Safeguarding Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

BairesDev is committed to supporting its clients in times of need and maintaining business operations as usual.

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While across the world everyone continues to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19 and adjust to a new reality, BairesDev is committed to providing continuity of service at all times for their clients and remain by their side during these difficult times.

BairesDev’s leadership team is continuously assessing the developing situation in order to rapidly respond to the crisis as it evolves, ensuring the safety and health of our employees in accordance with guidance from local governments and public health authorities and, when necessary, adjusting our operations to maintain continuity of service.

A Word From Our CEO

At BairesDev, we are doing our best to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and to maintain our promise and level of commitment to our clients. In 3 days, we transitioned 99% of our employees to work from home (WFH) across our 11 locations, and we will continue to follow all local health regulations in order to keep our team safe.

Throughout this crisis, we’ve been very fortunate in that we’ve always relied on smart working by having distributed teams of the Top 1% Talent. We have extensive online collaboration capabilities and a proven track record of over 10 years of experience working with distributed teams. Remote working has been a crucial part of our success and lies at the core of our DNA. Since we were never limited to local talent alone, we’ve always leveraged the best talent regardless of location to form distributed teams of elite professionals working remotely.

We are proud to be partners with our clients, and as such, we stand with them during these challenging times and will do everything we can to support them in their plans and goals. In this time of crisis, we understand that it’s very important to make it possible for our clients to continue their operations and assist them in responding to any specific needs and challenges that they may be facing.

We want our clients to know that at this important time, they can count on us to be there to support their business, so please contact us if you need any assistance [email protected]

BiaresDev Nacho De Marco

Nacho De Marco

Chief Executive Officer

“BairesDev has a deeply embedded smart working culture which proves to be highly beneficial in times of disruption.”

Nacho De Marco, CEO BairesDev

Pillars of Our Approach

Employee Wellbeing
& Safety

With a mandatory work-from-home policy for our entire team, our main priority is to support all of our employees guaranteeing they are safe and complying with their countries’ regulations.


Our business processes can continue normally with the help of our digitally native infrastructure and our distributed team methodology.


We are reinforcing our company-wide policy of maintaining all our communication channels open, thus strengthening our support services in case unexpected situations arise.

Steps to Take for a Business Continuity
Management Plan:

  • Conduct a thorough organization assessment to go over all ongoing operations and processes and their particular needs.

  • Write down an exhaustive plan of action including responsibilities and their owners.

  • Effectively implement the strategy with comprehensive monitoring policies.

Business Continuity Management

This is our strategy at BairesDev:

Continuity 2

Initial Measures

  • Implement travel restrictions (travel ban).
  • Move all on-site employees to work remotely.
  • Communicate 24/7, provide Support desks for IT & HR-related concerns
  • Implement all the recommendations from the WHO, CDC, and local authorities.

Employee Risks

  • Roll out measures to help employees with stress management.
  • Managers schedule weekly calls with their direct reports to ensure all employees are performing their regular tasks and providing assistance in any personal matters.
  • Identify backups for all key employees due to resignation or leaves of absence.

Operational Risks

  • Disaster recovery plans: review scenarios, prepare plans and measures to restore business operations.
  • Prepare for any issues around logistics or in the supply chain.
  • Set up a plan to maintain communications with clients, partners, suppliers and authorities.
  • Establish emergency measures and organizational instructions in order to ensure continuity of operations according to the level of risk.
  • Map single points of failure within the organization (processes, employees, technologies) and prepare countermeasures.

Infrastructure Risks

  • Plan for corporate systems to be managed remotely without the physical presence of IT Support and IT Operations employees.
  • Check and test the readiness of infrastructure and other services for the higher portion of employees working remotely.
  • Test applications for remote access. Deploy Awareness campaigns for specific cases of social engineering attacks in communication related to this crisis.
  • Conduct periodic assessments and internet speed tests for all remote workers.
  • Identify wireless providers in each country for data plans in case of temporary outage of the employee’s main internet service.

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