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What to look for in Java Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing to a Java development company opens access to new talent, increases efficiency, improves security, and generates effective results.

One of the key points to secure those benefits is having a reliable firm capable of providing dedicated teams that deliver high-quality, custom-made solutions. Thus, you can rest assured that you’ll integrate the latest methodologies and in-depth experience into your internal processes to develop the features your project needs.

Ultimately, it’s important that your outsourcing partner provides the technical and operational know-how that results in overall cost savings, time savings, greater flexibility and a more efficient workflow.

Custom Enterprise Solutions by the Best Java Developers

The business world  has rapidly become more tech-driven than ever before. Companies of every size and industries partner with a Java Development Outsourcing Company and leverage their expertise to implement technology solutions that accelerate their digital transformations.

At BairesDev, we work with the Top 1% of Tech Talent to create high-quality software solutions for our clients. Our goal is simple: to innovate and create the most impactful software in the most efficient way possible. No matter the size or complexity of the project, we have a Dedicated Team ready to help you achieve your goals. 

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Java Developers Hiring Guide

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  • Interview questions
  • Job Description

Java Development Outsourcing Services

We offer a wide range of Java development services to cover all your software needs. From building powerful mobile and web apps to implementing full-fledged enterprise software solutions. Through the use of Java outsourcing services, our developers are ready to drive your digital acceleration and deliver customized software solutions that support your business goals and streamline operational processes. 

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    Custom Java Application Development
    No company is the same, which means no software solution is the same. We create custom Java applications that match your business needs and goals. From simple desktop or mobile apps to full-fledged management systems, our Top 1% of Java Developers strive to create high-quality solutions that put you over the competition.
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    Cloud-based Platforms
    Using a microservices architecture, our Java Developers create containerized apps that run on the public or private cloud of your choice. We provide all the consulting and staffing solutions necessary to accelerate your digital transformation and get your cloud project running from Day 1.
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    Migrations and Integrations
    Leave your legacy systems behind and jump-start your operational capabilities with our migration and integration services. As a Top Java Development Company, our work is driven by the top architects and developers in the field. They will take care of all upgrading aspects to make sure your data, business logic, UI, functionalities, and source code all work perfectly in a newly improved system.
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    Mobile & Web Applicatons
    Java web development services and mobile solutions have become quite popular in recent years. The reliability, flexibility, and security of powerful Java frameworks like Spring make the language the perfect choice for creating interactive and engaging mobile and web applications.
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    Enterprise Applications
    Implementing the right Java enterprise application within your business will transform the way you tackle core operations and attract new opportunities. Java outsourcing companies provide technologies like BRM, BPM, and real-time distributed processing, all of which are giving businesses a competitive edge in the currently tech-driven market.
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    Java Consulting
    Our expert Java consultants work with your decision-making team to advise you on the right Java technology for your company. We will help you find the ideal Java solution and architecture with the precise capabilities to achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible, from conceptualization to development, implementation and maintenance.

Working with BairesDev on your Java Development Project

At BairesDev, our Java outsourcing services take care of your entire development process. Helping you navigate through the different stages, from ideation to launch and maintenance. Our team is highly proficient in aiding companies to get the most out of their development experiences.

Furthermore, our Java developers will add value across the entire development lifecycle. 

Our process consists of the following stages:

Project Analysis

We meet with you to discuss your idea, your goals, and your requirements. We then analyze the size of your Java project, its complexity, your desired timeline, and the available resources, among other criteria. Then, our Java experts define which is the best development model.


Project Definition

Next, we create the project specification, a detailed brief that covers the project’s scope and scale. Additionally, we provide you with the development and implementation plan for our Java services. 


Team Matching

Guided by the project specification, we start gathering the Java engineers that will make up your development team. We use Staffing Hero, an AI-driven solution developed by BairesDev, to search our engineering databases for those candidates that better match your project’s requirements. 


Project Development

The Java team begins developing the product itself following the agreed plan, meeting deadlines, and providing predefined deliverables. Through an agile-driven approach and the latest Java tools, we ensure you have a smooth development process that has plenty of room for your feedback and that leads to a high-quality result.


QA Testing

To guarantee the highest quality in all our Java development projects, we use QA and testing practices throughout the development lifecycle. That allows us to minimize the issues and vulnerabilities in the final product while ensuring a reduced time to market.


Product Launch, Support, and Maintenance

Lastly, we help you deploy the final product and provide you with support and maintenance services to make sure that users don’t have any problems. Additionally, you can always contact BairesDev for implementing new features or make adjustments to scale up and enhance your offering. 


Java solutions for every industry

At BairesDev, we provide high-quality Java development services to meet all your needs, whichever they may be.

We have a proven track record of exceptional performance tackling Java development projects for mid-sized businesses and large enterprises across multiple industries.

Some of the sectors that have picked us as their preferred Java development company include:

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Our Tech Stack for Java Projects

With work with only the Top 1% of Java Developers. All highly skilled in the latest technologies, tools, and methodologies. That means that our engineers are comfortable working with a wide spectrum of Java frameworks and related web technologies that allows them to deliver robust and high-performing solutions.

Thus, our Java developers confidently work with our Java tech stack, which includes the following:


This is an object-relational mapping (ORM) framework that’s highly optimized for data handling. Its main strength is working with relational databases and paradigm differences.

Google Web Toolkit

GWT is the perfect tool when our Java developers have to focus on UI design rather than on scripting. That’s because GWT takes Java code and turns it into browser-friendly packages that help scale-sensitive app development.


Apache Spark is a data processing framework that’s perfect for solutions that have to perform intensive processing tasks on large datasets. Thus, it’s the perfect tool when working on big data and machine learning projects.


Struts is an enterprise Java framework that has a centralized configuration and that helps in reducing development times. It also offers simplified testing and it’s easily expandable through plugins, which turn Struts into a good option for Java developers.


This modular and lightweight framework is highly versatile and our Java developers use it for many different projects. It boasts an MVC architecture, top security features, and can be used on specific project layers or across the entire scope. It’s a swiss knife.

BairesDev’s tech stack goes beyond these technologies to cover database tools such as MySQL and MongoDB, cloud computing solutions Kubernetes and Docker, and the testing platform Selenium.

Our Java Development Application Scope

We are a Java development company ready to handle projects of all sizes. Our engineering team cover the entire development scope, including:

  • Custom Java Application Development

    High-quality solutions fully tailored to your requirements.

  • Cloud-based Platforms

    Containerized apps that use a microservice architecture and run on public or private clouds.

  • Mobile & Web Applications

    Engaging big data focused mobile applications for Android. Web-based apps and components, from media servers to data analytics.

  • Java Development Consulting

    Expert advice on Java solutions, architectures, conceptualization, implementation, and maintenance.

  • Enterprise Applications

    Comprehensive company-wide systems such as BRMs, BPMs, and real-time distributed processing systems.

  • Java Migration and Integration

    Thorough legacy system upgrade through architecture development and new features integration.

Why Outsource Java Development

Java outsourcing has become ever more popular considering the widespread adoption of the language for the development of a variety of projects. As a result, there is an increased demand for experienced Java developers which, in turn, drives up the need for Java outsourcing services.

Outsourcing Java development allows you to work with specialized engineers who brings in fresh perspectives that enrich your projects while quickly adapting to your requirements. In addition, outsourcing helps lower development costs while giving you access to a larger pool of tech talent.

The benefits of working with a Java Development Company

Java outsourcing optimizes your company’s time-to-market, by leveraging the efficiency delivered by dedicated teams and the expertise of your Java development company.


Java’s large and comprehensive ecosystem gives you access to high-quality APIs, massive libraries, and powerful frameworks that speed up development and launch time.


Distributed computing

As a distributed language, Java programs support the involvement of multiple computers under a single network. This a great solution for Big Data and Analytics projects.


Platform Independence

Java’s interconnectivity is made possible due to the fact that it´s platform independent. This opens up many possibilities for developing powerful software in a large-scale approach.


Cost Efficiency

Immediately access the world’s top talent in Java development services and avoid the risks and costs of creating an in-house Java development team from scratch.


Getting Started with Java Application Development

If you are contemplating the decision of working with a Java Development Company, it is essential to find the right match for you. As a starting point, consider your project’s schedule, identify your available internal skills and resources, define your budget, and establish clear goals and outcomes.

At BairesDev we can develop your product from start to finish, or handle individual segments of the process for you.

We offer world-class software product development services from requirements and systems analysis, architecture and design to development, testing, migration, and deployment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a Java development project depends on several factors, including the project’s scope and complexity, the required tech stack, the number of Java developers needed, the engagement model itself, and many other aspects. That means that, without knowing the project details, it’s impossible to determine the cost of a specific project.

What we can say, though, is that you shouldn’t just worry about costs when choosing a Java development company. You have to aim for a provider that balances affordability with high quality, something that reputable companies like BairesDev can offer you.

Our Java engineers have vast experience in creating all kinds of applications using this language. Thus, we can create MVPs, custom applications, web and mobile apps, and enterprise systems. We can also help you migrate legacy software and integrate them with newer technologies through Java.

BairesDev’s experience with Java comes from years of working with clients across many industries. We have a proven track record of project completion with businesses from the fintech, healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries, to name a few. We have done so much Java work that chances are we can tackle your project without problems.

Yes, you can. BairesDev’s Java development services cover the entire development spectrum. That means that you can hire an autonomously managed Java development team to take care of the entire project, collaborate with a team of Java developers to help your in-house team with a part of the project, or ask us to search for specific roles to augment your own Java team.

For more information about our services, please visit our services page and be sure to navigate through the Dedicated teams, Staff augmentation, and Software outsourcing pages to learn what we can do for your Java projects.

Java has been a mainstay for many development projects for more than two decades. That’s because Java can be used for a wide number of purposes with impressive results. It’s no surprise, then, that huge companies like Google, Netflix, Uber, Spotify, eBay, and Goldman Sachs all have used Java to develop their applications, systems, and solutions.

Given that software development is a complex endeavor that has many stages, there are many tools that take part in it. What’s more, there are different approaches to Java development itself, which translates into different choices by different developers. That means that it’s impossible to pick a single Java tool as the best.

That’s also why a reputable Java development company always has an engineering team that’s experienced on a wider tech stack, as to cover the many development possibilities available. That doesn’t mean that the Java development community doesn’t have its favorite Java tools, some of which include Spring, Hibernate, Selenium, Maven, JUnit, VisualVM, and Mockito.

The BairesDev team has deep knowledge of all of those tools and plenty more, so you can rest assured that we’ll always choose the perfect toolset for your specific project.

Of course! Though Java isn’t as popular as it once was, it’s still considered one of the most popular programming languages around. It has always been closely associated with web development and mobile development, thanks to being one of Android’s official development languages.

However, Java’s general-purpose programming nature and “write once, run anywhere” approach makes it possible to use it for virtually any digital solution you can think of, whether a desktop app, a big data platform or an Internet of Things application.

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