What is Java?

An all-terrain, object-oriented programming language

Simply put, Java is a programming language used to develop software applications. As of 2019, it is the most popular in the world, especially because it is open-source and runs on every operating system, following its “Write Once, Run Anywhere” logic.  

Developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, it is quite similar to C and C++, but easier to use and with advanced features.  Today, Java is used to build robust, scalable, portable and distributed full-fledged applications from games and websites to client-server networks and Big Data technology.

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What a Java Program is Made Of

A Java Program is built upon three main components: JDK, JVM, and JRE.


Developers use Java Development Kits to write code and run it through a JRE. This includes a series of tools that interpret, compile, package, and archive all the data in the JDK.


A Java Virtual Machine translates all the code written by the developer to Java bytecode. This way, any machine implement this code according to its operating system.


A Java Runtime Environment is the physical implementation or runtime instance of a JVM. It contains the JVM, libraries, packages, and support files used to run a program.

Types of Applications Developed With Java

As a Java Development Company, our software outsourcing services provide solutions for all types of enterprises. 


Standalone Applications

Just like C++, Java can be used to design standalone apps. These programs run and are stored on independent devices. The data can also reside on a server, giving users access to synchronized data.


Otherwise known as browser-based programs, applets are applications built for the internet. Their design allows them to reside on the servers and be executed on any machine with a Java-compatible web browser.

Web Applications

Every website ever made is based on a web application. Behind the curtains, Java is communicating with the user’s device and telling it exactly how to display all the information written in code.

Distributed Applications

Java applications can also be divided into modules or components, which can run simultaneously on many different devices. These programs communicate and work with each other via distributed processing.

The Benefits of Java

Java development offers various services to companies of all sizes.

  • Ease of use

    Java makes coding easier by removing complexities seen on many other programming languages, such as operator overloading and pointers. It was designed to be a powerful and improved C++-based language that was simple to use and learn.

  • Full Portability

    Java programs work on any machine able to install a JRE—which is basically every machine. This feature, known as platform independence, allows source code to run on practically every network, server or client..

  • Network-centered

    The Java ecosystem is optimized for easy access and management of resources across a network. In the current emerging network economy, client-server and multitier applications are bound to rise.

  • Reliability

    Developers are human, and humans make mistakes. Java was designed with this fact in mind, so it aims to reduce the chance of fatal errors through its object-oriented build. All operations are performed using objects, making Java a robust platform for data manipulation.

  • Performance and Security

    The all-terrain Java architecture means that its programs and scripts are faster, more efficient and are prepared to test any code in a secure environment. The latest releases have focused on giving Java a robust code with reliable error and threat detection protocols.

What Makes Java a High-Level Language?

Java enables programmers to write code in a language they are all familiar with— plain English. Developers can use English-based commands to create computer instructions instead of having to write in numeric codes. This is why Java is considered a “high-level” language, as it is easily read and written by humans. 

And just like English, Java has a set of rules known as “syntax” that determines how all instructions are written. Once a program is ready to run, these high-level instructions are translated into numeric codes that computers can understand and execute.

Outsourcing Java Development

Grasping the full potential of Java and its features requires an experienced team of software developers with specific skills. Today, thousands of businesses choose to partner-up with a Java development company in order to access Top IT Talent for their projects. The technological and industry know-how of outsourcing companies guarantees higher-quality products and reduced product launch time. 

Software outsourcing companies remotely develop part or complete software products according to their client requirements and project schedule. This translates into customized solutions that work for your particular business in your particular environment.

Software outsourcing companies guide their clients through the full development process and tailor their work to a perfect fit for every project.

Getting Started with Java

Java is the most popular software development language in the world—and with good reason. If you are contemplating the possibility of tackling the development of your Java application on your own, we would like to welcome you into the marvelous world of coding. Otherwise, know that outsourcing development is a great option to create high-quality products in a fast and cost-efficient way. 

At BairesDev we can develop your product from start to finish, or handle individual segments of the process for you. We offer world-class software product development services from requirements and systems analysis, architecture and design to development, testing, migration, and deployment. Contact us today.

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