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Known as Silicon Prairie, Dallas, Texas, is home to some of the top technology firms and tech experts across industries in the USA. But even the talented Dallas workforce can use outside help developing custom software products and augmenting the work of their specialists, app developers, and other team members. 

If you’re looking for a software development company in Dallas, Texas, consider outsourcing development to a nearshore partner. BairesDev’s team has the technical skills, years of experience, and professional demeanor to meet your software development and IT needs. Looking to build a mobile app? Creating an IoT device? Our experts will improve productivity and efficiency as they facilitate your projects and deliver custom software solutions.


Software Development for a Variety of Companies

Solutions for Dallas’ Top Industries

Dallas, TX is one of the largest cities in the United States. With companies in business sectors like defense, finance, transportation, and telecommunications, it’s no wonder that the demand for custom software development services and consulting is high.

Fortunately, BairesDev’s specialists have experience working with clients across numerous industries. We deliver development solutions and services — from cloud platforms to data systems to mobile applications — to every type of business.

Companies of All Types and Sizes

BairesDev’s developers cater to a wide range of clients, help you provide better services to your customers and consumers. As a consulting firm, we’ll work with you to build your product or system, taking into account the scope and type of project, such as an application. We’ll also discuss your preferred process methodology and code platform, the experiences and knowledge of your existing team, and other factors to come up with the best strategy for your business.


Custom Business Solutions

Software Designed for You

As a custom software development company, BairesDev will focus on delivering an application, product, or system that meets your requirements and specifications for success. The team is usually comprised of a project manager, a product manager, SW engineers, a QA testing professional, and other roles as your project demands, who’ll be developing the product according to your specifications.

Part of the custom software development strategy and system means utilizing the Agile Methodology. We’ll work autonomously to develop and deliver your platform, mobile app, web page, or other product. We’ll keep you informed, consulting with you to provide your agency with updates at every stage of the process, whether you’re building a website or application. 

Meanwhile, we’ll take into account your feedback and make adjustments accordingly, whether that involves changes to the web design, new code, alterations to the mobile web app, web page architecture, or something else.

Augment Your Existing Technologies or Workforce

If you have an existing IT or custom software development team already in place, our model allows for integration with your employees to increase efficiency and help you build your product, whether it’s an application or web design layout, to ensure the project’s success. 

BairesDev only hires the top 1% of engineers, and they’ll work with your developers in Dallas, Texas, to determine the services, systems, and help you need and execute them accordingly. Your company and existing staff can focus on other business priorities while working alongside our team to improve efficiency while maintaining high standards of quality.

Scalable Software Solutions

Our solutions and services — including analytics platforms, web applications, and other technologies — are fully scalable. Whatever technology you’re looking to build and code, from apps to cloud software, we’ll work with you to ensure that the platform and architecture we develop meets your needs. We’ll also assist you with integration, and put your project’s success as our ultimate goal.


Your Dallas Technology Outsourcing Partner

Mobile Applications, Cloud Solutions, Mobile Web Design, Data Repositories, and More

Looking for development companies? 

Does your company need mobile app development? Web development services? Another tech solution? BairesDev is here to help you. We’ll work with you to find a methodology that suits your company philosophy, the scope of your project, code of choice, and more. We’ll analyze what skills your team needs assistance with and fill in the gaps. You’ll be able to track the status of your project through every stage of the process thanks to our project management tools and systems.

Nearshore Location

If you want a Dallas custom software development solution, consider nearshore outsourcing. BairesDev is headquartered in Argentina, just a three-hour time difference, and we have employees based all over the United States. 

With years of experience and quality service under our belt, our dependable professionals speak English with high proficiency and deliver superior services. You can rest easy knowing your mobile apps, analytics systems, and other products are in good hands through every stage of the process and that their success is our priority.


Contact Us

BairesDev is a premier consulting software development company Dallas companies can trust, offering reputable and quality service. 

Want to try out our services for yourself? Contact us today to help you create your next great application, facilitate your UX design, test code, and more.

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