IT Outsourcing Services are an efficient way to deliver IT solutions to any business. Common services can include anything from website design to entire IT infrastructure system layouts. In the current market, companies often invest in IT Outsourcing to reduce labor costs, boost business performance and gain access to world-class expert staff.


The business approach to information management has changed drastically in the last decade. Enterprises are reaching out for digital transformation solutions in order to keep up with the rapidly-changing modern times. In this context, IT Outsourcing stands out as a means to get an edge over the competition.

Through outsourcing, an organization can shift its focus towards its core competencies and obtain otherwise unavailable resources. This way, the in-house IT staff⁠—if there is one⁠—has some weight taken off their shoulders, allowing them to tackle other critical issues. It is never a bad idea to think about where resources are best invested within the value chain.

The best IT Outsourcing service providers are able to bring tailored-fit solutions to the table, while their clients mitigate risks, become more flexible and get the opportunity to boost innovation.


According to a recent study, the most requested IT Outsourcing services are:

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    App development and maintenance

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    Platform, web and communication services

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    IT Infrastructure installation and support

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    Security management

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    Disaster recovery management

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    Helpdesk and Data Center management

Services like these and many others can be offered through different models, such as staff augmentation, where an extended team immediately joins the current in-house team for a period of time; delivery teams, in which an autonomous team takes full responsibility for a specific project; and project-based models, where a partner company oversees the entire development process.

Last year, the market size of information technology outsourcing amounted to US$ 62 billion. In 2019, outsourcing accounted for 12.7% of the average IT spending in the U.S. and Canada, compared to the 9.4% figure from 2018. As industries continue diving deeper into their digital transformations, it is safe to continue expecting increases in the demand for contract IT talent.


The benefits of IT Outsourcing give businesses powerful reasons to doubt their current procedures. As time goes by, the already complex technological environment continues to evolve, and organizations find themselves challenged by the increasing costs and risks of internal IT management.

By leveraging on IT Outsourcing Services, any business can get the upper-hand when dealing with tech-related situations. An IT partner can provide cutting-edge technology along with fully-integrated management of a wide range of services, all handled by the leading talents in the area. These are some of the benefits IT Outsourcing can bring to your business:


Access to Top IT talent

An IT partner will specialize in picking the best out of the wide pool of skilled professionals.
BairesDev - Extended Team

Quick implementation and scalability

When growing fast, it is necessary to also meet the demand fast enough. IT Outsourcing will get you running on Day 1.

Guaranteed performance and reliability

By offering an extensive range of specialized services, IT partners are prepared to take on any current or future issues.


Reduced focus on IT management

Outsourcing allows organizations to focus on their core business, rather than spending time and resources on other endeavors.

Faster problem-solving and minimal downtime

Top professionals can detect issues before they can have an impact on your work and keep monitoring at all times.

Money and time savings in labor costs

IT Outsourcing bypasses everything from talent hunting to hours of training to office supply maintenance.          
Data Science

Risk mitigation and crises relief

An outsourced provider is able to give valuable advice along with the required expertise in the field, neutralizing most cybersecurity concerns. 


Recently, BairesDev partnered with Rolls-Royce’s nuclear division to develop a more efficient and user-friendly app platform via Delivery Teams. The project consisted of the digitalization of the power plant’s real-time sensor data, previously only viewed on-site. Our goal was to facilitate access to information through a secure, high-performance medium.

Through our extremely strict process that selects only Top 1% Talent in the market, BairesDev’s staffing team worked to quickly select the roles and skill sets required to ensure best practices in code, software quality and enhanced user experience. 

As a result, the Rolls-Royce’s team now has real-time information for effective decision making, as well as better control and overview of sensitive data, all while optimizing user experience and prioritizing cybersecurity.

There is still an extensive roadmap of features Rolls-Royce wishes to include in future releases, where BairesDev hopes to keep on working towards building an ecosystem of applications based on the best software practices. You can read more about this project here.

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