Healthcare App Development

Does Your Company Or Health Institution Need An App?

Although the benefits of healthcare apps are tremendous, some healthcare institutions are still slow in adopting them. This is partially because the benefits of these mobile apps aren’t yet fully understood by those who aren’t super tech-savvy. This, paired with the fact that there’s currently a lack of proper validation practices regarding the application of these mobile apps in healthcare requires establishing before any sector-wide use of these tools. Benefits include:

  • Reliable care for all patients

    A healthcare app provides numerous resources for healthcare professionals and patients alike. These resources allow patients from distant locations to have access to quality healthcare without needing to commute, for example. For individuals residing in rural areas with restricted healthcare facilities, professional clinical help becomes accessible and provided via virtual communication without having to go long distances for an in-person session with a medical professional. Apps also allow for the conducting of regular checkups remotely at a convenient time for both the patients and the doctors.

  • More precise diagnoses

    Healthcare software applications provide access to a wide range of data, medical records, and laboratory tests that help healthcare professionals get a better grasp of a patient's situation via Internet of Things devices. Furthermore, other tools also aid in making the strict calculations for enacting the right treatment. Apps and connected tools reduce the cost of medical errors and help healthcare personnel make better diagnostic decisions that will enable an organized treatment routine. Doctors have the ability to then track the patient’s progress in real time and proceed from there.

  • Secure payment options

    Asking patients to wait in line or visit a website to pay medical bills is gradually becoming a prehistoric practice with healthcare app development. Making various payment options available helps to guarantee that transactions to a healthcare institution are safer and easier for patients.

Medical Application Development Projects That Can Help Your Business

The development of many types of software applications assists healthcare institutions in the management of the well-being of their patients. Healthcare institutions should take the time to explore apps that may help improve their functions for both patients and healthcare providers, such as the following:

  • Pregnancy care apps
    Pregnancy is a difficult time for every woman and maintaining good health is key to nurturing a healthy child. A lot of potential mothers are typically willing to invest in software applications that provide professional health advice and consultations. Some even offer well-planned pregnancy diets and habits considered beneficial to the health of both mother and baby during this vital period. Other features, like professional pediatric and psychological guidance, are also productive strategies that not only help nurses but also generate revenue.
  • Telemedicine
    Telemedicine applications, such as Teladoc, help connect patients and healthcare providers via the internet for patient consultations and appointments. Telemedicine is widely applicable to a variety of different types of doctors and medical needs and became even more widely used during the COVID lockdown.
  • Women’s care apps
    Research shows that women are prone to health issues more than men and this discovery has led to the female population becoming more conscious of their health. The configuration of an ideal women’s care app includes helpful tools such as menstrual cycle trackers, professional psychology sessions, professional gynecology services, and so on. Survey shows that pregnancy care and women’s care are the categories of mHealth apps with the most downloads. An app development project In these fields will assure a considerable generation of income for a healthcare app development company while helping women.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Healthcare App?

The cost of developing a healthcare app depends on the number and magnitude of features, but companies must finance a team of developers to build it. A complete team of developers includes but isn’t limited to the following:

  1. Frontend developer
  2. Backend developer
  3. Business analyst
  4. UI/UX specialist
  5. DevOps
  6. Compliance expert
  7. Project manager
  8. Quality assurance

Most of these teams charge based on work hours and it usually takes hundreds of hours to develop an excellent healthcare app with the basic features. However, the work hours may surpass this period if the requirements are past the basic features. 

Companies can assign projects such as this to freelancers, an in-house team, an outsourcing provider, or a combination of all these options. Many factors go into calculating the cost of building any type of app, let alone healthcare, so an exact estimate isn’t doable until teams have exact specifications.

The Healthcare Application Development Process

The development of a healthcare mobile app is an intricate task that requires strict attention to detail and accuracy. In addition to following the typical Software Development Life Cycle, the right order of procedures involved in developing a health app are: 

Generating an idea involves the identification of a specific problem and the solution needed to solve the problem. The unique idea generated must stand apart from the thousands of apps from a mobile app store and solve a problem in healthcare.


Companies looking to develop a healthcare app must gather relevant information about the target audience and analyze the app’s market. The information gathered should come from healthcare professionals, research tools and trends, competitors, and general market needs.


After the solidification of an idea, planning must occur to make the app development successful. A good strategy is to interview users of similar apps to determine the factors that influenced their choice of action or to speak with doctors to find out how to best help their patients.


In the case of a healthcare app, the MVP will include functionalities such as booking appointments with the required healthcare professional, finding a medication vendor, and gathering reports.


BairesDev - Your Healthcare App Development Company

At BairesDev, we help our clients succeed with whatever type of application development project they’d like to take on. For companies in the healthcare industry, our talented and experienced dev teams help organizations build applications specific to their unique needs and requirements. 

Our App Development Services

As a leading nearshore tech solutions company, BairesDev offers businesses the right resources to architect and engineer the most scalable and best-performing solutions per their unique needs. From individual software devs through staff augmentation services to fully-fledged development teams as software development outsourcing resources, BairesDev helps translate app visions into reality. To find out more about our healthcare app development services, contact BairesDev today.

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