6 Benefits of Nearshoring Healthcare App Development

June 17, 2020
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The healthcare industry is one of the fields benefiting the most from custom software development. We are talking about telemedicine solutions, patient data management, accurate predictions, and much more. In this context, nearshore software development services have come up as the best way to quickly develop high-quality software solutions. 


What is Nearshoring?

There’s one fact that all IT companies (and all companies, really) have to deal with: the best software engineers are not located in one single city, nor one single country. IT talent is widely spread around the world, and it’s very difficult for any organization to attract and retain talented developers. That’s exactly why outsourcing development to a nearshoring company has become such a common practice. 

Nearshore software development or “Nearshoring” is a service provided by IT outsourcing companies that share the same or very similar time zone with a client. Through it, any company can get immediate and cost-efficient access to expert software engineers. Latin America, for example, is a great nearshoring choice for US companies that want to take advantage of the technical know-how, favorable cost, cultural fit, and faster team staffing of the region. 


Nearshore App Development for Healthcare Companies

As I said before, the healthcare industry is no stranger to nearshoring app development. Some of the most successful healthcare software applications today have had the support of outsourcing services in one way or another. Gennev, for example, used nearshoring to improve its front-end interface design, site reliability, scalability, and application maintenance.

From my experience, I would say that these are the 6 main benefits of nearshoring healthcare app development.


1. Access World-Class Talent

Talent is definitely the key ingredient behind any high-quality healthcare software. A Nearshore development company will find, evaluate, and hire the best developers in the region to maximize the quality of your projects. This way, your app development project will have immediate and seamless access to world-class software engineers, allowing you to reach goals faster and more cost-efficiently. 


2. Fill Temporal and Specialized Positions

Healthcare applications tend to require a more complex development cycle, since all solutions must be fully compliant with HIPAA, ICD-10, ISO 13485, DICOM, and several other industry standards. This means that healthcare projects often require to fill highly specialized or temporal positions that don’t attract top developers. By nearshoring, your healthcare app can access on-demand talent based on project and time requirements.


3. Transferred Workload

Companies that provide healthcare services know how resource-intensive it is to keep everything running smoothly. Nearshore development takes the weight of software development off your team’s shoulders, so your team can focus on saving lives and nurturing health. Outsourcing IT solutions can actually increase the efficiency and overall performance of your entire in-house team.


4. Reduced Launch Times

In healthcare, timing is a major part of competitiveness. When applications take too long to launch or update, it’s easy to fall behind the market. Software outsourcing companies leverage their distributed teams of expert software developers to deliver faster results and overcome the workforce fluctuations of the IT industry. This way, you can launch impactful applications on-time and without comprising software quality in any way. 


5. Minimal Technical Risks

Just like patients prefer experienced doctors, healthcare enterprises prefer nearshoring companies with proven industry expertise. The technical and operational know-how of experienced nearshoring companies guarantees faster problem-solving and minimal downtime for every app development project. This will also keep your app protected from malicious attacks and system malfunctions, regardless of complexity. 


6. Reduced Labor Costs

Building an in-house app development team is not only expensive, but also takes a long time and strays healthcare companies from their core business. On the contrary, nearshoring app development bypasses all the weeks of candidate sourcing, interviews, and training – and that’s without mentioning the added labor costs like insurance, benefits, or buying the necessary office supplies. You can have your project running from Day 1 and not worry about cost-effectiveness.


Is Nearshoring the Right Move for You?

Nearshoring is clearly a smart move to develop high-quality applications on a tight deadline. There is no substitute for having immediate access to top software developers. If you want to take your healthcare services to a new level, powering your services through technology is the way to do it. From simple web application development to big data IT infrastructures, nearshore software development can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful app deployments. 


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