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Yuri Bett

Yuri Bett

Software Engineer

How stepping out of his comfort zone changed this developer’s life

When Yuri’s son was born, his world turned upside down. To better take care of him, both he and his wife stepped out of their established routines and took new paths. For Yuri, that meant joining BairesDev, a defining moment that changed his family’s life for good.

Yuri Bett and his wife knew their lives were going to change when their first son was born back in 2016. Yet, they couldn’t anticipate how profound that change would be.

“My kid was born and I was working in an office. We were doing ok financially but I wanted to be at home to see him grow. Besides, when my wife had to go back to work a couple of months after, she realized she wanted to be a full-time mom.”

It was obvious that they needed to do things differently. So they did. Yuri’s wife quit her job and encouraged Yuri to look for a new job that allowed him to stay at home, like so many of their developer friends already had.

Yuri, however, felt like he didn’t have the tools to land that kind of job. So he stepped out of his comfort zone and started to learn JavaScript, a programming language he felt would give him more opportunities. “And that’s when BairesDev came in.”

Yuri learned about BairesDev and its focus on distributed work, so he thought that applying for a job there was the right move. But before doing so, he felt he needed to prepare.

“The idea that BairesDev hired only the top 1% clicked with me. And I thought ‘I need to be in the top 1% among the developers around me.’ So, I started going to work early so I could extend lunch time to study. I started studying a lot, maybe 3 or 4 hours a day.”

“In my mind, it was clear: I needed to do that to achieve this dream of working from home while also giving my wife the possibility to stay at home with my kid.”

Yuri and his family started to live the life they dreamed for themselves. Unfortunately, a bigger challenge was on their way—Yuri’s son was diagnosed with autism. He and his wife quickly accepted that fact and set a goal for themselves: to learn as much as they possibly could about autism and to teach other people about it.

While doing that, Yuri learned that autism spectrum disorder has a tendency to run in the family. He talked with his son’s therapists and found out that there were some signs that he might be on the spectrum, too. Though he didn’t have a proper diagnosis, Yuri took it as another challenge, especially when BairesDev promoted him.

“After 2 years of working with BairesDev I was promoted to a tech lead position where I had to deal with more people: train and mentor them. Doing that goes beyond teaching them about technologies and code itself—it requires soft skills I didn’t have.”

Soft skills are harder to develop, and are more challenging to build up. So, I had to make an extra effort. I was always the quiet guy, the analytic guy.
But when put on the spot, I brought my best and began pushing myself to learn how to better communicate and lead. And I did learn! I think that’s very pleasant, because it shows that we can go beyond what we think we are.

Today, Yuri still balances his professional and personal life with the same energy he always had.

“I love working at BairesDev because of the flexibility I get. My kid has to go to different therapy sessions and go to school and do other activities. I can arrange with my leaders when I can leave, and it always works so well.”

That flexibility lets him enjoy his hobbies, mainly traveling to new places and playing guitar. Most importantly, it allows him to be with his family and provide for them. To Yuri, that’s the most important thing in the world.

“BairesDev makes us feel like we’re part of something bigger. It’s more than just working 8 hours a day. It’s about doing something you care about. And that’s what really matters and that’s why I wouldn’t change this job for anything.”

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Rayssa Araujo

Rayssa Morais De Araujo

UX Designer

A metric-oriented mind that seeks to improve the world around her

Rayssa has all the traits and skills of a traditional UX designer but with something extra on top: the desire to improve and help others along the way. And that’s precisely what she’s doing, be it with her work at BairesDev or with her own UX initiative to help her community.

You can tell that Rayssa Arianne Morais De Araujo really loves what she does. It doesn’t matter if she’s doing her job as a UX designer, playing sports, or diving into one of the many books she reads. When Rayssa puts her mind to something, she throws herself at it with all her energy. As amazing as that fiery passion is, there’s something even more impressive about the way she tackles everything she does: a metric-oriented way.
I’m always trying to see how things work, how I can improve them, how I’m doing with them. I always joke with my boyfriend that I have to control myself to stop me from applying metrics to everything in my life!
That laser-focus on performance stems from her love for sports and physical activity and has really helped her throughout her life. Case in point, it has aided her success during her first year at BairesDev and allowed her to be recognized by her team members as an essential part of their work. “I like to monitor how I’m doing when doing sports. I like to track how I’m going, and how I can improve. And I basically do that in my job all the time. I’m responsible for how the products are evolving, which is basically a metric-based job. But I also try to help the people in my team be and do better, all backed up by both quantitative and qualitative data and a people-centered approach.” Continuous improvement seems to be a mantra for Rayssa, a mindset that doesn’t just drive her professional life but her personal one as well. In fact, that focus on improvement also made her look into some ways to enhance the world around her. She finally found a way to do so back in 2018, when she started a very special project around UX. “It started as UX courses for people that didn’t have access to a good course, minority groups such as trans women, and low income people. I formed a group with 4 other women that were already part of the UX field, working in huge companies. The goal was to transfer our knowledge at no cost, provide people with their first UX experiences and give them new career opportunities.”  What drove Rayssa to do so was giving back to the community in the same way that so many people helped her achieve her own goals. And today, that’s precisely what Rayssa and her partners are doing for a lot of people. “It’s a way I found to give back what I got from others. The project started very small and with face-to-face meetings. But with COVID, it became easier to engage with people because we went online. In fact, we were able to reach more than 300 women.”  Teaching others about her career is one of the ways in which Rayssa hones her skills. The other way? Doing her job at BairesDev. “I improved as a professional working at BairesDev. The company gave me a lot of opportunities to learn more: about people, about software, about tech. I’ve only been with the company for over a year now but given what I went through so far, I hope that I can stay here for a long time.”
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Gabriel Antonioli

Gabriel Antonioli

Fullstack Engineer

How card games propelled a developer’s career forward

Working in the tech industry calls for innovation, imagination, and a unique perspective. That’s why Gabriel is so good at it. He learned how to leverage the lessons he learned from playing card games, one of his biggest hobbies, and apply them to the work he does every day at BairesDev.

Gabriel Antonioli Ortiz has been in love with card games ever since he was a teenager. A Magic The Gathering fan, he has always seen these games as learning opportunities for his software development career. To Gabriel, Magic The Gathering and Dungeon and Dragons always were more than mere distractions. They allowed him to transport to a different world where he had to be cunning to survive and thrive. Through these games, he honed his strategic and planning skills.
Programming is a lot like playing card games. These kinds of games put you in the right mindset to find solutions. When you’re building a deck from the get-go, you’re thinking about a strategy. This helps you think outside the box.
This unique approach is what helped Gabriel solve his first big project in BairesDev, a task that was deemed “impossible” by other BairesDev developers that tackled it before him. “I ended up reading and reading and reading every single line of code and documented everything for myself. And so I figured out how that worked. But the cool thing is that I understood the approach. I didn’t know that I was asked to do something that supposedly I wouldn’t be able to do—and I actually did it.” Almost 6 years later, Gabriel is an integral part of the R&D team, which strives to build BairesDev’s innovation across multiple projects. “Some of the best things about working at BairesDev are that it’s 100% remote and that we have freedom to tackle new challenges in a creative manner. Also, we have a lot of flexibility, which is great because you can work on achieving your objectives in your own way.” Leveraging his love for strategic card games, Gabriel brings a fresh perspective to work and invites his team to think outside the box, both true traits of “the ones” that make up BairesDev.

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