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What is JavaScript Software Development?

JavaScript (also known as JS) is a high-level programming language mainly used to create and control website content. It is characterized as a lightweight, weakly-typed & object-based scripting language that is more understandable by non-developers.

JavaScript Software Development is used to create interactive web pages with simple or complex functions and designs, and is typically utilized to deliver user-friendly experiences. It is supported by most web and mobile browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera.

The vast majority of websites use JS. It’s one of the most widespread technologies of the Internet, alongside HTML and CSS. This language allows for interactive web pages and is an integral part of web applications; almost every major web browser has dedicated JS engines to execute it.


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Our Custom Solutions

Businesses of all sizes use JS in flagship projects.

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    Web Design and Development
    Web development is at the core of the entire language. From simple web applications to robust websites, our expert Web Design Engineers use the best frameworks to create customized and scalable solutions that match your needs.
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    Mobile Apps
    Using frameworks such as ReactJS and ExpressJS, the mobile application development capabilities are exponential. This means that third-party integration and app customization are fast, high-quality, and incredibly efficient.
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    Server-Side Apps
    Server-side apps are powered by the NodeJS framework. NodeJS allows developers to build complex server-side applications and make the most out of this technology. Modern backend IT infrastructures often include some form of it.
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    Enterprise Applications
    Our enterprise-level solutions are designed to support complex IT goals and far-reaching operational processes. Our JavaScript Software Development Services in this market focus on efficiency, integration, and customization.
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    Our UX/UI design and engineering division provides detail-oriented services that focus on exceeding the expectations of your users by creating stunning, user-friendly designs of enterprise systems, business websites, mobile apps, and all kinds of software solutions.
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    Ecommerce Platforms
    The relevance of e-commerce platforms has scaled overnight. We offer customized, cost-efficient, and rapid-development solutions to get your idea out to the market immediately. We create high-performance, stable, and smart marketplaces that attract customers and generate conversions on the spot.
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    Maintenance and Support
    Get a Dedicated Team of top developers and support engineers that monitor your software 24/7. We also offer immediate issue remediation and risk analysis to keep your business running at maximum efficiency at all times.

What is the difference between JavaScript and Java?

These two get mixed up a lot! However, Java is a completely different programming language,
written and executed differently. 

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    Typed Language
    Java is a strongly-typed language while JavaScript is a weakly-typed language. Strongly-typed languages force you to define code variables with data type restrictions instead of allowing everything. For example, if you define a variable as an integer, you can’t use this variable to store strings. This prevents you from writing certain types of bugs that only manifest themselves during execution.
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    Java tends to have a stronger foothold in terms of Enterprise Applications, while JavaScript is closely related to the latest trends in Web Applications.
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    With Java language, any structural problem with the code becomes apparent rapidly. It can solve issues in real-time as it is compiled before being run. On the other hand, if you are not careful with handling data types, you may find errors during execution.

Benefits of using JavaScript for
Software Development

There are many benefits to working with JavaScript software development services. Here are the highlights.


JavaScript code snippets don’t need to be sent to the server to be processed. Instead, code can be processed using the resources on the user’s system. This allows for lighter, faster, and a lot more efficient apps.


Prepare for code and functions that run immediately. No need to wait for an answer from the server. Also, changes in the UI that don’t react data can be done without additional communication with the server.


JS plays nicely across different terrains and can be used in a huge variety of apps. It can be inserted into any server or web page regardless of the file extension and be used inside source scripts written in other languages.


Open source and extreme popularity go great together. Every major browser and modern website (from Chrome and Safari to Amazon and Google) use it to create convenient and interactive user experiences.


Constant improvement at a rapid pace will be an everyday thing. Ecma International, the governing body in charge of the language, releases updates yearly and keeps it as fast and standardized as possible.

Rich Functionality

Paired with Top JavaScript Software Development Services, the language can be used to create a wide variety of components that enhance the user interface and experience within a website or web application.

The Best and Most Used JavaScript Frameworks

Using JavaScript for software development is tightly linked with using frameworks. From e-commerce platforms to SaaS services and Social Networks, frameworks are present in the most successful projects of any JavaScript Software Development Company.

JavaScript Software Development Services 3



React is a library used for UI development. It is used and supported by Facebook.

React is mostly used to develop mobile apps and browser-based web apps. Its high speed, simplicity, and platform interoperability make it stand out. 

Angular JavaScript Frameworks



Angular is a cross-platform JavaScript framework with an MVC architecture design. 

Angular is great to reduce the workload of a web app by shifting server services to the client side. This makes powerful apps lighter and more efficient.

Node JS JavaScript FrameWork

Node JS

Node JS

Node JS is a runtime environment that combines web application development for any project.

Due to its event-driven architecture, Node JS is mostly used to develop dynamic web page content and server-side scripting applications.

Why are JavaScript Applications
So Popular?

Along with Java, Python, PHP, and C#, JavaScript has become one of the most widespread and fastest-growing programming languages. It is often referred to as the best script language due to its ability to create exciting interfaces and simplify the web application development process. In other words, it is a must-have for any app development project that requires interactive and easy-to-use platforms.

10 Things You Can Build with JavaScript

Thanks to its frameworks, JS is as powerful as it has ever been. Here’s a quick look at
the various software applications that can be developed with JavaScript Code.


Perhaps its most common application, JavaScript-powered websites are all over the internet. With JS, it´s easy to implement highly interactive web design that engages users. Any website built in recent years is using the language in some way.


Web Applications

Both browsers and devices have evolved to support robust web applications — and JavaScript Software Development has too. Think about how Google Maps works for you and how interactive it is. That’s top JS development right there.


Next-Level Presentations

When PowerPoint or Keynote weren´t enough, some people choose to take their presentations to a whole other level. JS can be used to create web-based slide presentations with unlimited possibilities of web design and interactivity.


Server Applications

Among all JavaScript frameworks, Node JS is most commonly used to create robust server applications. In fact, Node JS has been adopted by some of the largest companies in the world to become a key element of their backend IT infrastructure.


Web Servers

Full-fledged web servers are in high demand today and, for many companies, JS has been a great solution for them. The top JS software developers use the MEAN Stack (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) to create modern web server applications.



The gaming industry has certainly exploded in the past few years with web-based gaming at the forefront. Combined with HTML5 canvas, browser-based games have drastically increased their capabilities.



HTML5 has opened up a lot of possibilities for the language. Their creative capabilities have turned the couple into a modern art vehicle. From plane color designs to three-dimensional rendered shapes, the results of digital art projects using this language are truly mind blowing.


Smartwatch Apps

Wearable tech is part of the future of our civilization, and interactivity is perhaps one of its greatest challenges. JavaScript Software Development for Smartwatches is one of the latest and most eye-catching trends in IT development.


Mobile Apps

Off-web development is also one of the many strengths of JavaScript development. With mobile devices being the most preferred way to access the internet, creating interactive and engaging mobile applications should be a priority for any brand.



Yes, when we said off-web development we meant it. JS can be used to program various types of drones and quad copters. Unsurprisingly enough, Node JS is the most used framework for this purpose.


Our services cover the necessities of our clients from start to finish. 

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