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5 Benefits To Recruiting Developers Professionally

Sourcing IT Talent Recruiting software engineers can be an arduous process. To ensure that the recruiting developer process works, you have to employ engineers that...

Ezequiel Ruiz

By Ezequiel Ruiz

As VP of Talent Acquisition at BairesDev, Ezequiel Ruis helps lead team strategy and development while also managing all internal staffing processes.

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Sourcing IT Talent

Recruiting software engineers can be an arduous process. To ensure that the recruiting developer process works, you have to employ engineers that meet your requirements and deliver high-quality solutions, they must be rigorously vetted, a process which takes time and resources.

There are many online communities that feature droves of available engineers, facilitating easy searching for businesses looking for part-time hires. However, these engineers are not necessarily vetted properly; instead, they are often simply listed because they are available for work. Since businesses interested in outsourcing development work are looking to optimize their processes and their product quality, leaving out a proper vetting process makes either of these goals almost impossible.

Fortunately, there are companies that recruit their talent before they feature them in their hiring community. Thanks to a rigorous hiring process, these companies ensure that their clients in need of development solutions only spend time interviewing candidates that meet all of their initial project requirements.

If you’re considering using an online solution to hire development talent, then read the five benefits of working with an agency that recruits and vets IT talent.


1. Save Valuable Time

On average, it takes 52 days for businesses to fill a job opening. For companies with an impending project, 52 days of vetting applicants can take a toll on the product result by sacrificing useful working hours, available teammates, and company funds. Furthermore, there is never any guarantee that top talent can be found during this process.

After weeks of searches, companies may need to settle for the engineer that stands out from the batch of applicants, rather than contracting an engineer that meets the project’s requirements. In fact, according to a survey by Indeed, almost 86% of employers said they find it challenging to find and hire technical talent, with over 36% saying they find it “very” challenging.

Using an agency that vets their IT talent, businesses can receive top candidate recommendations that meet their needs. The stressful search process is left to the professionals, so businesses can focus on collaborating with skilled professionals.

“I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person.” Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.


2. Scale Quickly and Efficiently

Companies that need to scale quickly need to contract skilled developers that have availability to take on a project. Often, when companies find themselves in this position, they hire any engineer available, but that person may not have the proper skills to complete the project, which, in the end, makes time to market slower.

Organizations that recruit top IT talent have engineers with specific skillsets ready to start projects when needed. These pre-vetted candidates have already been through multiple exams, interviews, and technical challenges to properly evaluate their skill level.

Such a thorough vetting process results in an ideal group of available talent so when a client comes calling in search of technology services they don’t waste time networking with talent that is unavailable. Availability and quality are always assured when professional recruiters are involved.


3. Earn a Positive Company Reputation

Recruiting talent can be a huge endeavor that can drag on longer than applicants are willing to wait, especially when there isn’t a professional hiring process in place. Many companies that take on the recruitment process leave candidates waiting for extended periods of time. In the IT industry, there are so many available jobs offers that candidates don’t have to wait for a response from your company and most don’t. Handing over the responsibility to professional recruiters increases the chances of a positive collaborative experience that doesn’t leave either side waiting for long.

With the professional recruiters handling the hiring process, the company and their outsourced talent can focus on the collaboration. Successful results can foster future collaborations with in-demand talent.


4. Be Proactive

The time organizations save with a pre-vetted talent pool allows them to dedicate more time to assess if a developer is compatible with the team culture and if they would be appropriate for future projects. Evaluating candidates thoroughly with a recruiting company means organizations can start planning ahead and optimize production.

Companies can better plan time to market and future projects knowing they have the talent ready and capable of working efficiently.


5. Ensure A Greater ROI

The standard in-house hiring process can be costly with no guarantee that the results will meet a company’s expectations. Comparatively, deferring to a solution that ensures collaboration with the best in the IT industry, greatly increases the chances of a higher quality product. Not to mention, many recruitment agencies have their hands in talent pools with lower hourly rates.

For example, popular outsourcing regions like Latin American work with more reasonable hourly rates than the US or Europe. Companies can work with the best and at a more budget-friendly rate.

Ultimately, with the IT industry continually booming, companies that don’t expedite and optimize their processes will lose out against their competitors. Incorporating the technology services of third-party companies that recruit their talent pool professionally provides businesses with a significant competitive edge that gets them to market faster with a top-quality solution.


Is your company ready to outsource technology services? Visit Bairesdev.com and learn more about our services. 

Ezequiel Ruiz

By Ezequiel Ruiz

Vice President of Talent Acquisition Ezequiel Ruiz implements the BairesDev vision across all levels of the Talent team. Ruiz also leads the strategy and development of all internal sourcing, recruiting, and staffing processes to build the most effective and motivated teams possible.

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