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Building tech solutions for the increasing demands of the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is going through a major revolution. Thanks to AI, big data, and other technologies and practices, healthcare providers can now offer more sophisticated treatments with better outcomes. What’s more, this phenomenon is fostering a near-constant evolution of healthcare as a whole.

There are plenty of companies playing a major role in this transformation. IQVIA is one of them. Known as The Human Data Science CompanyTM, the company is a world leader in using data, technology, advanced analytics, and expertise to help customers drive healthcare and human health forward. With a network of more than 74,000+ experts serving customers in more than 100 countries, IQVIA is leading the global market of associated laboratory and analytical services.

IQVIA relies on a vast tech and expert network that connects its capabilities and talent with its clients. But that complex infrastructure, along with the new demands and requirements from the healthcare industry, calls for ongoing improvements while providing ways for better overall services.


Flexibility at scale for the healthcare solutions of tomorrow

IQVIA invests heavily in developing best-in-class tech solutions to better support its wide expert network. But maintaining and improving the infrastructure to do so isn’t easy. There are numerous challenges from the operational and technical standpoints—and that’s without considering those related to the talent needed to tackle those challenges.

The need for in-depth knowledge in digital solutions, the call for stronger capabilities to scale, the pressure to become more agile, and the shortage of highly skilled professionals were just some of the obstacles IQVIA had to overcome. It became abundantly clear that the company wasn’t going to meet those demands without help.

That’s why IQVIA partnered with BairesDev—to instantly access the talent they needed to achieve operational flexibility and improve some of their most critical digital assets.

Key expertise to scale critical products

IQVIA had a capable and talented team in place but their growth objectives and the amount of work to be done was overwhelming them. That’s why partnering with BairesDev turned out to be a strategic move for them, as it provided them with the muscle they needed to tackle key projects and attack the backlog while still being able to focus on other important areas.

After assessing those needs, we built the perfect team of React and Salesforce engineers to help IQVIA develop a series of critical React components for 2 of their most important platforms. We leveraged StaffingHeroTM, our proprietary AI-powered team-building suite, to match the Top 1% of Tech Talent with IQVIA’s specific needs.

We also adopted design system development practices to work on front-end design while minimizing inconsistencies. Our team used agile methodologies to develop a set of deliverables that are more than just technical components—they ingrain a vision of how the solutions should work in alignment with IQVIA’s vision.

What We Delivered


BairesDev provides amazing development and design resourcing, along with best in class account management support. We were able to speed up product design and delivery while reducing our costs. BairesDev has been hands down the best vendor decision my team has made.

Adam IsleyDirector of Digital Strategy at IQVIA


React know-how for a reimagined experience

Our Delivery Team worked on the React components according to the specifications provided by IQVIA’s design team. Once the team completed those components, we implemented them in 2 of IQVIA’s solutions. First, there was Transparency Reporting, a global transparency reporting solution, that we helped reimagine. Through the design system approach, the team led the user interface to comply with IQVIA’s standards while making development easy and fast.

Then, we implemented the React components on SmartSolve, a powerful platform for compliance to scale quality systems. In this process, we performed a migration process to fit the components with the front-end.

In both implementations we used Zeplin, a design collaboration tool that allowed us to work with detailed visual specifications for the new components, which are then developed in React.

Technologies involved in the project


The Result

Improved user experience for critical solutions

The project consisted on using a simplified development process to build a more modern, intuitive, and friendly user experience for both products. After we completed the project, the new React components started helping IQVIA scale its digital environment.

The solutions ended up being more cohesive, better integrated with their overall environment and better aligned with IQVIA’s look and feel. Additionally, the renewed user experience provides significant advantages to both Transparency Reporting and SmartSolve users.

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