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Cybersecurity aimed at Business Success

At BairesDev, we know that in this day and age, cybersecurity is a must for business success. That’s why we offer businesses across diverse industries with our security expertise to power their digital acceleration. From developing robust solutions to enhance your workflow to assessing your development efforts through our consulting services, our security experts can help you navigate any security-related challenges your business might face.

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Our Top Technical Skill Set for Cybersecurity

As technology advances, so do the tools and techniques attackers use to target it. This means that threats are becoming more sophisticated by the minute, which requires security experts to do the same. Long gone are the days when having an antivirus and a firewall was enough to contain most attacks. Today, you need to have the latest technologies by your side to protect your company. Fortunately, you can rely on BairesDev to integrate those technologies with your tech infrastructure. 

We can work with the following security-related technologies:

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing has become an essential asset for most modern businesses, so knowing how to protect it is essential. Thus, BairesDev’s cybersecurity experts won’t just build cloud-based tools for your company - they will also use the cloud’s power to protect those tools and your entire cloud-based infrastructure.

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    Artificial Intelligence

    AI is another huge technology set to revolutionize cybersecurity. In fact, it’s already doing it: there are many AI-based algorithms that analyze systems in real-time to check for authorization, grant access, and detect suspicious activity. You can have all of that and more with the help of our security engineers.

  • Blockchain

    Beyond cryptocurrencies, blockchain is already finding amazing uses. Case in point: the cybersecurity field. Building your own blockchain can help you increase your data transparency, increase your overall robustness, and make it highly difficult to hack, thanks to its focus on cryptography.

  • 5G

    5G is already being deployed across the world and, with it, it brings several new possibilities. For cybersecurity, it means leveraging network virtualization to help manage problems remotely and implementing technologies such as deep packet inspection (DPI) to better scrutinize the data on a network. BairesDev’s developers can use those to improve your 5G implementations.

  • Internet of Things

    5G is also paving the way for the mass implementation of IoT devices across businesses. Using interconnected devices increases the risks for an attack but, by using the IoT wisely, you can combine the processing power of multiple devices for early attack detection and prevention.

Our Experts Certifications

Our software engineering teams are highly skilled in all cybersecurity technologies and best practices, as proven by the following certifications.

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    CCNA Security
    The Cisco Certified Network Associate Security certification enables our engineers to recognize threats and vulnerabilities in a CISCO network, mitigate threats, and develop an efficient security infrastructure.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    EC-Council CIH
    The EC-Council’s Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH) certification provides our teams with the ability to effectively handle post-breach consequences to reduce the impact from both the financial and the reputational perspectives.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    EC-Council ECES
    The EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES) certification proves that our engineers have solid knowledge in cryptography, including modern symmetric and key cryptography basics.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    The Systems Security Certified Practitioner certification demonstrates that our teams have advanced technical skills to implement, monitor, and manage IT infrastructure through best security practices, policies, and procedures.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    The CIW Web Security Associate certification means that our engineers have the know-how to secure a corporate network from unauthorized activity. It covers security principles and skills related to online and network security.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    The CompTIA IT Operations Specialist (CIOS) certification guarantees that our managers can handle IT workflows with a focus on security, business operations, and customer needs.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    The CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist (CSIS) certification proves that our engineers have the skills to support hardware and software systems and protect them from internal and external threats.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    The Security+ certification demonstrates that our team has knowledge of core IT concepts such as network threats and defense techniques, effective security policies, disaster recovery, and encryption standards and products.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    The Project+ certification means that our managers can successfully coordinate small to medium-sized projects, a key skill to lead security-related developments and handle their associated resources.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    The Network+ certification enables our teams to build efficient networks, taking care of all the components involved. Thus, it means our engineers can design and implement networks, configure them, improve settings, and troubleshoot their problems.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    The CompTIA A+ certification proves that our engineers are problem solvers that can take care of issues related to everything from security to cloud to data management and more. It’s a performance-based credential that proves professionals can perform critical IT support tasks.

Collaboration is key

The rising threats in the digital world have put everyone on alert. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, complex, and costly. Preventing them is hard for any company, regardless of their size. That’s why we at BairesDev believe that the key to robust cybersecurity lies in collaboration. For us, that implies 3 things:

Collaboration during development.

Whenever we work on your project, we involve you throughout the entire lifecycle. That means we can better understand your needs, goals, and specific context, which allows us to provide you with high-quality solutions with solid foundations to protect you from specific threats.


Collaboration between experts.

Our solutions result from the collaboration of multiple engineering experts. Our multidisciplinary teams ensure that all aspects of your tech solution are covered and designed with a security-first approach. 


Collaboration for your company.

Finally, we create our solutions to integrate them with our clients’ infrastructure and help them leverage them. We believe that sharing knowledge and resources in-company can provide you with improved transparency and control to better monitor potential threats.


By using this multi-layered approach, we can work on highly secure solutions that can boost your business productivity while reducing the risk exposure to a minimum.

Our Specializations

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cybersecurity. That’s why at BairesDev we meet with you to thoroughly understand your needs and goals so we can design the best security solution for your business.

  • Application security
    Low-quality or insufficiently secured apps can wreak havoc in your company and expose you to attacks and breaches. That’s why BairesDev offers you our application security services. Through them, our cybersecurity experts assess and test the security of your entire infrastructure (including desktop, mobile, and web apps) while providing you with suggestions to improve your overall security.
    Our application security services include:
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    Application code review to fix development bugs and patch vulnerabilities.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Implementation of device management policies and control measures.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Cloud-based app adjustments and reconfiguration.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Website and web apps vulnerability assessment and fixing
  • Network defense
    With teams working remotely and online now more than ever, you need to be sure that your corporate network is as secure as humanly possible. BairesDev engineers can help you with that by applying multiple defense layers to protect it from data breaches, proprietary information theft, DDoS attacks, and more.
    Our network defense services include:
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Integration of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Implementation of DDoS solutions.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Creation of safe email environments through deep integration and configuration.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Implementation of firewalls, traffic security rules, intrusion detection systems, and data loss prevention systems.
  • Intrusion detection
    Breaches are unfortunately too common an occurrence today, which means that you have to be prepared for them from day one. BairesDev offers you our intrusion detection services, which consist of developing a system to monitor your network looking for malicious activity or policy violations.
    Our intrusion detection services can help you with:
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Analyzing incoming network traffic for threats
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Monitoring important operating system files and the accesses to them
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Looking for specific malicious instructions or patterns.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Identifying and alerting about anomalies and suspicious behaviors.
  • Digital forensics and incident response
    Digital forensics implies investigating an attack and recovering the compromised files and resources after a criminal or hacking event. We can help you quickly come back from an attack by aiding you with the restoration of critical systems and understanding the breach to better remediate it and prevent future reoccurrences.
    Our digital forensics and incident response services cover the following:
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Attack surface reduction
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Real-time attack and breach prevention
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Immediate detection and response system development
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Multi-layered endpoint security deployment.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
    Security is more than just using the latest technologies to protect your business – it also means complying with business standards and regulations. Failing to do so can expose you to attacks, fines, and loss of reputation. That’s why BairesDev offers you compliance services to ensure you meet applicable regulations and requirements.
    Our governance, risk, and compliance services include:
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Automated and manual scanning of the IT environment
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Compliance analysis for industry-specific regulations
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Testing for general compliance related to data management

Cybersecurity Expertise with Business Savviness

At BairesDev, we know that security is fundamental for any business strategy. Neglecting security efforts can lead to financial, technical, and reputational losses that end up posing a huge risk for your organization. That’s why we combine our technical expertise and our security certifications with deep business know-how. That provides 2 distinctive advantages:

We know the inherent risks of multiple industries.

We have worked with clients from highly sensitive fields, such as the healthcare, financial, and government sectors. That helped us develop a strategic approach to security that deals with highly specific risks for any given industry.

Our security solutions add value from the first moment.

Our security solutions add value from the first moment. We calculate each new security step depending on your goals, your current situation, and your requirements. We follow a strategic approach to ensure that all your investments pay off from the moment they are deployed.

Success Stories

We have a proven track record in providing sophisticated cybersecurity solutions to clients across many industries.

NetGear Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev developed simple, easy-to-use, intuitive, and error-free software solutions for Netgear, enhancing the user experience of their digital platforms.

Cybersecurity Expertise 2


BairesDev’s expert team carried out the end-to-end design and development of an exclusive and original e-commerce project for Netgear Arlo.

Cybersecurity Expertise 3


BairesDev’s qualified experts assisted Sworpoint in the development of its lead generator app in Xamarin obtaining an outstanding end-product.


Frequently Asked Questions

Building a strong cybersecurity environment for your company calls for a multidisciplinary team that has several skills. Some of the key characteristics a cybersecurity team needs include problem-solving skills to address highly complex threats and technical aptitudes to handle the cutting-edge technologies needed to build modern cybersecurity solutions. 

Aside from that, the best cybersecurity engineers also have a strong knowledge of security across multiple platforms, show keen attention to detail, and boast strong communication skills to easily and clearly report on issues across many levels. Finally, an understanding of hacking theory, knowledge of computer forensics, and a never-ending curiosity are all skills that can boost the efficiency of any cybersecurity team.

Cybersecurity professionals have a main goal that consists of protecting data and systems from being compromised by internal and external threats. As such, cybersecurity professionals need to build and implement systems to prevent attacks, minimize the impact of potential breaches, restore systems after a security-related event, and continuously develop new improvements for the security systems already in place.

As more and more tasks become digital, the duty of cybersecurity professionals becomes more important, especially when it comes to industries with sensitive data, such as the healthcare, financial, and government sectors.

A cybersecurity expert is in charge of analyzing risks and vulnerabilities in digital systems to gather the information that allows them to create strategies to prevent breaches. A cybersecurity expert is a kind of cybersecurity professional, in that they work to prevent unauthorized access, data theft, and file duplication. 

However, cybersecurity experts don’t necessarily work on developing new security solutions but rather focus on the understanding of threats and the design of ways to prevent them from acting.

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