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We live in a world abundant with data. We are constantly making advancements in technology, and these innovations mean a wealth of actionable information. But with all the data businesses generate on a daily basis, how can they make sense of it all—and leverage it for good?

Business intelligence service providers are one important part of the answer. These talented professionals are jacks-of-all-trades when it comes to data and operations. They are critical leaders in strategy, helping organizations of all types leverage data to support their endeavors.

BI isn’t just one role—it encompasses a range of positions and solutions, including data scientists, data analysts, BI developers, and others. While they each play a different part, bringing unique skills and talents to the team, they are all working toward the goal of translating data into tools that improve their processes and overall business.

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What To Look for in a Business intelligence Service Provider

Business intelligence service providers play a critical role in transforming your data into meaningful information. They are responsible for gathering, maintaining, organizing, evaluating, reporting, and delivering recommendations based on data.

Of course, this is no easy feat. So, when putting together a team or hiring BI providers, make sure they have the following qualities. 

  • Knowledge of and experience with BI tools and platforms
  • Technical skills like data analysis, SQL, data mining, and data warehouse design
  • Soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, presentation, attention to detail, and problem-solving
  • Experience with programming languages

10 Business Intelligence Projects To Implement in Your Company

Business intelligence encompasses a wide range of tools, platforms, processes, and procedures. Here are 10 types of projects you can implement via business intelligence services.

  • Self-service BI Platforms

    Because business intelligence has become so critical to all organizations, self-service tools are gaining prevalence. While previous BI systems required the hand of experienced professionals, today, these same experts can create platforms that enable individuals without technical knowledge to effectively use data and produce reports.

  • Dashboards

    Dashboards are foundational to BI efforts. They are comprehensive platforms that create visualizations and deliver reports, allowing you to see where you are and how you can grow in terms of small-picture and big-picture goals.

  • Data Visualizations

    Data visualizations are visual depictions of data analysis—charts, graphs, infographics, and other tools that represent important information and communicate powerful insights. They may be part of dashboards or separate projects.

  • Data Warehouses

    Some businesses work with external BI providers to construct data warehouses, customized platforms that enable you to gather, store, manage, map, and model data. By building a data warehouse, you are better equipped to facilitate additional BI projects.

  • Business Performance Management Tools

    This describes a range of tools used to govern and oversee performance and analytics within an organization. Using the platforms, businesses can measure their progress toward achieving individual and overarching organizational goals.

  • Scorecards

    A balanced scorecard is another tool for assessing performance. Usually presented as a dashboard, the platform indicates how unique activities within the organization align with and support the larger strategic vision and objectives.

  • Mobile Solutions

    In today’s world, individuals across organizations and industries need to access important business intelligence data on the go. This is why many organizations are investing in mobile BI platforms, which you can access via a cloud-based application.

  • Platform Modernization

    Some organizations have existing data platforms and tools, but they aren’t up to date. Outdated, legacy technology can introduce a number of issues, such as poor security and performance. An important project worth investing in is migrating your data to newer platforms and modernizing the setup.

  • Customized Platforms

    BI service providers can devise and create customized business intelligence platforms tailored to your unique needs as an organization. You can establish your requirements and choose the bells and whistles.

  • Augmented Existing Platforms

    Perhaps your software doesn’t need a complete overhaul or modernization but could use additional features and tools. A provider can spearhead a project to augment your existing BI solutions.

BairesDev Business Intelligence Services

BairesDev’s Business Intelligence Services span every niche and subset of BI and data solutions. Our services encompass:

  • BI consulting and advisory
  • Data warehousing and ETL
  • Data modeling and governance
  • Data visualization
  • Reporting
  • Integrations with third-party tools
  • User-friendly dashboards and designs
  • Migration and platform modernization
  • Cutting-edge BI tools and platforms of every type
  • Multi-device BI solutions and services

BaireDev’s process includes gathering requirements and feedback from stakeholders, planning out the project and creating a roadmap, assigning professionals to the project, building or improving your solution, rigorous testing, and deployment. We will also provide you with plenty of support.

Business Intelligence Technologies We Use

BairesDev uses the most advanced, modern technologies and tools to deliver quality BI solutions. We will employ a range of tools to modernize and enhance your current platforms or build you new tools from scratch.

Some of the BI technologies we use are:

  • Amazon QuickSight
  • Google Data Studio
  • QlikView
  • Power BI
  • Tableau

Of course, we can also create entirely new, fully customized business intelligence platforms for your organization.

Why Start a BI Project With BairesDev?

BairesDev is one of the best business intelligence services companies. We vet and work with only the Top 1% of IT and Software Talent in the region to help you build the best BI solutions for your business. By partnering with us, you will have access to the expertise and insights you need to harness big data for the betterment of your entire company and beyond.

Looking for more reasons to partner with BairesDev? Here are just a few:

  • Knowledgeable experts
  • Cutting-edge tools and technologies
  • Seamless integration with your team and processes
  • Deep BI experience
  • A trustworthy, reliable team
  • Time savings
  • Greater productivity and efficiency
  • Higher-quality products

Let’s Start Your BI Project Today!

Ready to work with one of the top business intelligence service providers? Let’s get started!

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