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We work with their team developing and evolving their educational platforms.
Instructure Case Study BairesDev

Developing Innovative EdTech Platforms

Instructure’s mission is to help move learning and growth forward, with platforms that simplify teaching, learning, and career development. The company wants to help people grow from the first day of school to the last day of work. They create intuitive products that simplify learning and personal development, facilitate meaningful relationships, and inspire people to go further in both their educational journeys and their careers.

As creators of Canvas, an e-learning platform; Portfolium, an online platform for student folios; and Bridge, a learning solution that helps companies train their workforce, Instructure has more than 2,000 universities, school districts, and institutions around the world using their products.

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With solid technical knowledge, our teams develop their products with a keen eye for improvement and bug solving, aiming for the highest quality in an agile environment.

Their Needs

Instructure needed support maintaining and improving their products incrementally, focusing especially on the development of Canvas and Bridge, two of their proprietary solutions.

Our Expert Solutions

BairesDev’s team of expert engineers works fully integrated with Instructure’s internal team developing and evolving their educational platforms, Bridge and Canvas. The Canvas Learning Management Platform helps schools and districts address the unique challenges facing their students’ development. Meanwhile, Bridge helps provide employee development on every level, including career development, and employee engagement.

With solid technical knowledge, our teams develop their products with a keen eye for improvement and bug solving, aiming for the highest quality in an agile environment. The product team identifies the customer needs, then discusses and shapes the project, and works iterating with the Product & Design teams. We focus on keeping a large codebase up to date with the latest technologies and growing a well-tested list of features.

“BairesDev is a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and adaptable development partner. Their main strength lies in the fact that they are a better cultural fit for clients in the US, being from South America. They also know how to push back and ask questions when appropriate, which provides added value.”

Matt Mecham
Program Manager at Instructure

Technologies Involved in this Project

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What sets us Apart

Our fully qualified and highly-efficient React, Java, and Node. js engineers in, work with Instructure as part of our Staff Augmentation service. With this model, you can bypass every speed bump related to sourcing, recruiting, and retaining highly-skilled software engineers by working with on-demand talent that increases your team capacity and adds value immediately.

At BairesDev, we only work with English-savvy world-class IT talent that offers proven results with a holistic and experienced approach, always prioritizing cybersecurity and guaranteeing an ideal workflow with professionals available in your same time zones.

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