BairesDev contribution to Manzanares Rugby and Hockey club

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Manzanares Rugby and Hockey club is located in a small town called Manzanares, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has more than 300 members among children, youth, and adults who attend and participate in the different activities that take place in the club, such as rugby for adults, youth, and children, and also rugby and hockey for women.

The majority of the club members are low-income families who get close to playing sports, make friends, and learn values. Through rugby and hockey sports, the club seeks to promote essential values ​​in the community: integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline, and respect are the central key values. At the same time, practicing sports, children and youth occupy much of their time and learn to lead a healthy and orderly life.

At BairesDev, we support this organization with regular donations, which are especially useful for the construction of all the necessary infrastructure they need to function, and for the purchase of essential equipment to carry out the different activities.

As a company compromised with society, we believe talent can be fostered in multiple areas and spaces. Sports are an essential part of the development of children, introducing values ​​and teamwork principles that can mold them into independent and capable adults.

We look forward to keeping adding our contribution well into the future of these small communities.

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