What Are Nearshore Delivery Teams?

Nearshore delivery teams help companies develop custom software without hiring permanent software development staff. This type of outsourcing involves working with an autonomous, end-to-end delivery team located in a neighboring country. For example, many companies in the United States outsource software development to Latin America.

These delivery teams are capable of building custom software from scratch without help from in-house staff members or the need for regular supervision.

Nearshore software outsourcing allows companies to hire experienced software developers on an as-needed basis and maintain long-term staff flexibility. In addition, these delivery teams help businesses build software quicker and protect their customer’s sensitive data.
In brief, a nearshore delivery team will:
  • Choose the top talent from their selection of high-quality software engineers.
  • Complete development projects quicker.
  • Strengthen data privacy.
  • Help companies maintain a lean in-house staff.
Many business leaders agree that Latin American nearshore development services are superior to legacy outsourcing companies located in far-off regions like East Asia.

That’s because the programmers living in Latin America are fluent in English, well-educated, and capable of working during the similar business hours as their American counterparts—making seamless collaboration between clients and their delivery team a breeze.

The best nearshore software development firms will help their clients build high-quality custom software that is free of bugs, looks great, and keeps their customer’s information secure. Just as importantly, they’ll complete all of this with minimal oversight and without requiring their client to commit to a permanent in-house development team.
What Are Nearshore Delivery Teams? 1


The most difficult challenge that tech executives face is finding the right talent. The unemployment rate for software developers in the United States is just 1.9%. As a result, companies are struggling to find experienced engineers in a reasonable amount of time.

Nearshore development services help companies steer clear of the competitive American tech market. That’s because these companies are located in Mexico, Central, and South America—a region where talented programmers are plentiful. In addition, the best outsourcing partners work exclusively with the top 1% of talent, who are guaranteed to exceed client expectations.

The developers assigned to delivery teams have the same skill sets and education levels as their American colleagues and modern communication allows them to work seamlessly with U.S.-based clients.




Nearshore delivery teams help companies start software development projects faster and complete them in a shorter amount of time.

Traditional hiring practices involve sourcing individual candidates and training them to company standards before development begins. On the other hand, delivery teams are self-contained development groups who are capable of starting a project on-cue.

In addition, these teams help shorten the length of the development lifecycle through their collective experience. They work together seamlessly and are able to overcome common challenges by using previous projects as a reference.

Finally, delivery teams are multidisciplinary in nature. They consist of programmers, user design specialists, and software security experts. By including every specialty required for software development into a single, collaborative team companies avoid the wait times associated with finding an expert in the middle of the project.


The number of data breaches is on the rise. Research shows that cyber attacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication—with the number of annual attacks growing by more than 600% since 2005. The continued rise of cloud computing and the Internet of Things means that more data is being stored online and is vulnerable to attack.

Nearshore development services help strengthen software security and reduce the likelihood of a successful data breach through the multidisciplinary development teams mentioned above. The security experts found in these groups ensure that important priorities like data privacy are integrated into every stage of the project.

These security experts will enhance software security by running a variety of tests designed to identify vulnerabilities. In particular, they will run penetration testing, static code analysis, and load testing to proactively pinpoint future threats.

Finally, the security-focused members of the development team will train in-house IT staff on how to maintain data privacy once the software is deployed. They’ll focus on how to solicit user feedback, create issue reports, and find fixes to future problems.

cybersecurity software development


Large-scale software development projects are incredibly complex and time-consuming processes that require a wide array of experts for success.

One of the greatest benefits associated with nearshore software outsourcing is the ability to maintain a lean in-house development team.

Large-scale software development projects are incredibly complex and time-consuming processes that require a wide array of experts for success. These include testers, security experts, and user experience and interface design specialists.

In the past, companies hired these specialists as full-time employees. This allowed them to complete development projects in-house, but hamstrung management when the needs of the business changed.

Since most development projects are relatively short-term initiatives, it often makes sense to hire an autonomous delivery team to complete programming and other specialized tasks. This ensures that companies are not saddled with large long-term salaries and allows managers to quickly pivot and rearrange staff for a different project.

In summary, a nearshore delivery team can:
  • Help businesses access a wider pool of talent

    Companies can use outsourcing partners to source candidates outside of their home country and the competitive American tech market.

  • Speed up development

    Nearshore development services keep multiple delivery teams on standby ready to begin a project on-cue. They’ll also complete development faster since they have experience working together and do not need to refer to outside experts.

  • Improve software security

    The rising number of data breaches means that software security must be a priority for all tech executives. Staff augmentation partners should have an established approach to data privacy and work with experienced security experts.

  • Enable companies to maintain long-term staff flexibility

    Autonomous delivery teams can develop custom software without in-house assistance, avoiding the need to hire permanent staff with expensive salaries.

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