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The age of information offers businesses with the unmatched opportunity of leveraging data like never before. The amount of information available is staggering, and companies can highly benefit from it – provided they know how to overcome the challenges that come with such a colossal volume of data. 

That’s why so many of them are turning to business intelligence solutions to improve their processes. With BI, any enterprise can get the most relevant information and use it to boost their business performance.

If that sounds like something you’d like for your enterprise, then look no more. BairesDev provides you with a wide range of business intelligence services to boost your operational and financial efficiency. Our developers can come up with robust BI solutions that will streamline your information management and give your company a competitive edge. 

We can use the most advanced technologies and architectures to improve your data collection and flow while increasing the accuracy of your reports and giving you detailed insights for your business needs. 

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Why Invest in Business Intelligence Solutions?

Time savings

BI services automate operational processes, which contributes to time savings and impacts on the overall productivity and your financial performance.


Improved processes

Automation isn’t the only benefit that BI brings to the table. BI services can enhance the management of operations across areas, from HR to marketing and sales.


Enhanced sales

Business intelligence provides the necessary insights to boost sales, anticipate trends, better understand supply flows, and adjust products and offerings due to market fluctuations.


Simpler benchmarking

Analyzing competitors is far easier with a strong BI solution in place. That’s because you can better analyze your own performance against other companies, which gives more relevant information about your position in the market.


More efficient management

From vast improvement in data management to more detailed data analytics to examine your workforce’s performance, BI services are the perfect ally for managers and their decision making.


More detailed reports

All your enterprise’s employees can access a vast array of information from multiple sources and data sets in the most organized way possible. Thus, they can use the information to improve their day-to-day tasks.


BI and Data Services

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    BI Tools Development
    One of the most essential aspects of business intelligence is having the right tools and systems to feed your decision making with the data you collect. With them, you can boost your data management, get more value out of the sets you gather, and make more informed plans. That’s precisely why our BI tools development service is perfect for modern companies.

    Through it, we use analytical processing technologies to come up with data analytics that uses multidimensional data coming from multiple sources to create sophisticated reports. We also specialize in service-oriented architectures that can aid you in the consolidation of your operational processes.

    What’s more - we can build custom business intelligence software for desktop, mobile, and web. Thus, you can trust us with the creation of your own dashboards that will let you monitor your metrics in real-time. All of these applications include big data processing, predictive data analytics, workflow planning, and many other useful features for you to make the most out of your data.
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    Data Warehousing Services
    Data Warehousing is another crucial aspect of any sound business intelligence strategy and planning because it allows you to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data from disparate platforms and applications to get meaningful insights. A data warehouse connects with data analytics and builds reports by combining different technologies that make it possible for data to become actionable suggestions for your enterprise. In short, a data warehouse is the core of any BI system.

    BairesDev can help you with building that core. With our data warehousing services, we can create centralized repositories and connect multiple nodes for data aggregation. All of this is done in the most secure way possible, which helps in data mining, filtering, cleansing, analyzing, and reporting processes.

    Our warehousing services will build you an ecosystem of nodes that connect to a central repository to ensure the data flow from different relational databases. Thus, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data all come together for processing, transformation, and analysis through our business intelligence tools. Doing so guarantees you’ll be getting a more holistic data analytics platform that can lead you to improved business and financial decisions.
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    Cloud Business Intelligence
    The best business intelligence environment isn’t just one that’s tailored to your business needs, goals, and metrics. It’s also the one that leverages the most potent technologies available today. That’s why we offer you to boost your management ecosystem with cloud-based based applications. By using the cloud, you can expand the power of your in-house systems while using the features and technologies from various vendors.

    Our business intelligence platforms can use the cloud to take advantage of the container architecture. In that way, we can develop custom applications that offer superior performance and are lightweight. Using the cloud also means that you can update and scale your business intelligence infrastructure as needed.

    This results in cutting edge platforms you can custom-fit on demand and according to the dynamic pace of your own operational processes, your market, and your metrics. The cloud allows you to benefit from tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau, among many others that can take your BI platform to the next level.
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    BI Reporting Solutions
    All the data collection you make won’t mean anything unless you conduct an analysis of that information and create reports out of it. Those insights are the ones that will allow you to take a step forward in your industry and to make data-driven business decisions. That’s why we offer you our BI reporting experts - to boost your IT infrastructure and internal processes through the integration of business intelligence software.

    Through this service, we can create data analytics monitors for you to control and measure all that happens in your business in real-time and through the most advanced visualization tools. All of those dashboards are interactive and data-intensive, which will let you visualize your KPIs closely, create ad-hoc reports, and even explore potential scenarios that might arise in the face of certain business decisions.

    What’s more. BairesDev developers can create BI dashboards that can automate the generation of data-rich reports in the frequency and details you need. Thus, you’ll always get the latest reporting on your company through tables, charts, gauges, maps, and other visualization tools that will help you when planning your business intelligence strategy.
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    Consulting Services
    Our business intelligence consultants can refine your BI solutions and infrastructure through a tight process. It doesn’t matter which architecture, tool, platform or solution you might be already using - our consultants will help you check the entire data workflow to search for weak spots and opportunities for growth.

    They’ll also help you with testing all the BI software and their integration with your IT ecosystem to carry out an analysis of your solutions’ performance in real-time. What’s more - BairesDev’s consultants can also help you with the creation of new visualization and reporting modules that will allow you to better understand your data and ensure that your insights are relevant to your business goals.

The Partner to Make Your Business More Intelligent

BairesDev has the tech background and the market experience to build your business intelligence solution. Our experienced developers have been involved in more than 1250 projects and have worked with the most relevant BI technologies. Thus, our development team’s technology stack includes Apache Hive, Oracle BI, MySQL, PowerBI, Blockchain consulting, IBM Congos, among many other technologies.

Our company also offers you 3 distinct development models to meet your demands. You can hire an autonomously-managed distributed team to work on your BI development while you focus on your core activities. You can augment your staff with the talent your in-house team is lacking. Or you can trust us with the entire development of your business intelligence solution. Combine that with our consulting services, and you’ll see that all of your business needs are fully covered.

We have worked with companies from all over the world in all kinds of business intelligence projects. We are confident that we can work on yours and provide you with the value you’ve been looking for, whether it’s consulting services, better reports through advanced visualization, or the development of new analytic tools. Are you ready to make your business more intelligent? Then contact BairesDev today and tell us all about your business intelligence project.

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