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What exactly are Vue.js development services? Simply put, it’s hiring a team of developers, specifically geared toward developing with Vue.js. The big question is will you find a Vue.js development company in the USA, or other parts of the world? Of course you will. In fact every good development service should offer Vue.js developers. Why?

Because Vue.js is one of the most popular front-end frameworks in the world. The benefit of that is Vue.js developers can be found everywhere. So when you turn to a trusted development service like BairesDev, you can be sure you’ll wind up with a highly skilled and dedicated team ready to build your mobile and web apps. 

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Why is Vue Relevant in App Development?

There are a number of reasons why Vue.js is very much relevant in custom app development

  • Lightweight
    Vue.js is only 18 kb, which means it has an incredibly small footprint.
  • Ease of use
    Vue.js is very easy to understand and start using. And given how it’s used everywhere, there’s plenty of knowledge available as reference.
  • Powerful tools
    Vue.js has been around for over 6 years, so there are plenty of tools available for the likes of testing and even a plugin system to extend the feature set.
  • Virtual DOM
    Vue.js makes use of a virtual DOM which is considerably faster than a traditional DOM.
  • Two-Way Data Binding
    This is adopted from Angular and simplifies the updating of related components and tracking data is updated.
  • Componentized Pieces
    Vue.js treats each piece of a web or mobile app as a component element of the interface, which simplifies the development and makes it easy to reuse code.

Vue.js For Android App Development

Android is the most widely-used operating system on the planet, which means if your business doesn’t have an Android app, you’re behind the times. Vue.js makes it possible to build mobile and web apps that both look and perform as if they were built natively for the Android platform.

That means those apps will perform significantly better than if they were built using a different JavaScript framework. You can’t go wrong with Vue.js mobile app development. Vue.js Android app development is an area that will continue to see exciting growth for years to come.

Vue.js For Web Apps Development

Given that Vue.js is a JavaScript framework and JavaScript is one of the most widely-used languages for building dynamic web interfaces, it only makes sense that this framework is a perfect contender for building web apps. 

Vue.js app development will not only make it possible for your company to deploy single-page apps faster, but to deploy more user-friendly, robust, and dynamic web apps to help keep your business competitive. Vue.js for app development will continue to remain popular, as long as SPAs are still valued by businesses and consumers.

What Popular Apps Use Vue.js?

The list of apps that use Vue.js is a veritable Who’s Who and includes the likes of:

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If you’re not already using Vue.js for app development, you’re behind the curve.

Outsource Vue.js Developers For Your Company

If your company doesn’t have a dedicated Vue.js development team, it’s time to create apps with outsourced teams. You can use a third-party service (such as BairesDev) to hire a single developer, a team of developers, or multiple teams.

Hire Vue.js Developers

When you go with a third-party development team, it means your company doesn’t have to worry about the drawn-out process of vetting software engineers. BairesDev engineering teams consist of the Top 1% of Tech Talent to guarantee exceptional results. All of our bilingual software engineers have vast experience working with the latest technologies on the most challenging and innovative projects in the market. 

Vue.js Developer Tools

Some of the more popular Vue.js developer tools that can be used include:

  • Vue CLI – the command line interface for Vue.js.
  • 2 Bit for Vue – makes it possible to share and collaborate on components across repositories.
  • NuxtJS – adds features like Google Analytics, getting PWA benefits and sitemap generation.
  • Vuex – centralizes all state management.
  • Vue-router – makes it easy to map site application URLs to individual components.
  • Vuetify – helps you build beautiful applications with Vue.js.
  • Axios – third-party library for building Ajax requests.
  • Vue Apollo – makes it easier to implement GraphQL with Vue.js

Vue.js Development Company in the USA - BairesDev

No matter where your company is headquartered, BairesDev is there to help. Vue.js development company in the USA has grown by leaps and bounds and is more than capable of delivering outstanding Vue.js-based applications to help your business remain competitive in an ever-growing market.

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