Articles by Paul Azorín

The Business Case for Customized Software


How a Diverse Team of Developers Can Help Accelerate Growth


10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Software Development Team


Should Your Company Permanently Adopt Remote Work?

Diversity in Tech

How Diversity is Driving BairesDev’s Growth

Data-driven company

4 Don’ts to Become a Better Data-Driven Company

Pandemic industries

Top 5 Industries Strengthened by the Pandemic

App development stages

What Are the Stages of an App Development Process?


Staff Augmentation for the Internet of Things

Female ecommerce owner working during covid 19

Does COVID-19 really benefit Ecommerce?

Male software engineer working on python developing trends on laptop and PC

Python Development Trends for 2019 and 2020

Software Developer Using JavaScript Frameworks

The 6 Best Javascript Frameworks Today


Data Science and the Outsourcing Advantage

Software developer working on cyber security

Cybersecurity: The Role of Software Outsourcing

Female developer looking at chat bot mobile application

A Look at Chatbot Software Outsourcing Trends

Development team working on competitive strategies

5 Ways to Help Development Teams Remain Competitive

Group of people working with a Site Reliability Engineer

Does Your site need a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)?

Software developer using smart phone to work on decentralized apps

Why Businesses Should Care About Decentralized Apps

Developer using code to build working software

Top Testing Techniques and Tools to Build Software

Software developer using Open Source Software on a bright office

Open Source Software & Working With Outsourcers Using OSS

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