How Diversity is Driving BairesDev’s Growth

Being a diverse company has allowed us to build teams with multiple perspectives, enhanced creativity, and a growth mindset.
February 1, 2021
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Diversity in Tech

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Since day 1, BairesDev has been committed to working with the Top 1% of IT Talent in the Americas. To do so, we developed a strict recruitment process that allows us to pick only the very best from a vast applicant pool of more than 1,2 million annual candidates. And today, that process is powered by Staffing Hero™, our AI-based proprietary recruiting solution that provides us the most precise results possible.

What’s the point of all this? To show our obsession with talent, which is a part of our DNA. That’s not a minor thing, as being focused exclusively on talent hides a powerful premise behind: that we judge our applicants based on their hard and soft skills not on who they are or where they come from. That’s a key aspect of BairesDev and an essential part of the growth we’ve been experiencing since 2009.


Challenging Biases for Over a Decade

When BairesDev first started, most people were skeptical about working with remote and distributed teams. How were we going to keep a tight communication with each team member? How were we going to align different people from different countries? What about ensuring proper collaboration between them in the first place? Sure, people looked at us in disbelief, so we had to overcome numerous challenges.

There were several keys to go over those obstacles but one of the most important ones was right there, in the model we’ve picked to work. By hiring talented software engineers from different parts of Latin America, we didn’t just bring technical knowledge and years of experience in the software development industry – we also brought different backgrounds and fresh perspectives together.

By going beyond different biases ingrained in the industry and perpetuated by old working models and methods of recruitment, we were able to form diverse teams with the best professionals in the IT industry. Doing that cemented the path to our growth. How come? Different people brought wildly different perspectives and ideas to the table in each of our projects. From that diversity were born a lot of innovative takes that let us create value for our clients, their projects, and our internal process.

In fact, hiring people from all over the Americas allowed us to enjoy 3 main benefits:

  • Diverse Perspectives. Our talent-focused recruitment process has led BairesDev to become a global company with over 1,500 team members distributed across 27 countries. Each and every one of those professionals comes from a different walk of life, contributing their unique views of the world to our projects and thoroughly enriching them.
  • Enhanced Creativity. Have you ever seen a diverse group of talented people all working in the same direction? It’s like lightning in a bottle! Talented professionals don’t just settle for the first thing that comes to mind but rather question and challenge themselves, knowing that they can always come up with something new. Thus, diversity has enhanced BairesDev’s creativity, because our team members are always pushing their boundaries. 
  • Business Growth. Diversity is a crucial aspect of BairesDev’s growth because of those perspectives and the enhanced creativity resulting from it. Yet that isn’t just a perception – studies show that diverse teams can impact business growth through increased yearly growth in market share and by helping open new markets for companies. 


A Lifelong Commitment

Since our eternal search for talent has led us to build diverse teams, we are committed to maximizing the ways in which we can guarantee further diversity.  Our recruitment process is constantly adjusting to prevent biases, and we are also continuously trying to come up with new ways to help talent thrive while ensuring opportunities for all.

The first place where that has a direct impact is on recruitment itself. We don’t just work on Staffing Hero™ to perfect its AI-based decisions, we also push for internal recruitment efforts that encourage our team members to refer the candidates they see as perfect for us and we reward referrals that lead to successful hires, especially when the candidate comes from an underrepresented group in the IT industry.

But that’s not all. We also aim to help the communities in which BairesDev is present. We do so by supporting organizations that make a positive impact by providing tech education, tools, and services to different groups in their respective countries. Doing that is our way to contribute to creating a world with opportunities for all because we believe that when talented people have the possibility to thrive, we all grow as a society.

That’s why we’ve organized Giveback Program, our ongoing donation program that seeks to secure donations on behalf of our clients to different non-profit organizations. So far, we’ve helped Girls Who, Child’s Play, Benetech,, and several local sports and community clubs, among many others. The idea of Giveback Program is to bring tech to those that can’t access it otherwise, ensuring that anyone with an interest and a nascent talent can develop a career in tech.

Doing that increases the diversity of voices in the tech industry which is the ultimate goal we’re aiming to achieve. That, again, is because diversity can bring a lot of benefits, not just to tech companies, but to society as a whole. 

Naturally, we know that we have to keep doing more – and that’s precisely what we’ll do. BairesDev has taken a lifelong commitment to diversity and is constantly thinking about new ways of guaranteeing that diversity. Because, even if our obsession with talent has helped us create diverse teams, there’s always something else we can do. That’s the path we’re on right now – the path towards growing even more not just as a business but as a social actor that should always have diversity as a main priority. 

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