Rolls-Royce’s nuclear division works with data analytics, engineering, and support services to provide competitive solutions for nuclear power plants.

BairesDev was selected to develop a more efficient and user-friendly app platform for monitoring Power Plant data in real-time.

This app gives users immediate access to sensitive data and allows them to create local alerts and receive mobile notifications when specific values fall between a customized range. 

As a result, Rolls-Royce’s team has real-time information and off-site monitoring for effective decision making, while optimizing User Experience and prioritizing cybersecurity.

Technologies involved in this project

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Brad Mabry

Product Manager at Rolls-Royce
Repeat business is the best testament to a team’s ability to perform, and I have no hesitations hiring them again. BairesDev rapidly catalyzed significant momentum towards achieving the objectives. Their developers demonstrated pleasant collaboration style paired with high-level acumen. Leveraging a sophisticated array of technology made for a smooth and productive partnership.”

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