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BairesDev helped by developing solutions to meet the needs of thousands of major banks, credit unions, and fintech infrastructure providers around the world.
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Developing Secure and Powerful Banking Software

Xtensifi is a consulting firm with a unique focus on creating and bringing innovative digital financial solutions to the market. Since 2009, Xtensifi has provided extensive strategic consulting and technical execution services to various banks, credit unions, financial services providers, and other organizations, powering their success with fintech innovations.

Today, Xtensifi’s approach includes the use of a proven innovation process model that can be consistently applied across projects. Their experience spans not only research, user experience design, and business strategy, but also architecture and management of successful software development projects.

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BairesDev’s Top engineers developed custom Node.js applications Xtensifi’s banking system. We developed feature-rich platforms designed to cover their entire processes and improve the experience for their customers and employees.

Their Needs

As a leading fintech company that focuses on innovation, Xtensifi knows that it takes excellence at both strategy and execution to succeed—and that, behind all of that, there needs to be a tech-driven team that knows how to leverage the most powerful and reliable technologies available.

In this project, Xtensifi partnered with BairesDev to receive support to develop an innovative financial operations platform (including features like ATM maps and financial calculators) offered as a SaaS for Credit Unions. This was a challenging project that required expert talent in financial technology—and that’s exactly what was delivered. 

Our Expert Solutions

BairesDev developed Node.js applications for its banking system, which complies with all required regulations. Our team also developed solutions to integrate Xtensifi’s banking modules into their client’s existing infrastructure.

Creating optimized workflows, our banking tech empowers Xtensifi with feature-rich platforms that cover their entire processes, improving the experience for their customers and employees.

We also focus on improving risk management by complying with regulatory requirements and standards when developing our apps and technology and performing exhaustive QA processes to detect and correct any vulnerabilities.

We also work with experts in UI and UX design to make sure all our finance products are simple, engaging, and satisfying. This is directly linked to increased performance growth results that make a difference in our clients’ key metrics.

Technologies Involved in this Project

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What sets us Apart

BairesDev provided Staff Augmentation services to fill critical roles needed for development with our expert teams working consistently to deliver high-quality results.

We offer tailored solutions for fintech companies regardless of their project requirements. That’s a benefit in and by itself, as the products that come out of the process are tailor-made to suit our customers’ specific resources, strategy, and vision.

We are committed to operational excellence and efficiency in all of the projects we handle. We offer high-end solutions to meet our clients’ requirements and goals, working with Agile and Scrum teams that have the technical expertise as well as in-depth knowledge of the trends and regulations to ensure our software’s compliance with them.

We only work with the Top 1% of engineering talent that goes through a strict selection procedure. We collaborate with teams with more than ten years of field experience that can step up and provide world-class tools to meet the highest standards of our clients.

Get a dedicated Delivery Team Powered by Technology and Driven by Talent.

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