Whitepaper: How to Get the Most Business Value Out of Artificial Intelligence Solutions

AI and Business value Whitepaper

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Artificial Intelligence is an often misunderstood field, especially by companies that are not too familiarized with its applications. However, in 2020, it is not possible to ignore the colossal amount of business value this technology can provide. Most industries, if not all, are already benefiting from AI—and, at the same time, they are witnessing its disrupting effect in their respective business landscapes.

The ultra-competitive market created by the globalization of software services has served as the ideal environment for the popularization of this technology, making it easily accessible for organizations of every size. Now, it seems more important than ever to understand AI and its implementations. 


What will you learn from this whitepaper?

This whitepaper is targeted towards business leaders with a keen interest in artificial intelligence solutions, but who still have some unresolved doubts regarding its implementation and performance measuring. Therefore, we will start by taking a close look at essential concepts that help you understand what is AI and how it impacts the business world. The key point here is that artificial intelligence is just a tool—what creates real business value is data and how we use it

Following this, we will inspect various models for measuring and creating value from artificial intelligence. It is worth mentioning that these models are not a one-size-fits-all solution. They all tackle the subject from different angles and are used for different applications. We will, of course, cover all of this in detail so you can apply them to your particular business context. Here’s an extract of the three Value Generation Models we will analyze:


Value Generation Models

  • The Cognitive Model: This model, based on a study performed by IBM, understands the value of AI solutions from a cognitive perspective—hence, the name. Here, we will learn how AI is used to maximize the cognitive capabilities of humans, increasing our ability to create business value.
  • The Result and Impact Grid: This 2×2 grid classifies AI solutions by their primary functionality (Type of Result) and their intended financial contribution (Type of Impact). In a business context, the Result and Impact is an ideal tool to define clear starting points for measuring the value of AI implementations, as well as its future implications and goals.
  • A Customized Approach: We also added a customized approach to measuring AI value based on our experience in the field. This model is based on an AI business strategy that aims towards creating customizable, automated, and augmented services. The model begins by analyzing the Value Generation Cycle (VGC) and proceeds to determine the automation and augmentation capabilities of the AI solution.

Finally, we will walk you through a three-step guide for implementing value-oriented AI strategies within your organization. Just like any other business strategy, this begins with putting the intangible fundamentals in place. Here, we will teach you how to prove the value of an AI solution, how to propose it and get support from your colleagues, and how to spread a technology adoption culture within your company. 


Embrace AI in 2020

We understand that AI has never been as trendy as today, and it is easy for many to fall for common misconceptions and uncertainties. And, while implementing a successful AI strategy can be quite challenging for any organization, we can assure you that it is worth all the trouble. If you think about it, this free whitepaper can be your first step towards creating an AI-driven organization or the missing piece for scaling your current AI solutions. Needless to say, we certainly design it that way. 

It is up to you to make 2020 the year you embrace artificial intelligence and maximize the value of data. With today’s market being more tech-driven than ever, leveraging business strategies on technology is the most efficient way to boost the market competitiveness of your business. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary knowledge to understand, adopt, and run AI solutions in a business context, while also getting the most value out of them. 


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