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Some people say that Agile and design thinking are the same. That’s not a stretch—Agile is a means of prioritizing design, not just in the products you deliver but in the processes you employ to deliver them.

At BairesDev, we rely on Agile principles to achieve flexibility, efficiency, and faster turnaround. We also know that the approach puts the consumer first and relies on their input at all turns—and that is part of our very mission.


Our Main Agile Methodologies

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    Scrum is the most popular Agile approach. By breaking down the project into iterations called sprints, we are able to ensure that we meet benchmarks while working toward the larger goal and improving the quality of the product along the way.
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    Lean is all about speed. As the name implies, it focuses on reducing resource waste and completing the project quickly and efficiently. This is an ideal approach for projects that have tight schedules.
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    Rapid Application Development (RAD)
    RAD, too, focuses on rapid delivery. When we apply this approach, we will begin the process with a prototype, which allows us to gather user feedback, test the product, and, ultimately, employ a speedy development process.
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    Extreme Programming
    XP depends on short development cycles and frequent releases. We use this Agile methodology when we’re working on projects that demand frequent communication and have changing requirements.

What Is an Agile Mindset?

Agile follows 12 principles, which comprise the Agile Manifesto. These principles lay out the framework behind the philosophy, but more than that, they explain what Agile thinking really means. They involve prioritizing customer satisfaction, an openness to changing requirements, a focus on collaboration, an eye on continuous improvement, and more. 

An Agile mindset adheres to these principles and always attempts to follow them. Moreover, a company or team that follows this philosophy must adhere to it as closely as possible to adapt to changing circumstances and needs. 

Characteristics of Agile Thinking

Agile thinking encompasses a number of qualities and characteristics. The main features that are necessary for this mindset are:

    • Continuous learning
    • An ability to adapt and pivot
    • Collaboration and teamwork
    • Communication
    • Problem-solving and critical thinking
    • Fast decision-making
    • Positive outlook
    • Efficiency
    • Simplicity
    • Prioritizing customer satisfaction
    • Frequent reflection
    • Design thinking
    • Willingness to improve

      How To Adopt an Agile Mindset

      Agile usually streamlines the software development process, but teams must adapt to the mindset to fully reap the rewards of the approach.

      First, businesses must attain company buy-in. They should educate their team members on the benefits of Agile thinking and explain how it will foster better collaboration and, ultimately, superior results. They should also explore how the various skill sets of their team members will contribute to the project. 

      Agile also requires planning. Businesses should consider how they will roll out projects following the approach and successfully train team members. They also need to recognize that, as with any new concept, it will take some time for team members to adjust to this new philosophy.

      To fully adopt an Agile mindset, teams should focus on reconceptualizing their way of thinking about software development. They must be open to change and willing to embrace the concepts of communication, collaboration, innovation, and creativity. 

      There are also some concrete ways to foster Agile adoption. For example, teams should hold retrospectives—short meetings to debrief throughout the software development process. They should also make every effort to keep all stakeholders informed at each stage, so no one is left out of the loop.

          Benefits of using Agile thinking for Software Development

          Over the years, agile has become a standard in the software development industry, mainly because it can bring a host of benefits to anyone using it. At BairesDev, we’ve been an agile-driven company since our first day, so we don’t just know about those advantages – we guarantee them in our development process. Some of them include:

          • Development teams work more efficiently. Agile methodologies boost the collaboration between our software engineers, which enjoy better communication and feedback. This allows them to focus on relevant tasks while avoiding non-essential work. Additionally, all team members are more committed to the quality of the results, as Agile sees their input as paramount throughout the process.

          • Managers have more control and flexibility to reprioritize work. Agile principles are all about flexibility and iterative phases. That provides our managers with closer control over the development work while also giving them more visibility over the entire process. This is essential for better planning and execution and to reduce the time to market for the product.

          • Clients that trust BairesDev for their tech needs enjoy high-quality results. That’s because customer feedback is key in our agile-driven process. That way, you’ll be more closely involved with the development, which will bring the product closer to your expectations and will align it better with your overall business goals.

          • Everyone involved has reduced risks. Agile was designed to better accommodate new needs and emerging changes. That allows us to correct course and make modifications to the original plan without jeopardizing the entire process. Also, agile is better to identify bugs throughout the development stages, meaning that your final product will be more robust and have fewer vulnerabilities.

          Shift Your Thinking To Start Your Next Software Project

          At BairesDev, we employ Agile design thinking in all our clients’ projects. We know that this mindset, combined with our high level of talent and expertise in software development, will bring our partners quality results, along with reduced risks, faster time to market, and a greater return on investment. Client satisfaction is always our top priority.

          Interested in working with a nearshore development team that relies on Agile in its approach and represents the Top 1% of Tech Talent? 

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