Hire Scala Developers In 2022 – A BairesDev Guide

A Modern Cross-Platform Programming Language Known for Its Scalability

Scala is a modern, general-purpose language that smoothly merges functional and object-oriented programming. If you hire Scala developers they will use this powerful language that supports many functions similar to other highly popular languages such as Python. 

Scala uses common programming patterns for coding and exhibits exceptional productivity and efficiency. It also boasts features such as annotations, polymorphism, generic classes, and upper and lower bounds, among others.

Scala is statically typed and enforces a defined syntax for writing code. It classifies anything written outside the syntax rules as invalid and throws compilation errors. Scala is extensible, and you can add new language constructs to it. Those make it easier to create libraries and incorporate additional features into the language. You can use features like String interpolation or Implicit classes to do that.

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Scala is a functional language, i.e., it treats its functions as values and can pass them as parameters to other functions. This is called the nesting of higher-order functions. Furthermore, it’s a lightweight language that can also define anonymous functions. 

Scala is object-oriented and considers every language value as an object. Classes create objects and define behaviors for them. Another important component of Scala is Traits, a reusable cluster of abstract and non-abstract mechanisms used to implement methods and fields between classes.

Scala In Today’s Industry

Martin Odersky created Scala. It was publicly released in 2004 and has been steadily gaining popularity since then. Over the years, many developers have started thinking of it as a Java alternative. 

It has been widely used to create highly scalable applications. Many companies, such as Google, LinkedIn, Apple, SoundCloud, and Amazon have adopted Scala for their tech stacks.

Scala runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Java and Scala share similar environments and are interoperable. In fact, Scala can utilize Java classes and libraries, including JMSL. As a result, you can easily shift from one to another without any issues.

Issues In Finding The Best Scala Developer

Scala is a complicated language. To write industry-level Scala applications, you need to thoroughly understand the language itself. Scala is great for increasing productivity and scalability for applications, but sometimes it can be hard to work with. This is especially true if you’re a novice developer and haven’t been using it for a long time. 

It also has some complex features, such as tuples and macros. Only an expert engineer can handle these attributes correctly without messing up the existing codebase. 

Scala engineers also have to regularly update themselves with the newest features, frameworks, and related technologies. They have to continually research new trends and generate ideas on how to optimize their products. This can sometimes be challenging. This is one of the major reasons why Scala engineers are in high demand. 

How To Choose The Best Scala Developer

Scala developers need to have an impressive portfolio of skills that emphasize their expertise in creating high-performance frameworks. Experienced Scala developers should be able to write code while working on other parts of SDLC. 

Scala developers should have experience in Java and should be able to achieve interoperability among both languages. They should also know about object-oriented programming.

Scala engineers should be able to perform software analysis and work closely with the QA team for debugging/error handling. They should also be able to recognize and research software trends relevant to their industry and should be able to apply them to improve their company’s tech stack. 


Scala has proven to be a highly valuable and useful programming language. It has grown in popularity due to its amazing performance, scalability, and productivity. Anyone who’s on the hinge of taking the leap with this language should go with it to experience amazing results in the incoming years.

What is pattern matching in Scala?

Pattern matching is a powerful Scala feature that engineers use for processing messages. This checks given values against a pattern. If the answer is yes, the value is sent to the internal component of the pattern bound to that value. It’s very similar to Switch in Java. The keyword used for pattern matching is match. 

These patterns can be made of constants, constructors, or variables. Some common pattern types include XML patterns, tuple patterns, variable patterns, and extractor patterns.

Would you advise a client to choose Scala over Java?

Yes, because, unlike Java, Scala is a precise language. Therefore, there is very little need for boilerplate code. This saves a lot of development time.   

Scala also uses lazy evaluation to save compilation time by delaying time-consuming computations. It also supports features such as operator overloading, scalability, and expressive typing, while Java doesn’t. As a result, an engineer can use Scala for coding a diverse group of applications such as real-time data streaming, batch data processing, and data analytics, among others.

Define options in Scala and explain their use

An option in Scala is defined as a container of a single element/null object. This means that, if required, an object of an option is returned by a method instead of a null object/single object. 

Options are commonly used in Scala programs to increase productivity. They make your code more readable and handle null return issues. 

What are some Scala frameworks?

Scala is a functional language that is highly useful for developing scalable applications. Some of the popular Scala frameworks include Anka, Spray, Slick, Finch, and Akka HTTP. 

What is function currying?

Currying means converting a function that takes multiple arguments into a function that takes a single one. It makes the code easier to refactor when you have to call the same functions for different input parameters.

We are looking for a highly qualified Scala developer to join our team to design and develop large-scale software. We are looking for smart and passionate team players who can code and maintain medium-to-large applications. They should also be able to debug and handle errors. This is an excellent opportunity for a passionate, goal-oriented Scala developer who wants to make a difference.


  • Write reusable and testable code modules.  
  • Create projects based on Scala/Java. Work to improve development processes. 
  • Set up design and development processes for projects. 
  • Optimize performance and functionality of systems and decrease latency.
  • Actively take part in all steps of SDLC, work in sprints and follow agile methodology
  • Coordinate with stakeholders to understand business requirements and write code according to them. 
  • Follow best industry practices and standards. 
  • Research market trends. 
  • {{Add other relevant responsibilities}}

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Java and Scala for Java developers. Also should have prior development experience with Scala. 
  • Experience in designing reusable code and modules with Spark framework. 
  • Experience in building data-driven applications.
  • Proven experience with Scala macros. 
  • Knowledge of databases, SQL, and NoSQL.
  • Knowledge of parallel computing, Hadoop ecosystem, and alert. 
  • Problem-solving skills and team spirit 
  • {{Add other frameworks or libraries related to your development stack}} 
  • {{List education level or certification required}}

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