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In this day and age, the services of a mobile app development company are essential. Since mobile devices took the world by storm, businesses need to create a mobile strategy to boost their operations and their engagement with their customers. Most of the time, this comes in the form of an enterprise mobile application. Placing a high-quality mobile app at the core of your enterprise´s mobile plan can be extremely beneficial, as long as you make it right.

BairesDev is here to ensure you do enterprise app development the right way. Our mobile app developers have the needed experience and knowledge about mobile technologies to take your mobile dreams and turn them into reality. We take care of everything regarding app development, from the design of the perfect user experience and features for your audience to launching the mobile app and maintaining it over time.

We have worked with businesses of all sizes, developing countless enterprise apps for Android and iOS, as well as cross-platform and hybrid applications. We also have the know-how to build PWAs and take your mobile services to the next level. Above all, we have the mobile talent needed to get your mobile project up and running.

Mobile App Development

Services and Applications for your Business

It doesn’t matter what kind of mobile systems you’re thinking of – our teams can surely pull them off. That’s because we have experience planning the entire enterprise application development cycle. We’ll sit down with you to understand your project’s requirements and your overall goals. Then, we’ll outline your mobile application and, once you’re OK with our plan, we’ll begin with the custom mobile application development. 

We follow that process in all of our mobile application services, which include:

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    Android and iOS Mobile Apps
    Our mobile application developers have proven experience in building mobile apps for both of the most popular OSs: Android and iOS. That means we can work on an Android app for everything ranging from smartphones to TVs. It also means that we can develop your iOS application in compliance with Apple’s app store and for all of the company’s products, from iPhones and iPads to Apple Watches and TVs.
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    Hybrid App Development
    The combination of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript encapsulated in a native app container is called a hybrid app. These solutions are great if your idea is to have a presence across different environments but don’t want to develop a unique app for each platform. With hybrid applications, we’ll only develop a single code and change a couple of elements to make it fit in all systems with little extra effort.
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    Enterprise Mobility
    More and more companies are embracing a mobile-first mentality that goes beyond the services they offer to their customers. This means that they aren’t just using enterprise app development services to create mobile apps for their customers but also to streamline and improve their internal operations. Our app developers and mobility solutions can help you with that, by creating tailor-made mobile systems that fit your specific business processes.
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    Legacy System Updating
    Maybe you´ve already used the services of an enterprise application development company a while ago but now you’re stuck with old systems that don’t work anymore. Don’t worry, BairesDev is here to help you. Our developers can take your existing mobile platform and update it as needed. This includes adding new features, adjusting old code, redesigning the entire customer experience, improving your security and overall quality, and even ensuring integration with newer solutions in your ecosystem.
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    Wearable Apps
    Wearables are only as good as their underlying platform. That’s why we want to offer you our expertise in developing wearable apps that can bring your wearables products to a new level. We have experience working with different tech companies and helped them develop their wearable solutions to provide their customers with the best experience possible.
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    UI/UX Design
    In the age of user experience, you can’t settle for anything less than a stellar UX, especially in your mobile app. Since most people use a mobile system to interact with brands, you need to enhance your mobile presence and deliver exceptional performance. Our developers can help you get there by adjusting your application’s interface and analyzing the whole experience to make the necessary changes.
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    Mobile Consulting
    At BairesDev, we understand that the mobile world can be complex for certain companies just getting into it. If you’re among them, then you’ve come to the right place. Our experts can help you with anything mobile-related, thanks to our mobile consulting services. Through them, you can access our extensive knowledge of mobile devices, architectures, systems, and strategies. If you want your mobile plan to succeed, then you can count on our help in every step of the way.

One of the Best Custom App Companies in Business

Want to take the first steps into the mobile world? Already a seasoned company in all things mobile but need some readjusting? Do you have some doubts about your current systems and need guidance? We are the answer to all your questions. Our experience can help you with any mobile project you are working on and deliver you high-quality results. Get in touch with us and tell us what we can do for you.

Enterprise Solutions for Companies of All Sizes

Our enterprise app development team has been involved in numerous projects in collaboration with companies of all sizes, from the startup to the enterprise level. This has helped us develop a keen understanding of the needs of different businesses and their ideas for mobile systems. Thus, our mobile development teams have worked on different mobile apps, including:

Apps for Startups

Startups are heavily investing in mobile development and are pushing the envelope as to what the mobile world can be. That’s why they’ve relied on BairesDev’s experience to bring those ideas into reality – because they know our developers can accommodate all of their needs and wants.

Enterprise Apps

Long-standing enterprises face a big challenge when it comes to mobile. That’s because they have to adapt their workflow and systems to the new paradigm. Thankfully, we can also help you with that, by building solutions that bring increased productivity and new business opportunities.

Partnership Apps

Startups and enterprises aren’t the only ones that come to us for our mobile application development services. Digital agencies, providers, and consultants also hire our talented teams to complement their own services. Thus, we have worked alongside the most varied partners to create apps of all kinds.

Experience Across Different Industries

Our enterprise app development team has been involved in numerous projects in collaboration with companies of all sizes, from the startup to the enterprise level. This has helped us develop a keen understanding of the needs of different businesses and their ideas for mobile systems. Thus, our mobile development teams have worked on different mobile apps, including:

Our mobile development team has created mobile portals, healthcare apps for treatment, patient apps for better management of their data, and backend solutions to improve the performance of human resources and accounting departments, among others.

Mobile solutions are now an integral part of the fintech industry, and BairesDev is contributing to their growth. Our developers have worked on POS, home banking apps, loan apps, payment gateways, and many other mobile solutions for banks, credit card companies, investment agencies, and other financial institutions in the industry.

Mobile solutions have transformed retailers all over the world through new shopping experiences for all kinds of devices. At BairesDev, we have played our part by building apps that cover the entire retail spectrum, from a mobile ecommerce platform to an application that integrates seamlessly with in-store beacons to push notifications, thus enhancing the customer experience.

Mobile solutions are a perfect way to boost internal processes, especially in the manufacturing field. We should know, as we have worked on manufacturing mobile projects for inventory management, supply chain monitoring, logistics automation and controlling, and product data management, among others.

Our Approach to Custom Mobile Development

If you want to receive an exceptional mobile development experience, then BairesDev is the partner you’ve been looking for. We strive for operational excellence in all our projects and we aspire to meet each and every one of your goals. Keep in mind that when we make a promise, we always deliver no matter what, due to the fact that our company is made up of the Top 1% IT Talent.

Because of our rigurous, tech-driven selection process, we strictly work with the top mobile developers in the industry. Under this process, we analyze more than 750,000 resumes per year and pick only the very best to move forward. After interviewing the most promising candidates, we end up choosing the ones that fit our culture best, that is, the ones that are capable of balancing experience, expertise, and creativity.

Want another reason why you should choose us for your mobile project? BairesDev offers you 3 development models to fit your needs and budget. These are:

The Right Mobile Tech Expertise

Having worked with companies of all sizes across different industries allows us to boast a strong client portfolio. However, we know that experience doesn’t account for everything. That’s why we want to assure you that when you pick BairesDev as your mobile application development company, you can count on a team that will possess vast technical knowledge about the latest mobile technologies and trends, systems, platforms, and tools.

We can work with any framework or language your project calls for and we can tackle frontend and backend projects easily. We know our way around cloud platforms, APIs, server-side technologies, and all kinds of mobile components available in the market. From Java to React, Amazon AWS to Azure, whatever technical requirements you might have, we can fulfill.

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