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Why Work With an Azure DevOps Team of Experts?

To put it simply in the words of the IT industry, Azure DevOps is “the next big thing” in tech. Microsoft’s Azure DevOps is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product and offers a complete DevOps toolchain for creating and deploying software. Microsoft introduced this product to meet the demands for DevOps in the software development and tech worlds.

Formerly known as Visual Studio Team Services, Azure DevOps is a product that provides teams with reporting, requirements management, version control, project management, automated builds, and even testing and release management capabilities.

The development of Azure DevOps is the culmination of more than 15 years of effort and learning in the provision of tools to support software packages and development teams. This extensive product oftentimes requires companies to pay for Azure DevOps consulting.

Azure DevOps is a helpful product for a variety of tasks and situations in the development pipeline with many benefits, including:

  • Improved Collaboration

    Teams use Azure DevOps for centralized code hosting and management as well as for maximizing their efficiency. The Azure DevOps cloud format guarantees that almost all code remains in storage in a single location but allows for collaboration in the cloud to help improve coding efficiency. Popular teamwork platforms, like Microsoft Teams, are easily accessible within the Microsoft ecosystem and offer integrations with third-party data sources.

  • Continuous Integration

    Thanks to the trustworthy Azure DevOps platform and its emphasis on pipeline optimization, devs produce and deliver solutions continuously. Whether a team deploys a solution to Azure or another external cloud platform, the Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline manages the whole solution's life cycle from development to delivery. Thanks to the aforementioned integration options in Azure DevOps, workflows, delivery, and handover procedures are essentially frictionless, thus enabling continuous delivery.

  • Platform-Neutral

    Microsoft remains an industry leader in promoting teamwork, even among its competitors. As a result, Azure DevOps excels at integration, with a wide variety of extensions and connectors for popular business and community tools like Slack and ServiceNow. The days of proprietary, closed-off solutions from a single provider are over.

  • Safety and Trustworthiness

    Since Microsoft hosts Azure in IRAP-certified data centers, users rest assured that their information and systems remain protected to the highest standards. Every minute of every day, Azure DevOps has someone there to help customers out, and it's up and running 99.95% of the time or they offer customers money back. The result is a platform where teams develop solutions with the utmost confidence and security, without compromising the flexibility to incorporate open-source alternatives.

  • Automatic Updates

    Azure DevOps takes care of automatic updates and security patches, so users never have to worry about keeping their software up to date. Businesses adopting a CI/CD architecture also skip the downtimes caused by upgrades. Substantial monetary and time savings make it possible for teams to focus on improving other areas of product delivery.

  • Customization

    The integration options in Azure DevOps allow customers to implement their own preferred methods and tools when developing and integrating solutions. This allows for leeway between groups and facilitates the development of customized or exploratory delivery methods.

Azure DevOps Tools and Services

Azure DevOps offers a range of developer services to help teams organize their tasks, work together on coding projects, and then create and deliver applications. When creating software, developers, project managers, and contributors work together under the umbrella of Azure DevOps, which fosters a collaborative culture and set of procedures.

This product enables businesses to produce products and make improvements more quickly than they could with conventional software development techniques. Teams get to choose from working on-premises with Azure DevOps Server or in the cloud with Azure DevOps Services. Depending on a business’s needs, they may also choose to utilize one or more of the following independent services:

  • For source control of code, Azure Repos offers Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) or Git repositories. 
  • To support continuous integration and delivery of apps, Azure Pipelines offers build and release services. 
  • Azure Boards helps teams plan and track their work using the Kanban and Scrum frameworks. 
  • Azure Test Plans offers a number of methods, including manual/exploratory testing and continuous testing, to test apps. 
  • Teams have the ability to exchange packages from both public and private sources, including Maven, npm, NuGet, and others, while also integrating package sharing into their pipelines using Azure Artifacts. 

The following collaboration tools are also available:

  • Customizable dashboards for teams with widgets used to share information, progress, and trends
  • Integrated wikis for information exchange
  • Customized notifications
  • Extensions to integrate with other well-known services like Campfire, Slack, Trello, User Voice, and others, as well as to create unique extensions

Is an Azure DevOps Consultant Right for Your Company?

DevOps is becoming more and more essential as businesses strive to become more productive, but sometimes teams don’t really know where to start with Azure DevOps. After all, this SaaS product differs from typical office procedures and calls for additional consideration to ensure proper item management.

While implementing Azure DevOps definitely helps companies out, the transition to the product is a bit of a daunting task for already busy development teams. Hiring an Azure DevOps consultant is a great way for companies to get their new system up and running in the most effective and efficient way without pulling existing team members from their normal responsibilities or for a role they aren’t qualified for. 

Azure DevOps consulting helps companies assess their current IT roadmaps and maturity to help create the right adoption roadmap for Azure DevOps. With their experience and expertise in the product, they help make sure companies understand the product’s capabilities while creating strategic implementation and automation plans. For companies with little to no experience with DevOps, let alone Azure DevOps, working with a consultant is usually the right way to start.

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