When Should You Use PHP Development Services?

The Most Popular Language to Build Websites and Web Applications

Used by Facebook, Slack, and Etsy, and many other brands and companies, PHP is a popular server-side scripting language most often used to build websites and web applications. Since its release more than 25 years ago, people all over the world have turned to the user-friendly language, which is best known for facilitating dynamic web-based product development.

PHP has a number of features that make it a powerful language to use, and many businesses turn to outside PHP development services such as BairesDev to assist them with projects. When should you outsource this important work to a third-party provider? Here are 5 scenarios in which it will help you and your company.

PHP development

You Need to Account for All Aspects of Development

When you contract a PHP company to create your web application, website, or other product, you’ll receive a range of services, including PHP consulting and assessment, UI/UX design, QA and testing, custom development, and more. These are all conducted by dedicated teams who will offer long-term support and maintenance beyond the project’s completion – in addition to the product development itself. 

Creating your website or app requires the expertise of highly-skilled engineers who will facilitate all aspects of front- and back-end development, and outsourcing the project means you’ll put it in the hands of experienced developers with specialized skill sets. They will also have the latest tools and technologies at their disposal to ensure your product is up-to-date and of the highest quality. 

You Need to Complete Your Project Quickly and Efficiently

When it comes to web development projects, you must release your product in a timely manner, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition and maintaining its relevance — after all, technology is ever-changing and can become outdated quickly. You may already have talented developers in-house, but are they able to scale up and meet your demands as your needs — and company — grow? 

Contracting an outside company to fill in the gaps where your PHP development might fall short is a good solution. You’ll be able to increase the volume of projects you can create as your needs change and become loftier. Moreover, third-party developers may also offer additional skills that your current staff might not have.

Perhaps you have a solid staff but no one who specializes in PHP. A company such as BairesDev can fill in the missing pieces to help you deliver stronger products. Since they will be dedicated to your projects, rather than other aspects of your business, they’ll be efficient and deliver results in a shorter amount of time than you could have done alone.

You’re Looking for a Cost-Effective Solution

PHP is open-source and doesn’t require licensing fees. It also has a cost-effective development process, so you’ll save enormously if you choose the language for your projects.

Outsourcing your PHP development will also be low-cost. For one, you won’t need to cover full-time salaries or benefits for your providers. Plus, they’ll also have their own resources and infrastructure in place, so you’ll save on those costs as well. If you choose an outsourcing partner in a developing region like Latin America, you’re looking at considerably lower prices than what you’ll pay for an onshore company in the United States, too.

PHP also comes with an extensive community, offering resources and guidance free of cost to facilitate development efforts and expand the capabilities of your development team and the product they build for you.

You Need Strong Security and Reliability

PHP has a secure infrastructure, including a layer that protects products from malicious threats. When you use outside PHP development services to work on your projects, you’ll have experts well versed in detecting and patching vulnerabilities to make your website or web app even more secure and safe for consumers to use. 

At BairesDev, for instance, a separate Software Testing & QA department will rigorously test your product during the development cycle, giving you the peace of mind to know you’re releasing the safest website or app possible.

PHP is also a highly reliable language. It’s supported by a full gamut of major web browsers, servers, and operating systems, which serves as the perfect proof of its versatility. This is just one of the reasons why it is the language of choice for many web developers.

You Want the Best of the Best

In general, PHP development produces some of the best websites and web apps around. But sometimes, the talent you need to create the product you want simply isn’t available within your company or even within your own country. Outsourcing opens up doors. You can find talented PHP developers all over the world to complete your project.

BairesDev, for example, employs only the top 1% of software engineers in the IT industry. Established in 2009, it has become a leader in providing quality technology solutions to companies in many different sectors. 

In fact, it was named a top PHP developer — as well as a top Java developer — by Clutch.co in its 2019 listings. This was on the heels of the B2B ratings and reviews firm named the Argentina-based outsourcing company a top B2B company in Latin America.

PHP is an important language for developers to know and can lead to building top websites and web apps, among other products — provided you’re working with talented professionals. Offering efficient project turnaround, security, and reliability at a low price, nearshore, and offshore PHP development firms are often the answer to your needs.

Thinking of outsourcing your next PHP project? Learn more about BairesDev and how we can work with you.

The Most Popular Language to Build Websites and Web Applications

PHP is a highly popular server-side scripting language that powers countless websites and web applications. Even though it was released more than 25 years ago, its useful features and its ease of use still make PHP a great alternative for web development. In fact, PHP is so good that almost 80% of worldwide websites use it, including some major companies such as Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, and Slack.

That’s why at BairesDev we offer a wide range of PHP development services – because we want to provide you the best web development solutions for your projects. Our solid teams of PHP engineers can enhance your websites, cloud-based platforms, and e-commerce stores while also improving your web applications.

Our PHP Development Services

BairesDev offers full-cycle PHP development services to tackle your entire project or just the parts that you see fit. Our PHP developers are highly skilled and experienced to take care of the design and development of any PHP-based idea you might have. Thus, our PHP service offering includes:

• Custom website development
• Custom web app development
• Framework development
• E-commerce development
• API development
• CRM development
• Website maintenance
• App maintenance and deployment
• PHP QA and Testing
• PHP migration

What’s more, our teams of PHP engineers have worked extensively in numerous projects across different industries. This provides them with the necessary experience and know-how to create value in PHP projects in many sectors, including:

• Healthcare
• E-commerce
• Finance
• Entertainment

How We Work

When you hire our PHP development services, the work on your PHP development project starts with an analysis stage to fully understand your requirements and goes all the way to the support and maintenance of launched products. BairesDev’s main goal is to add value throughout the entire PHP development lifecycle and we do so by covering all the stages of development to aid you where you need it the most.

Our process consists of the following stages:

Analysis Stage

We start your project by understanding your requirements, which will allow us to better define the best development model for you. We do so by looking at a handful of specific factors, such as the size of the PHP project, its complexity, your timescale, and your budget. We also examine your specific needs regarding the talent needed to take care of the project.


Project Definition Stage

When we finish analyzing the aforementioned factors, we come up with the project specification, which is a detailed brief of the scope and scale of the project. In this stage, we provide you with in-depth information about the planning and implementation of our PHP software development services. 


Team Matching Stage

Once we’re on the same page about the planning and implementation of the PHP project, it’ll be time to build your custom team of PHP engineers that will work on it. For that, we take into account the project’s scope, scale, and complexity as well as your industry and your available in-house skills. We then use Staffing Hero, our proprietary AI-driven solution, to match the perfect talent to your needs, which ensures a smoother development throughout the whole lifecycle. 


Development Stage

Our PHP team gets to work on your project following the predefined timeline, deliverables, and overall objectives. BairesDev works with the latest PHP tools and methodologies to get your project to successful completion. We embrace an agile-driven approach to ensure flexibility throughout the entire development that can better accommodate any requirement you might have.


QA Testing Stage

BairesDev has a solid QA process in place to ensure that the final quality of your PHP product meets the highest market standards. Throughout this process, our QA engineers continually test your software to ensure that the final product is as robust and bug-free as possible. That continuous approach helps to mitigate the potential errors and increases the overall quality of the resulting application.


Support Stage

Finally, once the product has been deployed, we provide you with support services that ensure that the live software works as intended. That doesn’t just include maintenance practices and routines but also the implementation of new features and the creation of backups. At BairesDev, we know that a product is never finished but, rather, needs constant rework and adjustments to keep performing at the top level. 


Why Choose Our PHP Development Services

Our PHP development services have an essential part in its very core: talent. At BairesDev, we build our PHP development teams with the Top 1% of IT Talent, which ensures that we can provide quick delivery of high-quality products to clients across a wide range of industries. By working with the very best, we can offer you proven expertise backed by years of experience that can create value for all kinds of PHP projects.

Another differentiating factor in our PHP development services is that experience, as our Top 1% PHP Developers have already worked with clients of all sizes and on projects of all complexities. Thus, we have deep expertise in PHP that allows us to develop startup MVPs just as well as large-scale enterprise platforms. 

As if that wasn’t enough, our strict hiring process lets us build tailored-fit PHP teams that can match any requirements you might have and smoothly integrate with your in-house team to provide you with the best results.

How to Hire PHP Developers through BairesDev

Our PHP services are flexible enough to match your specific objectives. That means that we can provide you with everything from fully managed teams to particular roles you need to augment your in-house PHP staff. To ensure we provide you with the best possible development fit, we go through a few steps:


We meet with you to learn more about your company, your project, and your general and specific goals. Our senior PHP consultants will walk you through the entire process, helping you better identify what will work best for your particular case.

We use Staffing Hero, our AI-driven solution, to sift through our available PHP engineers and find those that best suit your requirements. Thus, we make sure you work with the Top 1% PHP developers that are better equipped to work on your projects. 

The PHP team starts working, be it as an autonomous unit that takes care of your entire PHP project or integrating with your in-house operations.

Our Tech Stack

Working on a PHP project implies having a deep understanding of the most important and useful PHP tools and platforms. That’s why BairesDev insists on working with the very best PHP developers, as we know that they are the only ones that can bring such an understanding and that can work seamlessly with our preferred tech stack, which includes the following technologies:

  • Laravel

    An open-source PHP framework, Laravel is the best alternative to handle complex web applications, providing a high-security level and a fast development pace.

  • Yii

    This framework might seem simple but it can provide high performance to modern web applications, thanks to its component-based design.

  • Zend

    A framework with an object-oriented approach that’s highly extendable that provides valuable resources for PHP development, especially of enterprise applications.

  • CakePHP

    This is a toolkit that can aid any PHP team with creating impressive websites that pack numerous features through a Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) approach.

  • Symfony

    This is a very reliable and mature MVC framework that implements PHP and web standards to every degree, which turns it into a suitable environment for the development of many PHP projects.

  • CodeIgniter

    Another open-source web framework, CodeIgniter is all about rapid development. This lightweight framework comes with several predesigned modules that are highly suitable to create dynamic websites.

PHP Development Right Here in the US

BairesDev’s smart working approach puts distributed teams front and center to provide you with the best possible PHP talent around. That means two things. 

First, that you can hire a team of seasoned PHP developers that work in the same time zone as yours. That’s because we work with software engineers that are spread throughout the Americas, guaranteeing you access to the best professional PHP services that are most convenient for you. This translates into a more seamless collaboration that allows for more straightforward cooperation between your team and our team, a key benefit of our nearshore development model.

And then, working with BairesDev also means you have access to the company’s US-based office that will offer full support for all your projects. That implies everything you can think of, from helping you with unexpected technical challenges to aiding you with administrative tasks related to your development.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    What is PHP good for?
    PHP is a backend scripting language that allows developers to write scripts that work on the server-side of a web application and that interact with the frontend. Given that mechanic, PHP is a great language for a wide range of uses in web development. This means that you can use PHP to create an MVP of a web application, build a custom CMS, or develop a complex e-commerce platform. Naturally, PHP doesn’t work alone and it’s often used with general-purpose languages like C# and Python.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Is PHP suitable for large projects?
    PHP is so popular because it can handle projects of many scales, mainly because it shows efficient resource management that doesn’t bog down the system. Yet, highly complex projects with many moving parts might not be well suited for PHP use. That’s why it’s better if you contact a reputable PHP development company to learn if your project is too complex for PHP.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    What are the benefits of using PHP?
    Developers use PHP because they know the language brings a host of benefits, including simplicity of use and increased control over the development. Additionally, PHP boasts efficient resource management, provides significant speed improvements, guarantees a high-security level, and offers a proven track record of successful projects. What’s more – PHP has an immense community that’s constantly enriching itself with new tools and resources.
  • How much time do you require to complete a PHP web application?
    As it happens with all software development projects, it’s impossible to know beforehand how much time will take to complete a specific project. The only way to devise a reliable timeline is to analyze the project in detail to understand its requirements, objectives, available resources, and necessary talent. That’s why BairesDev only provides time estimates on PHP projects after going through a necessary analysis stage.
  • How much does it cost to hire a PHP development agency?
    The precise cost of a PHP development project largely depends on its scope and complexity as well as on the talent you’ll need to turn it into a reality. Thus, providing an approximate cost of an entire project requires us to analyze your project in detail first to learn what you need to make it a reality, including looking at deadlines, resources, and talent.

Hire High-Quality PHP Development Services Right Now

BairesDev is a reputable PHP development company that has the expertise and experience you need to jump-start your projects. We can provide you with the best PHP engineers in the market through flexible PHP services that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

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