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Our Software Testing and QA teams work as an independent division within BairesDev, with over 60 experienced QA Engineers on board that have successfully completed more than 120 QA outsourcing projects.

We deliver stand-alone and integrated testing services to various customers from software product startups to larger corporations, providing supreme quality assurance through a deep understanding of your business goals and applications.

Quality Assurance allows for a better control of the quality of the application, makes the evaluation of the product’s compliance with the original requirements fast and easy and provides valuable insights into end-user impressions of the product.


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    QA Consulting

    Documented analysis of your project along with fact-and-experience oriented recommendations.

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    Full-Cycle QA

    From the requirement analysis through the development, implementation, and maintenance of solutions.

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    Various types of clearly structured documents for different target audiences.

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    Test Automation

    Custom test development plus out of the box test automation solution selection to create the optimum combination based on goals, technologies, and infrastructure.

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    Software Testing

    Web, desktop, mobile applications or server-side systems – we create a comprehensive testing mix for each application to ensure consistent high-quality.

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    Pre-Certification & Compliance Testing

    PCI DSS, Section 508, UK and European accessibility standard, etc.


Quality Assurance is integrated by a series of activities and methods organized through the whole product life cycle to guarantee the efficiency of the development process. That software is developed according to defined specifications. In other words, it is a thorough and systematic approach to testing that focuses on preventing bugs and looking after the overall final product quality so that it matches customer expectations.

On the other hand, software testing involves different processes to identify quality, security and adequate system operation. These checkups guarantee software functionality and allow to fix any arising defects. QA engineers define testing protocols and software testers follow them through, searching for issues before the product is released to market.


Software Testing & QA

Anticipates Fatal Issues

Problems that arise with certain software, especially with those that operate with sensitive data, can lead to communication breakdowns, massive blackouts and data leaks. Testing and QA makes sure there is no room for errors.

Saves Money

Prevention is key and early detection of bugs and issues avoids great costs further along the line. It is much more expensive to fix problems when the development process is advanced, or even worse if the product is finished.

Focuses On Unparalleled User Experience

UX ensures the delivery of flawless software: simple, easy to use, intuitive, free of errors and efficient. A detailed testing process will guarantee customers are presented with a valuable, reliable and highly-interactive end-product.

Inhibits targeted attacks

Continuous testing maintains and upholds software security, eliminating weaker pieces of code and errors. Reliable and trustworthy products should always be a priority.

Prioritizes Client Satisfaction & Quality

QA and testing boost your company’s commitment to outstanding quality and effective results. Quality software that gets the job done and even exceeds expectations is the path to satisfied customers and a high client retention rate.


Data Science

Unit Testing

Unit testing refers to developer level testing and it occurs prior to further processes that are carried out by other testing teams. It is an essential step as it ensures code functionality. It can be carried out manually, but automating this process provides a more efficient environment.

Integration Testing

Units have to be tested integrating them into larger modules and groups that carry out designated tasks, making sure they do so accordingly. These tests are often performed in user scenarios, and they can be done by both developers and independent testers.
Custom Software Development

System Testing

System testing involves evaluating the system as a whole, guaranteeing it works in compliance with its requirements. This task includes end-to-end functionality testing and is carried out by a specialized team before it goes live.

Usability Testing

This method assesses an application’s UX from a consumer’s point of view in order to maximize its performance.

Security Testing

Crucial in today’s high-risk environment, these processes actively look for possible issues, errors and glitches that could eventually prove to be harmful, safeguarding your final product.
Mobile & Web Development

Compatibility Testing

These techniques ensure software is correctly supported across different platforms, operating systems and environments, guaranteeing compatibility.

Performance Testing

This includes various testing techniques to evaluate responsiveness and system behavior:

  • Spike testing: Determines how software will respond to simultaneous and significant system activity.
  • Endurance testing: Aims to understand how your system behaves when confronted with prolonged usage.
  • Load testing: Evaluates if the system can manage what it’s required to do.
  • Stress testing: Focuses on discovering your software’s failure points.

BairesDev - Extended Team

Acceptance Testing

This is the last stage of functional testing performed to double check that the final product is in accordance with pre-established criteria and client expectations. QA testers are major players at this stage, but it is also crucial to involve end-users in order to obtain valuable feedback, crucial to delivering a satisfactory product.


Certainly all projects, no matter their scope and size, can benefit from QA and thorough software testing, as it guarantees a remarkable UX and top-notch security conditions. Even when changes are made on the back-end of the software, QA testers can make sure that the front-end remains functional and unchanged.

Continuous testing throughout the whole development cycle is a strategic way to detect errors that prevent critical issues further along, and to deliver high-quality solutions.  



It is common for in-house staff to lack the time or resources needed to lead the required comprehensive testing. This is why various companies rely on software testing & QA outsourcing to boost the quality of their products trusting the expert overview of specialized professionals.

Outsourcing QA should be a strategic decision for your business. There are numerous benefits when outsourcing software & QA testing, that go from reduced costs to delivering an enhanced product to the market. These include:

  • Working alongside dedicated teams of the industry’s top talented software engineers, ready to start with your project on cue.
  • Improving your project’s productivity and performance.
  • Boosting your product’s security and reducing inherent risks.
  • Maintaining oversight and control collaborating with a flexible business partner.

Contact us and let us know about your company, your outsourcing needs, or your planned projects.