Why Is Python Considered the Top Programming Language?

The list of programming languages is so massive that it’s natural for people to have widely different opinions about which one is “the best one”. Obviously, it all depends on the project at hand, so to claim a language as superior to all the rest feels weird. Yet, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t programming languages that are universally revered and favored. Among them, Python might be the most popular one.

Python is undoubtedly considered a top programming language at the same level as JavaScript or C++, and it’s one of the most popular languages out there. Even when it’s almost 30 years old, Python is still relevant, given its ease of use, its vibrant community, and many applications. Those characteristics should be enough to support the claim as a top programming language, but let’s dive a little more into it to understand Python’s value truly.

Python Software Development by the Best Python Developers
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    What’s Python?
    According to its official website, Python is “an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics.” It has a clear and simple syntax that makes it very easy to learn, which turns it into the perfect gateway for programming beginners. That’s because the language emphasizes readability and makes coding very easy.

    Another main feature of Python is that it supports modules and packages. Both things make it easier for Python developers to reuse code across different projects. Naturally, this is a great way to increase productivity and save time and effort when working with the language.
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    What is a Python developer?
    A Python developer uses Python to build a piece of software according to a project’s requirements. They are responsible for creating applications, frameworks, tools, websites, web apps, AI-based applications, and many other solutions.

    Python developers are highly versatile and can bring value to a vast number of projects. That’s because of the language’s flexibility that can provide results for a considerable range of digital solutions. Such possibilities are the reason why Python development services are among the most demanded in the tech industry.
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    Why Is Python A Top Programming Language?
    As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of reasons why Python has been a top programming language across the years. But why is it considered as such today? The first and most important reason is versatility, which allows it to work perfectly in projects with cutting edge technologies, especially with artificial intelligence and data science. The language has plenty of libraries and packages for both fields, which makes it a great alternative to start projects with solid foundations.

    Another crucial reason for its everlasting popularity is its ease of use. We’ve already mentioned how easy it’s for beginners to start programming with Python, but we didn’t talk about how Python is extremely powerful and useful for veteran engineers. Thus, developers with varying degrees of experience can take full advantage of its features and robust performance.

    Precisely because of that, Python is widely used in academia. Many courses include Python in their undergraduate curriculum because it’s the perfect way to teach the logic behind software development easily. That also means that many future professionals will know its way around it, which ensures the language’s popularity for upcoming years.

    And then there’s an interesting phenomenon. Since Python is so popular, there are plenty of developers that know how to use it. That, combined with the fact that the language works in such a wide variety of projects, has turned it into the preferred language for many development companies and teams. So, both search for Python developers to engross their ranks, thus furthering the interest in Python among other development enthusiasts. That loop feeds Python’s popularity and secures the language’s position in the programming world’s elite as one of the top programming languages around.

One Of The Best

Though plenty of people would hurry up and say that Python is the best programming language in the world, we won’t be so quick. Sure, it’s up there, but it’s impossible to think that Python is the solution to all of our digital challenges. Other languages are as strong as Python, like standards such as Java, JavaScript C, and C++ or relative newcomers such as Go and R.

Python enthusiasts might be quick to point out the deficiencies in those languages to support Python’s top place. However, Python itself also has its disadvantages. What we’re saying here is that the top languages are the ones that cover the possible uses while being efficient, but there’s no single language that can do it all.

All top programming languages have advantages and disadvantages, so it feels that it’s more like a matter of choice depending on the project’s requirements. With that being said, then, we can safely point at Python as one of the best languages, thanks to its ease of use, libraries, communities, and many uses.

We should know. Though BairesDev is more than just a Python development company, we certainly prize what the language has provided us over the years, which helped us create highly-sophisticated solutions for many of our clients. We are confident that Python will continue to offer us just that, which is why we still consider it one of the most powerful weapons we have in our toolkit and why we recommend you consider it for your upcoming development projects. 

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