Software Outsourcing Trends

In the decade that we’ve been operating as BairesDev, we’ve seen the software outsourcing industry evolve in many ways. Standard development practices have made way for new technologies and more agile approaches to software outsourcing.

We’ve seen the demand for IT outsourcing maintain steadily since the Millenium as the wider business landscape has become more digitized. With an increasing number of startups and established companies alike choosing to outsource their software development, new trends are emerging all the time.

According to Statista, the total contract value of the IT outsourcing market worldwide is now worth $62 billion USD.

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The Demand for Software
Outsourcing is on the rise

what is offshore outsourcing

In recent years, the software development industry has experienced a skills gap with companies finding it increasingly difficult to hire talented developers. As a result, the demand for software outsourcing has increased, with businesses choosing to work with specialist providers remotely.

Not only does software outsourcing improve the efficiency of a development project, it frees up company resources, provides flexibility, mitigates risk and importantly, improves the overall quality of the product.

As Statista reports, the global market for outsourced services has risen from $45.6 billion USD in 2000 to $85.6 billions in 2018. This trend provides us with an indication that software outsourcing will increase in the coming years as companies seek quality control and efficiency.

Latin America is becoming
an Outsourcing Hotspot

Latin America is one of the most rapidly-growing regions for software outsourcing and BairesDev is its fastest-growing outsourcing company. We work with over 1,400+ specialist developers, all of whom are within the region’s Top 1% IT Talent.

Countries like Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Colombia are at the forefront of the region’s outsourcing industry. Universities in Latin America have a strong focus on technology and digital skills and produce talented graduates in IT and Computer Science.

Companies from all over the world are choosing to outsource their software needs to Latin America and the region has strong links to the United Kingdom and the United States. With every outsourcing project, communication is key. With Latin America’s high number of English speakers, the region is a popular outsourcing destination for the English-speaking world.


Customers expect High-Quality over Cost

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Outsourcing has always been a cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time staff and this remains true today. Cost, however, is becoming less important for companies making outsourcing decisions.

According to the National Outsourcing Association’s report Outsourcing in 2020, product quality is more of a driving factor in outsourcing than cost reduction. Companies are increasingly placing more emphasis on customer experience, improved security and business expansion when it comes to outsourcing development.

Outsourcing Providers are seen
as Invested Partners


Software outsourcing companies are no longer seen as ‘developers for hire’. Today, companies see outsourced developers as strategic business partners who can help grow their business and enhance their market reputation.

To stay ahead of competitors, companies need to continually innovate and bring new products to market. Outsourcing development ensures that projects are completed efficiently and launched on time.

Ambitious companies are placing offshore software developers at the forefront of their business models to get ahead in the marketplace.

1.2 million applicants each year
Work with the Top 1% of the market
Access world-class software development teams

Companies seek Specialist
Outsourcing Providers

With the speed at which technology evolves, the demand for specialist software developers is always high. Even companies that employ their own developers can benefit from working with an outsourcing partner with specialist expertise.

We’re currently seeing a trend in the number of small, boutique software startups that specialize in one or two specific industries or technologies. As more outsourcing companies narrow their focus and start to specialize, it won’t be unusual for companies to work with several specialist providers.

At BairesDev, we’re a full-cycle software outsourcing company. Since 2009, we’ve been providing customized development to clients in a range of industries. Our ability to provide a full service gives us a competitive edge and makes us stand out from the crowd of smaller companies.

For example, we assist leading Hispanic media company Univision with software development for all of their corporate and public applications, which includes more than 50 sites.

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A Demand in Outsourcing for Blockchain and The Internet of Things

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) starts to take hold in the wider business landscape, more companies are using the services of specialist software provider. IoT enables businesses to learn more about their customers and how they use their products. As a technology, it provides companies with significant financial opportunities.

At BairesDev, we have a division dedicated entirely to the development of Internet of Things software and we’re currently working with companies in a range of different sectors, not just technology.

Similarly, as blockchain starts to make inroads into general business activities, the demand for blockchain developers will steadily rise. According to market research firm IDC, worldwide spending on blockchain is expected to reach $11.7 billion USD by 2022. With companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM becoming more involved in the technology, the trend looks set to grow.

As a decentralized public ledger, blockchain is changing the way that people share data and do business. At BairesDev, we offer full blockchain services to help companies work smarter and improve security.

An Increase in Demand for Cloud Outsourcing

The rise of cloud technology has seen a significant increase in related cloud services. As more business move to the cloud, there will be a need for increased security, the migration of management tasks and application inventory software.

Cloud services now account for one third of IT outsourcing and companies worldwide are set to increase their spending in the technology over the coming years.

At BairesDev, our cloud outsourcing services enable businesses to be more flexible and increase collaboration. By reducing storage costs and the complexity of IT infrastructures, companies can access, share and edit documents from anywhere in the world.

Cybersecurity is a Top Priority

Cybersecurity affects almost every business. At BairesDev, we’re seeing more clients requesting security to be built into their products as a priority. As cyber threats continue to cost businesses billions of dollars each year, security and compliance testing is in high demand in software outsourcing.

With cyber security skills currently lacking in the software industry, companies are finding it difficult to hire appropriately qualified staff to manage cyber threats. Software outsourcing helps companies bridge this skills gap by providing access the top cyber security talent in the world.

At BairesDev, we stay ahead of the latest software outsourcing trends. Find out how we can help make your development project a success.

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