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Looking to leverage the power of the cloud for your business and your customers? Look no further. BairesDev is the SaaS application development company that will do that for you. We have vast experience in developing cloud-based and SaaS applications for companies of all sizes and industries. We know how to make SaaS applications work for any requirement you might have and have the knowledge to bring you the best of the cloud.

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SaaS Software for Better Management

BairesDev has a robust SaaS application development procedure that will give you and your customers the best of working with the cloud. We can design, develop, deploy, and support your cloud infrastructure as per your requirements. That’s why we offer a wide range of cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. It doesn’t matter if you need to update legacy SaaS applications, need analytics for SaaS solutions or want to develop a multi-tenant SaaS platform – we got your back.


Our SaaS services include:


Custom SaaS Application Development

Our offshore developers and on-site software engineers can build a personalized SaaS app just for you. This means that you’ll get SaaS applications that adapt to your requirements, have the scalability you need, and offer you the security you’re looking for. Thanks to our SaaS development procedure, we can offer you a custom SaaS solution that integrates with your current infrastructure or that brings cutting-edge technologies to your digital environment.


SaaS App Consulting Services

We don’t just develop your SaaS applications – we can also assess you with all your cloud-related needs. Our SaaS consultants can help you with everything related to the SaaS development lifecycle, from deciding the best architecture and APIs to SaaS testing and deployment. We can even aid you with SaaS release management.


Cloud Tech Migration and Re-Engineering

Our experts have deep knowledge of all kinds of technologies, from AI and IoT to cloud, mobile and web. This turns BairesDev into the right partner to migrate your existing SaaS solution to more modern technology that will help you meet your customers’ demands. We can rework the code to add new features, change your SaaS model, make the SaaS software more scalable, improve the resource management of the server where it’s hosted, and more.


SaaS Mobile App Development

Everyone is going mobile now, so you’d better take your cloud-based solution there, too. Our SaaS development process also works perfectly when building SaaS applications for mobile devices. We can create both native and hybrid SaaS apps that can take your existing environment beyond its capabilities, increasing productivity and efficiency.


Multi-tenant Architectures

Thinking about a Software-as-a-Service solution that can serve multiple tenants? Then trust BairesDev experts with your SaaS application development. We can create a SaaS development platform with multiple instances of SaaS software and multi-tenant architecture which can perform smoothly and without hiccups even when multiple users are accessing it.


SaaS Company Support

We don’t just offer you a comprehensive SaaS application development process – we can also help you beyond deployment. Our engineers can work with you to ensure that your SaaS application is always up to date, secure, and online. By following detailed analytics, we can detect performance anomalies and remediate them, keeping your SaaS model up and running at all times.


Expertise in AWS, Silverlight, and More

Our team has deep knowledge in all kinds of cloud and SaaS technologies. That’s because we only work with the top 1% IT talent, which ensures that your SaaS application will be exactly what your business needs. It doesn’t matter what your SaaS model is, we can surely develop a scalable solution that has what you need, be it a specific API or an analytics tool.

We Can Develop What You’re Imagining

BairesDev is the SaaS application development company that can give you a scalable cloud-based platform with features like embedded analytics and high performance. Contact us now and let us work on your Saas applications!

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    What Is SaaS?

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SaaS is usually subscription-based. Users access the online-based software via a browser or application and don’t need to install or configure it. This makes the products user-friendly, convenient, and highly accessible. Anyone who has an internet connection can access it from anywhere with wifi or data via a multitude of devices, including a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. 

In order to keep the software up-to-date, developers continuously offer improvements delivered to the user automatically. The software is hosted by the provider, and customers can use it for as long as their subscription lasts, usually with the opportunity to renew.

SaaS brings plenty of benefits to consumers. Some of the key advantages of this delivery model include:


From a customer’s perspective, SaaS is perhaps the most uncomplicated software delivery model possible. They don’t need to worry about figuring out how to install or update it — they simply receive the product in a form they can implement and use immediately. Often, this translates to greater efficiency and less money spent.


When you use software from a trusted provider like BairesDev, you can be sure your data is safe. In fact, generally speaking, security is a top feature of SaaS — both for users and providers. Many SaaS companies not only use cloud storage, which is considered a safe way of protecting information, but many also encrypt your data to further ensure security.


Installation of bug and defect fixes can be a hassle. This is true for businesses and individuals alike — but it’s especially true for a huge company that may require hundreds of updates at a given time. SaaS offers convenience, saving you an enormous amount of time through the automatic delivery of services and updates. These updates also come frequently, ensuring the optimal functioning of your product.

You’ll also receive support within the product itself. For example, there will probably be a help section with commonly-asked questions and fixes for frequent problems. Some may have chatbots to help you solve issues as well.


SaaS is typically very cost-effective. Users can pay for the service as needed and avoid having to pay additional installation, upgrades, and maintenance fees. When they no longer need the software, they can simply stop their subscription. They also won’t need to pay IT specialists to install the technology for them — for the most part, it’s as simple as a one-time download or even just logging in through a browser or application.


Do you need your product upgraded? Do you need fewer services than you initially expected? With SaaS, scalability is possible both ways. You can change your subscription as your requirements change — the model offers flexibility as your business evolves. You’ll only need to pay for the services you actually use, depending on what your subscription entails, which gives you more wiggle room.

SaaS is an extremely lucrative sector and in high demand. However, many organizations that specialize in development don’t have the capacity to take on the plethora of projects that crop up for them. That’s why some software development organizations and other businesses choose to outsource SaaS development. What are the advantages of outsourcing?

You’ll Meet Requirements

From the beginning, you’ll outline the requirements you want your product to have, and the outsourcing partner will ensure they meet them, keeping you apprised of the status of your project at all times. Some requirements, such as security, are a given. Others will be tailored to your specialization and needs as a company.

Outsourcing providers will also adjust the product to meet your needs should they change at a given time and offer built-in flexibility to accommodate different user loads, upgrades, and more.

You’ll Sidestep Common Pitfalls

SaaS development can take a lot of time and resources, which many businesses simply can’t accommodate. Given that your organization likely has plenty of other demands, outsourcing your SaaS project to a dedicated team will help you sidestep common pitfalls, including a lack of time, minimal resources, and a shortage of specialized skills and employees.

You Can Save Money

SaaS development is costly. When you use an outside team, you’ll save on full-time salaries and benefits, as well as avoid having to invest in special equipment that you may not need to use again. The outsourcing SaaS company will have their own resources and infrastructure, as well as fund the training of their employees, meaning you don’t have to.

You’ll Be Able to Customize

Customization is a critical feature of SaaS products. In order to deliver a successful piece of software, you’ll need to understand your target audience and what your users will look for in it.

Because outsourcing companies employ experts — BairesDev, for example, hires only the top 1% of talent — they are well-suited to help you understand what consumers want and how they’ll use your product. They can also incorporate these important, customized features to help you build the software that you and your consumers really want.

SaaS development has made an enormous impact on the world of software and how businesses operate. There are many advantages to the model, including simplicity, convenience, security, and many others.

While there are many reliable models on the market today, if you’re looking to implement a more customized solution or create a new product, outsourcing is often the answer, offering benefits like convenience and expertise at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

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