Software development companies in Los Angeles

August 1, 2017
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Get the Best Software Development Experience in Los Angeles 

When it comes to finding the best software development companies in California, you only have one place to look for – Los Angeles. LA might be known as The Entertainment Capital of the World but it could also be known for having one of the most bursting software development scenes in the United States and the world. 

It might not be Silicon Valley but the service from a software development company based in Los Angeles (CA) can be just as good as the Bay Area’s. How so? Because developers in Los Angeles have the same or better experience and skills as the ones you could find in San Francisco, San Jose, or anywhere else in the United States. Here you can find professionals for any technology project for your company, from web design for an application and ecommerce setup to cloud computing consultancy.

It might be hard to find a good partner among the many startups and enterprises that offer software development in Los Angeles. Unless you find BairesDev first, that is. We are a custom software development company in the United States that can help you with desktop tools, a mobile app, or a website. 

Our happy United States customers are proof of the value our service is able to deliver. And we can do so based on the hard work of our development teams, which are comprised of the Top 1% talent in the market. That way, we make sure that any project you might have in Los Angeles benefits from the very best technology professionals that can get you results for your growth.


Efficiency, Quality, and Results for LA Companies

We can tackle any project you may have in mind. That’s because we provide a wide range of services for established Los Angeles and United States-based companies, startups and enterprise clients alike. We get on board all our projects with the same objectives in mind – being efficient, doing high-quality work, and providing results. BairesDev offers you the following:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Software Testing & QA Solutions
  • Cloud Computing Systems
  • Web & Mobile App Development
  • IT Maintenance and Support Technologies
  • Blockchain Consulting
  • Data Science Technologies
  • Internet of Things Services
  • UX/UI Design
  • MVP Development


On-Demand Solutions to Fit your Needs

As a technology company, the people at BairesDev are used to deliver following the dynamic pace of our United States clients. So, it doesn’t matter why you are seeking out a Los Angeles software development company – we will adapt to your specific needs. To do so, we offer you 3 different approaches to best fit into your strategy.

Dedicated Teams Focused on Your Success

A dedicated team will let you tend to your core business tasks while they design the custom solutions and services you want to keep working in your growth. We provide you with the best technology talent across Los Angeles agencies and businesses thanks to our distributed approach, which allows us to work with elite talent without limiting ourselves to a particular location. Thus, we offer you a team of pros that can seamlessly integrate with your Los Angeles office to boost your project.

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Staff Augmentation to Bridge your Talent Gaps

Certain clients don’t need an entire external team to reach their goals – but they can surely use a specific service at some point or the other. That’s precisely what we offer you with our Extended Teams approach. You just need to tell us what specific skill or technology you’re lacking in your Los Angeles staff and we’ll give you the proper talent to fill in the gap. Thus, you’ll get the expertise and experience you need to scale your apps on-demand. 

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End-to-End Software Outsourcing for Full-cycle Development

Maybe you don’t have an IT team in Los Angeles (CA). Maybe you do, but want them to focus on other activities, like your mobile app, web design or a new product for your clients. Whatever the reason, if you need to outsource to one of the software companies in Los Angeles, BairesDev is right for you. Our technology teams work with different programming languages, tools, and frameworks for different businesses. They have developed everything from mobile apps and website applications to ecommerce platforms and complex AI solutions. 

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The Top 1% IT Talent, at your Service

The reason why we are one of the best software companies in Los Angeles and the United States is that we work only with the most talented software engineers in the industry. We are sure of that because we use a custom application process that’s strict by design which allows us to identify the true pros from the crowd. Thus, we can offer you access to guaranteed expertise, skills, and experience to secure your success.

At BairesDev, we receive more than 240,000 applications per year. Filtering them out is hard work, but we use our tech-driven strategy to pick only a handful of them for interviewing and evaluating. After that phase is done, we end up with the Top 1% among them all. 

Our selection processes apply to all BairesDev trusted employees. But it’s worth noting that we put a special emphasis on selecting our team leaders. Thus, we only look for senior software developers with more than 10 years of working experience to become our leaders. That’s the way we make sure our Los Angeles customers get what they hire us for – exceptional quality for their products. 

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Want to be as happy as those Los Angeles clients? Then don’t hesitate anymore. You won’t find any other software development company in the United States or outside that can match the great quality of BairesDev.

If you truly want results, high quality outputs, and on-demand talent, then contact us right now. We’re eager to hear how we can help you build your next big thing, be it with mobile consulting, UX design, or AI engineering. 

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