates custom-built teams of highly skilled professionals to tackle critical business goals.

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Staffing Services

Outsourcing IT Staffing services comes with many benefits. With the right IT staffing company by your side, the possibilities are endless.

In the software industry, talent is the most competitive resource. The top IT staffing agencies will find the best IT professionals in the region and seamlessly implement their talent into your project.

Optimized Workloads​

Working with IT staffing companies takes weight off your shoulders. Get immediate access to the best talent to jump-start any project and optimize operational workflows to their max.

Industry Expertise

When you outsource staffing services your company benefits from the long-time industry expertise of senior software development teams. There is no substitute for this level of know-how.

Minimal Risks​

With the best IT professionals on your team, risk management becomes a lot easier. A great IT staffing agency will apply the best practices to increase project flexibility and reliability.

Faster Launch Times​

IT staffing solutions take any IT team from zero to hero. A staffing company will create custom solutions for your business and assemble the best teams to achieve project goals on time.

High-Quality Products​

With all the previous benefits combined, it is easy to see how IT staffing services produce high-quality software products. But don’t forget to check references and past projects!

How We Hire Only the Top 1% of Software Engineers

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Overcome your Tech Challenges with the Help of IT Consulting Services

Before embarking on an IT Staffing effort, you have to come up with a detailed strategy that defines your project scope according to your particular requirements and goals. Without that strategy, you won’t be able to determine which roles you’ll need to tackle your challenges. This initial stage can be tricky but we can definitely help you out.

Through our IT Consulting Services, we focus on your business to understand your specific IT challenges. After having a thorough research process, we come up with a strategy to fuel your IT transformation. We can then advise you on the best approach for your IT-related projects, including pinpointing the engineering talent you’ll need for success.


What Sets Our Selection Process Apart?

Hiring only the Top 1% of IT Talent in Latin America comes with a comprehensive and tuned up process. Watch to learn more!

How an IT Staffing Company can Help your Business

With your core team in the driver’s seat, BairesDev’s IT Staffing Services can help your business build a competitive advantage.


Our IT Staffing services maximize workload efficiency and keep your project on-time and on-budget.



Your in-house and outsourced team will collaborate and innovate by sharing industry knowledge.



Reaching objectives faster will boost business growth and get you looking at new goals in no time.


New Technologies

Drive your business strategy with powerful tech and take your projects to the next level.


What to Look for in an IT Staffing Company

If you are looking for IT Staffing Services in USA, take this points in consideration.

  • Workflow

    Know your provider’s processes, and make sure they guarantee transparent and fluent communication.

  • Security

    Safety comes first. Standardized procedures and security protocols are a must.

  • Talent

    The best IT partners work with the top talented IT engineers in the market.

  • Time Zone

    Nearshore outsourcing is a safe bet to help your team communicate in real-time with outsourced talent.

  • Experience

    Look for published case studies, finished projects, and client testimonials.

  • Potential

    The best IT Staffing Companies will offer a wide range of services to cover the needs of all your future projects.

Working with an Strategic IT Staffing Partner

At BairesDev, we work with the Top 1% of IT Talent to provide the best quality products and  IT Staffing services for our clients. We have the largest applicants reach out of all the IT Staffing companies in the region, which makes us one of the best IT Staffing partners.

Over 1.2 million software engineers reach our Talent Acquisition Department each year, and, after a series of detailed interviews and evaluations, less than 1% of these candidates are hired. These are the most talented software engineers who become BairesDev employees, allowing our clients to quickly develop high-quality projects in a cost-effective manner. 

Our talent always has the right priorities. Every staffing engineer is assigned to only one client or project.

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