Since its inception, BairesDev has adopted the Agile software development methodology as its main development process, and as a result, the company has delivered hundreds of projects with an impressive rate of success and client satisfaction index.

Agile methodology is an alternative to traditional project management that is commonly used and widely accepted in software development industry. It helps teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences, known as sprints. Agile methodologies are an alternative to waterfall or traditional sequential development.

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Team composition in an agile project is usually cross-functional and self-organizing without consideration for any existing corporate hierarchy or the corporate roles of team members. Team members are usually responsible for distributing the tasks required to deliver the functionality committed for the iteration. They decide individually how to meet an iteration’s requirements.

BairesDev ISO 9001:2008 Certified

What is ISO? Why being certified is an advantage?
The abbreviation “ISO” stands for International Organization for Standardization. ISO is a series of international standards introduced in 1987 that define and structure a company’s management systems.

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The requirements for a quality system have been standardized – but many organizations like to think of themselves as unique. So how does ISO 9001:2008 allow for the diversity of say, on the one hand, a “Mr. and Mrs.” enterprise, and on the other, to a multinational manufacturing company with service components, or a public utility, or a government administration?

The answer is that ISO 9001:2008 lays down what requirements your quality system must meet, but does not dictate how they should be fulfilled in any particular organization. This leaves great scope and flexibility for implementation in different business sectors and business cultures, as well as in various national cultures.

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IRAM is a member of ISO – International Organization for Standardization, and as a national agency, it is the sole representative of Argentina actively participating in ISO Technical Committees.

Through the participation of its national members and other partner organizations, the ISO is the primary platform for the production of relevant international standards and markets in Argentina.

IRAM is the government agency responsible for certification and application of ISO standards in Argentina.


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