Nacho De Marco

Chief Executive Officer

Nacho is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at BairesDev. Responsible for defining and implementing long and short-term plans, ensuring the successful management of the company and setting future strategy aimed at positioning BairesDev as the #1 Technology Services company in the region.

Nacho became Project Manager for Google soon after graduating, working on some of Google's most ambitious projects. After that, he moved to Australia to be in charge of Strategy & Implementation for Kapsch, a leading tolling company. In 2009 he decided to use his expertise in managing ambitious technology projects to create BairesDev.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering as well as a Master of Business Administration and is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. A native of Argentina, he now calls San Francisco home. Nacho is the author of "IT Outsourcing to Latin America", an Amazon-exclusive book that analyzes the Software Development market in Latam. He is also a Forbes Technology Council member and a thought leader in the Software Outsourcing industry.

Pablo Azorin

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Azorín is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer at BairesDev. He is responsible for coordinating the technology department as well as the Presales team. Paul also leads the Marketing and Communications team and works passionately to communicate the identity and values of the company.

A Developer by trade, Paul led a software development team at Hewlett-Packard and was a Project Manager for Electronic Arts and Nike before founding BairesDev. He was always recognized as an Agile Methodologies Evangelizer and a developer with a keen eye for business opportunities. Noticing the potential for Latin American Software Exporting, he decided to start BairesDev.

Paul holds a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and is self-taught in several programming languages. With over ten years experience working as a Software Architect, Paul still holds a love for development that transfers into everything he does.

Fernando Galano

Chief Strategy Officer

Fernando Galano is the Chief Strategy Officer at BairesDev. He is responsible for defining the company’s strategy as well as designing plans for continuous improvement and management control.

Fernando was a software developer for several multinational tech companies before becoming a Project Manager leading a large team of game developers at Electronic Arts. Soon after, he became the COO of a local Argentinian software development company where he was in charge of the entire company's operation, with more than 200 employees. In 2011 Fernando joined BairesDev and spearheaded the drastic growth of the company, raising its standards of production and embedding maximum efficiency into its work ethic.

Fernando is regarded as a thought leader and a sort of mathematics genius, with a passion for data science and statistical analysis. He obtained Summa Cum Laude a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering and graduated from a Master's in Economy within the dean's list.

Facundo Molina

Chief Business Officer

Facundo is the Chief Business Officer at BairesDev. His main goal is to secure the company’s formidable growth pace while improving sales processes and overall experience of leads and current clients.

At the young age of 10, Facundo started programming Basic and Assembler and when he was 17 he founded his first company, On-Line Systems, an application venture that helped develop his IT sales skills. A developer by trade, he has worked for several big companies across the region on business and sales related leadership roles.

Facundo holds a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering, as well as studies in Project Management and Business Administration.

Pablo Chamorro

Chief Revenue Officer

Pablo Chamorro joined BairesDev with more than 20 years of consulting, management and sales experience in the information technology industry. He is now responsible for leading and developing the sales department while passionately continuing to increase our revenue.

During his 17 years at Unysis, Pablo rose through the ranks to become South Cone Regional Manager and eventually Latin America Sales Vice President, where he reinvented the Unisys Transaction Manager Product with worldwide implementation.

Pablo is a Systems Analyst and holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science, as well as studies in Finance, Business Process Optimization, Ethics, and Leadership Development.

Rocio Belfiore

Chief R&D Officer

Rocio is the Chief of Research & Development Officer at BairesDev, in charge of all internal software development including ERPs, Big Data projects, business intelligence algorithms, and email marketing campaigns. She manages several specialized teams of Developers, QAs, Data Analysts and DevOps.

Rocio taught herself C/C++ at age 13 for a programming contest and started working as a freelance web developer at 16. Since then, she’s been a Tech advisor, Math & Programming contestor and co-founder of a Virtual Reality Startup. She enjoys hiking, trekking and believes in exploring, not tourism.

Rocio holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Ezequiel Ruiz

VP of Talent Acquisition

Ezequiel is the VP of Talent Acquisition at BairesDev, responsible for implementing our vision at all levels across the Talent team. Ezequiel leads the strategy and development of all processes encompassing sourcing, recruiting and staffing.

He is a senior Developer and Manager with over 12 years of experience leading development projects and building effective and motivated teams.

Ezequiel has a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and expert knowledge on the most popular programming languages.


Damian Scalerandi

VP of Operations

The VP of Operations is the head of the Operations team and responsible for the entire customer relations life-cycle. He organizes and oversees the daily operations of our company and is the one to ensure that our business is well-coordinated and productive by managing its procedures and coaching its people.

The area of responsibility for this role is very wide and thus requires a thorough knowledge of various company processes. The VPO is able to plan many different kinds of operational activities, monitor and manage performance and client satisfaction by developing KPIs and processes.

The goal of the VPO is to safeguard and augment the efficiency of the company’s operations to facilitate accelerating development and long-term success. It is a front-line position, dealing with prospect, new and old clients, visiting them on-site to close deals in support with Sales Team or define new approaches to improve the performance with current Clients.

Edward Batten

EVP of Growth

As Executive Vice President of Growth, E.B. is responsible for the strategic growth and maturation of BairesDev's presence across the entire continent. E.B. brings over a decade of leadership in a variety of revenue generation capacities for high-growth organizations in the technology space. He has a soft spot for manufacturing and engineering IT, public sector and emerging technology markets.

E.B. leads BairesDev's NA based Sales team and our Business Development department. His charter includes the enterprising pursuit of new clients, partnerships and opportunities for growth as well as the development and management of the organizational structure to support these efforts. Ultimately, he is here is to accelerate BairesDev 's evolution as a bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, happier company; ensuring the same results for our stakeholders.

Based in Greensboro, NC, E.B. is a graduate of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Luis Paiva

Head of Client Services

Luis is the Head of Client Services, responsible for developing long-term client relationships through coordination of a team of senior Account Managers. He works together with our Operations, PMO and Staffing teams to implement the best practices in the industry to best support our client’s projects.

Luis possesses solid experience in Service Management for the Tech industry and has focused his career in leading high performing teams while fostering an open and positive work environment.

Luis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering as well as studies in Biomedical Engineering.

Diego Espada

Head of PMO

Diego is the Head of PMO at BairesDev, in charge of enhancing project operations and guiding the integrity of Development practices through the exponential growth that the company has experienced in recent years. He works across all development areas, ramping operations and ensuring every team applies our methodology.

With twenty years of experience in software development, Diego specializes in leading outsourcing teams. He has managed teams from Edinburgh, Madrid, London, Paris, and Buenos Aires and is a faithful advocate of Agile Methodologies and founder of the platform Octavo Piso.

Diego holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration.


Lucas Hendrich

Director of Technology

Lucas is the Director of Technology at BairesDev, responsible for assessing technical challenges of current projects and determining the adequate teams and approaches to the problem. His aim is to develop internal processes to ensure our teams provide the highest quality of software delivery.

Having worked in technical research and training for several companies in Boston and New York, and co-founding the Optics-based platform “GitBetter”, Lucas has the vision and tools to face the specific and complex programming challenges that our teams face daily.

Lucas holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Brandeis University and is certified in Agile management and Lean Six Sigma.

Guillermo Carreras

Director of Delivery

Guillermo is the Director of Delivery at BairesDev, responsible for ensuring successful delivery of BairesDev engagements with a specialized focus on Digital transformation solutions and Agile development.  He works across PMO, Sales and Technology areas providing end-to-end alignment on building, implementing and delivering the right solution.

Guillermo has more than 15 years of experience managing multiple teams across the globe on digital implementations for the Financial, Manufacturing, Retail, and Health industries, amongst others.

Guillermo has a bachelor’s in Software Engineering and is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Michael Maschwitz

Marketing & Communications Manager

Michael is the Marketing & Communications Manager at BairesDev, in charge of defining and implementing the global strategy for Branding, Press and Communication. He leads the Marketing & Communications team which supports all areas and provides a voice and face for the company.

Having directed several Digital Marketing agencies, as well as led Hewllett-Packard’s Digital Marketing Team for Latin America, Michael has a keen eye for following trends and communicating strategically; two needed skills in the ever-changing Tech world. Certified in Agile Project Management, Digital Media, Digital Shopper Marketing and Big Data applications to Communications, he works to share the BairesDev mission with the world.

Michael has studies in law and holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, as well as a Master’s degree in Marketing & Communication.

Gabriela Galano

Administration Manager

Gabriela is the Administration and Finance Manager at BairesDev, responsible for coordinating the several teams, including Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Travel and Relocation, Facilities, Legal and Subsidies Division. Her work ensures that the organization’s activities and support services run smoothly and efficiently.

Gabriela holds a bachelor’s degree in Administration and Finance and, as a Senior Consultant for companies in the IT industry across the region, she is an expert in her field.

Fernando Davila

Sales Operations Manager

Fernando is the Sales Operations Manager at BairesDev, responsible for the qualification and assignment of leads to the sales team. His team provides strategic insight, data analysis and support needed by the sales team. With ample experience in managing large IT projects for several multinational Tech companies, Fernando has the expertise to process and use the large amounts of data needed for our sales teams to be efficient in an ever-changing landscape.

Fernando holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Elsa Bouilhol

Chief Recruiting Manager

Loli Bouilhol is the Chief Recruiting Manager at BairesDev and manages our 70+ recruiting team, which performs the crucial job of going through the 240k applications we get each year to select the Top 1% developers that will join our company. Loli has to regulate this intense applicant flow and ensure the correct application of our strict recruiting methodology.

With a degree in Law, she has worked for over eight years in the IT Recruiting business for several countries from Latin America and the United States. With her knowledge of the market and acute insight of both the developer's and the client's needs, she has proven the ideal person to lead our recruiting process.

Leonardo Pardo

Continuous Improvement Manager

Leonardo is the Continuous Improvement Manager at BairesDev and works to evaluate, design, execute and monitor our key internal processes. He collaborates with all departments to drive the improvement and efficiency of our workflow and methodology. His main goal is to implement programs that will have a lasting benefit, raising our deliverable's quality while reducing the time and resources used in their creation. His task is essential for us to remain at the top in such a competitive market.

He is a skilled manager with vast experience in functional analysis and automatization, user experience, problem identification, and requirements assessment. Through his team, he's a hands-on evangelize for the 800+ developers working at our company.

Leonardo has degrees in both Computer Engineering and Automatization & Control. He later did specialized studies in System Analysis and Science & Technology.

Natalia Rodriguez

Staffing Manager

Natalia Rodriguez is the Staffing Manager at BairesDev. She manages the team responsible for finding each new candidate's ideal position, client and team, on a very delicate process that combines in-depth technical matters as well as business needs and team composition. She also leads the area in charge of our technical interviews which ensures every new employee meets our rigorous knowledge standards, and supervises the constant revision and updating of our more than 50 Developer-oriented exams.

Natalia holds a degree in Computer science and a PhD in Geographic Information Systems. She has over 14 years of experience working on the industry for some of the biggest companies in Argentina.

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