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The Secret to Successful Mobile Applications

These days, every business is putting out an app. But building the software is not enough. In order for your product — and organization — to remain competitive in a saturated environment, you must identify ways for your app to stand out.

Quality assurance is a vital component of the development process. Working with software development companies like BairesDev allows clients to verify that you’re creating a reliable, usable product that consumers can trust. We’ll rigorously test for factors like application performance, speed, stability, device compatibility, and more, as well as point out performance issues before your app reaches market.

We only employ the top 1% of software professionals so, whether you’re looking for scalability testing, performance engineering, or development, you know you can trust our process.

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Why Mobile Apps Testing Is Essential

Testing is an essential element of any successful software development cycle.

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    What Is Applications QA Testing?
    App testing isn’t just about catching bugs and performance issues. It involves testing performance, testing stress, volume testing, evaluating the usability beyond just functionality, and ultimately ensuring that our clients deliver a quality product to their audience. It’s a vital process for any software development cycle because it’s important to assess the product’s features and resolve any issues before it’s released.
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    Can Software Developers Perform Testing?
    While software developers run tests when building their product, it’s important to have separate performance testing services and others with professionals that are skilled in performing quality assurance measures. These professionals can run an analysis of the product with fresh eyes and a new perspective, and work closely with the developers to address any issues to ensure that their clients are satisfied.

How to Find Quality Mobile Testing Services

How do you identify the best mobile app testing services and solutions? Look for a software testing and development company with the experience and talent to ensure the quality of your product, whether you need load or performance testing services. BairesDev offers software testing services and solutions tailored to your needs. 

Need an outsourcing and consulting partner to act autonomously? Want our QA engineers to integrate with your team? Whatever solutions you’re looking for, BairesDev can provide them. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you, no matter if it’s performance testing services, stress testing, scalability testing, or comprehensive quality assurance.

Choosing a software development company that fits your needs is the first step to an amazing project. 

QA Specialists and Talented Team

QA Specialists and Talented Team

Dedicated testing services and professionals are a vital component of the software development process. At BairesDev, we’ll provide you with a team that is highly skilled in their area of expertise, including developers, project managers, and, of course, QA specialists. 

Services Provided

Services Provided

We can work autonomously, doing performance engineering, load testing, stability testing, and more, or integrate with your in-house team to augment the work you do now. We’re eager to provide you with the solutions you need while providing maximum flexibility. 

App Testing Methodologies

App Testing Methodologies

Performance testing, load testing, user acceptance testing, and more. What does it all mean? BairesDev will perform a variety of both functional and nonfunctional testing services. 

Types of Apps Testing

Performance testing, load testing, user acceptance testing, and more. What does it all mean? BairesDev will perform a variety of both functional and nonfunctional testing services. Some of these include:

Functional testing

  • Unit testing: This is usually performed by the software developer and involves an analysis of the individual components of the application and system.
  • Smoke testing: Smoke testing is an early-stage process that reveals any critical systems issues that could derail the application. This preliminary test ensures that the system is stable and can sustain additional tests.
  • User acceptance testing: The last step in the testing process, user acceptance testing involves ensuring that the product meets the requirements of the clients.
  • Nonfunctional testing

  • Stress testing: Testing the stress of a system to ensure its stability under high load. Systems are pushed beyond their limits to ensure they can handle different scenarios.
  • Load testing: In load testing, the system is put under the expected volume (loads) to which it is projected to be subjected, rather than an abnormal load. Often, JMeter software is used for load testing.
  • Performance testing: Performance tests are administered to access stability, efficiency, speed, and other factors related to the app and system.
  • Mobile Testing Challenges

    All testing services scenarios, whether they involve assessing loads the product can handle, performance engineering, scalability testing, or another type of analysis, must overcome challenges. 

    Devices and application types

    Performance testing services and others must account for a wide range of devices available, including Android and iPhone devices, along with each of their various models and versions. Teams must also alter their approach depending on whether the app is a native app, hybrid app, or web app.


    Testing tools

    The tools your services use will vary depending on what you’re testing and how you’re doing it — from the load testing to performance testing services to other solutions. These services might perform cloud-based mobile app testing and determine which approaches should be automated versus manual, for instance.


    Power consumption

    How much power does your app require? Ensuring that your system doesn’t drain the battery is an important factor that our performance testing services will evaluate.


    Operating system fragmentation

    Your product must be able to function from one operating system to another. That includes different operating system versions, both old and new, on Android and iOS devices.


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