How Intelligent Apps Are Changing the Face of Mobile Technology

The New Era of Mobile Technology

Alexa, Siri, and similar apps have revolutionized our lives. They make everyday tasks significantly easier and help us solve problems. And they’re not alone — they’re joined by numerous other apps, called intelligent apps. 

One of the great innovations thanks to AI, machine learning, Big Data, and more, intelligent apps represent the future of mobile technology and offer limitless possibilities.

At BairesDev, we’re in the business of leveraging and developing the latest technologies — including mobile apps. Here’s why we’re so excited about intelligent apps.

Mobile App Development

What Are Intelligent Apps?

Intelligent apps use AI, machine learning, IoT sensors, and data to perform complex — “intelligent” — operations. The goal of these apps is to deliver a personalized, unique experience to users. The app adapts to the user’s information and preferences as it learns and gleans insights about them over time.

Benefits of Intelligent Apps

A quick glance of what Intelligent Mobile Apps are bringing to the table. 

  • They’re Data-Driven

    Intelligent apps synthesize real-time data about the user’s actions and behaviors to formulate ideas, make new decisions, and predict future behavior. That means they don’t even need to wait for user commands to take action. Data gleaned from interactions, sensors, and user behaviors essentially serves, collectively, as the powerhouse of intelligent apps.

  • They’re Adaptive

    Part of what makes this technology so convenient and helpful is that it’s able to adapt to users’ preferences and needs based on the information it learns about their behaviors. That means the duties and tasks it performs become more complex and better suited to the individual. As discussed, they can even predict future actions after they “get to know” the users they assist.

  • They Offer Personalized Experiences

    The more users engage with the app, the more it can understand them. And as the app adapts, it learns how to adjust to the individual, rather than making blanket decisions about a large number of users. This creates a personalized, unique experience.

  • They Automate Work

    Intelligent apps are some of the best tools for making workers more productive and helping them do their jobs better. For example, they can automate repetitive tasks, taking them off humans’ plates and allowing them to focus on more complex responsibilities. They can also assist users with work by providing information, identifying the patterns in their day-to-day schedules, and making decisions accordingly.

Industries That Can or Already Use I-Apps

Intelligent apps have implications across sectors. How can they be used in different industries? How are they already being used? Here are just a few examples of fields that are embracing them.


Teaching and learning is a complex process, but intelligent apps can help. For example, they can analyze students’ behavior and reactions to lessons, identify the patterns in their learning, and so on. This can lead to a more personalized learning experience, with the apps being able to find new ways to impart knowledge to students based on how they grapple with the material.

Socratic, for example, assists students with their homework in several subjects, including math, science, history, and literature. Using Google AI, the app finds resources to help address users’ questions, whether they ask them orally or take a picture of the problem. The app also presents study guides and visual explanations.

Elsa, meanwhile, helps students hone their English pronunciation skills, delivering instant, precise feedback on users’ speaking. The app also adapts depending on the unique learner.


This ever-important sector can benefit enormously from intelligent apps. For example, they can help patients find practitioners, manage their medications and appointments, learn about treatments, and more. In addition, they can assist medical professionals handle technology, streamline procedures, keep track of medications, and so on. 

Ada is one intelligent app that helps patients with their health. Essentially a self-assessment tool, it takes stock of users’ symptoms and delivers information about the care necessary for addressing them in just minutes, saving both practitioners and patients time and leading to better outcomes.


Finance, in particular FinTech, is the ideal partner for intelligent apps. On the global level, the technology can assess stock market trends and make informed decisions about future performance. 

These apps can also apply to and at the user level. For instance, the technology will help individuals manage their expenses and advise them on budgeting and other actions to take based on their history and past behaviors.


The entertainment industry depends on new and emerging technologies to appeal to users, get its message out, and create engaging experiences. There is an abundance of ways intelligent apps can blend with superior content to develop exemplary entertainment and media.

Netflix’s mobile app, for instance, incorporates this technology, using data gleaned from user patterns and preferences, it employs AI to curate its signature personalized recommendations for future viewing experiences.

Human Resources

HR is a classic example of an industry that is heavily benefiting from AI. Professionals in the field must go through countless applications and perform rote responsibilities, but with intelligent apps, many of the repetitive tasks are taken off of the human’s plate.

Oracle offers a suite of AI Apps to assist HR professionals with responsibilities like scanning resumes to screen appropriate candidates from a hiring pool, improve company and employee engagement, and deliver training and onboarding opportunities.

BairesDev also has an AI-powered staffing suite called Staffing Hero™ that aid us when building high-performing teams for our clients.This powerful platform can sift through millions of applicants, find relevant candidates according to predefined criteria, and determine the best matches for our clients requirements.

And the Rest...

There are plenty of other intelligent apps that help professionals across different fields. Examples include:

  • Seeing AI: a Microsoft tool that “speaks” aloud text and pictures to assist visually-impaired people

  • Cortana: a virtual assistant powered by Bing that performs organizational tasks, creating automatic reminders and outstanding task lists for individuals

  • Microsoft Pix Camera: a smart camera that helps people take better pictures, capturing several frames at once

Perhaps in the future, all apps will be intelligent. For now, the ones that are play a huge role in making work and life easier and more manageable.

Looking to develop a powerful, intelligent app for your business? Learn how BairesDev can work with you to create this and other software to improve your organization.

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