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Nacho De Marco

Nacho De Marco

Nacho De Marco is the founder and CEO of BairesDev and General Partner at BDev Ventures. Beginning with bootstrapped investments, he led the company to become the largest and fastest-growing software corporation in the world. He is also the author of "IT Outsourcing to Latin America."

Biz & Tech

Here are my thoughts on the journey of BairesDev through 2020.


“BairesDev’s established expertise with remote work has allowed the company to continue business as usual in these difficult times.” The trend is clear: remote work is in the spotlight. As more and more regions continue to enforce lockdowns due to the coronavirus outbreak, many companies used to the good ol’ brick and mortar are visibly [...]

Biz & Tech

Made popular by Github, ChatOps is a collaborative powerhouse of transparency and open discussions among teams working toward a common goal. The software tool uses chatbots to track the latest updates regarding tasks and works in progress. Staff members log into conversation-driven DevOps to view assignments and deadlines while sharing common concerns and solutions in a [...]

BairesDev - Nearshore Software Development Company

I wrote about the benefits of outsourcing before, and how it lowers costs and increases efficiency. For software as a service (SaaS) companies, the competition is increasing, and businesses must find a way to meet market demands. Outsourcing allows them to do this. SaaS is quickly becoming the single most popular method of software delivery for customers around [...]

Methods To Fight Spam

If you own a website you know this: Spam is a true nightmare. Long gone are the days when only big sites were targeted with spam related to its services or products in an attempt to draw their customers. Nowadays, spambots will indiscriminately target any site regardless of its size, reach, or content. There are [...]

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Software Outsourcing

From cost-effectiveness to IT Talent, Latin America software outsourcing has caught the eye of businesses worldwide.

Staff augmentation software outsourcing team at work

Staff augmentation and outsourcing are both cost-effective and viable solutions for IT managers working towards meeting performance goals and deadlines at different phases of development....

Software outsourcing team at the office
Biz & Tech

More Results in Less TIme Software outsourcing is a budget-friendly way for IT companies to augment staff and fully develop applications in less time. A...

Software developer working in hybrid app development

Going Hybrid for Mobile The use of mobile devices has risen dramatically. According to GlobalWebIndex, 80% of Internet users own a smartphone. Yahoo’s Flurry Analytics...

Globe showing Latin America and Software Developer Working at an Office
Biz & Tech

Regional Hubs and Global Expansion All across Latin America, regional hubs are sprouting up to help US- and European-based businesses expand globally. These companies are...

Business team preparing for software outsourcing project
Biz & Tech

The State of Software Outsourcing Software outsourcing is on the rise. Both large- and medium-sized organizations increased outsourcing IT budgets this year, and 37% of...

Laptop and document showing the economic impact of the software industry
Biz & Tech

Tracking the Growth of the Software Industry Recently, Software.org commissioned The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to complete a study that tracks the growth of software’s...

Group of people considering types of contracts to outsource software development
Biz & Tech

Two Main Models When outsourcing software development, costs and payment structure is typically top-of-mind. Clients want to have a full understanding of how they will...

Developers working on Staff augmented projects

Setting Staff Augmentation Goals Companies use staff augmentation as a way to supplement a team, usually adding team members with special skills that are unavailable...

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